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SIGNS YOUR A precog are often very clear. Take a look at the 65 signs below to see if your gifts of precognition have started to emerge. Any precog will tell you that if you have the will to develop your precognitive abilities, you can do it. It’s just as natural as the human brain, and just as powerful and mysterious. Frankly, too few people put the time and energy into the development of their psychic skills. They never try to enhance their second sight and see events in the future. If you think about it, there are those of us who really could do with developing our abilities just a little bit more. And, of course, nothing drives that point home more than coming across people with a natural psychic ability.

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The good news is, you run into these people all the time, even if you haven t noticed. So, if you wonder whether or not you are a precog, or if someone you know has this gift, then I included 66 signs to help you figure it out. And remember, even the signs that occur naturally can, and should, be developed. With persistence, patience, and determination you might see your abilities flourish into something truly magical. Most dreams can be weird, or even unsettling, but take your dreams seriously and they can offer you incredible insight into your life and future.

But, let’s suppose you can already predict events, and you are good at interpreting and drawing significance from your dreams, and those of others. In that case, you are already well on your way to developing your unique gift. If your dream wakes you, then immediately write down what you remember. Don t wait until the morning, because you could forget the most crucial aspects of it. Furthermore, you could take that information and do some research on it.

Top 10 Signs You re A Precog

You may find that different aspects of your dreams have significant meaning in your life, or the lives of those around you. You will be surprised at how much valuable information you get out of this basic exercise. If you feel anxious, experience visions prior to a major event taking place, or just seem to know when a pet, friend or loved one is in trouble, then you may be tapping into your precog abilities. Slow down, take some deep breaths, and explore the depths of your premonition. If you feel a wave of dread come over you, feel that something isn t quite right, or sense that someone may be at serious risk, then you may want to let them know.

You don t need to be dramatic about it, just a simple Hey, be careful today, I have a bit of a bad feeling. Will work fine. For what it s worth, even if you are wrong, it is far better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your loved ones. Have you suddenly become more intuitive? Believe it or not, everyone is born with varying degrees of natural and intuitive psychic ability.

However, there are many people that have naturally higher levels than others. And, of course, there are those that have practiced and mastered their precognition skills and tapped into the intuitive gifts. If you do, in fact, have precognitive abilities, you may have noticed heightened intuition. It doesn t need to be anything major, and most likely it won t be. Instead, be aware of the simpler things, such as knowing the phone is about to ring and who’s on the line, before you answer it, or you hum the lyrics to a song, 65 seconds before they play it on the radio.

Déjà vu is something you can practice and improve. It’s something that occurs when you least expect it, but some folks do feel it a great deal more than others.

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