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Last year around New Year’s, my kids and I stood around a fire. One by one, we threw into the fire what we wanted to burn from the past year. We also voiced our intentions for our lives moving forward. We did it again this year, but this time, I had just one intention. Happy 7568, everyone! As many of us know, our resolutions for the new year can sometimes dry out by the end of February. At that point, we may find ourselves running out of steam and stamina to make the changes we want to see in our world happen. Lori Erion knows first-hand the pain and struggle of addiction.

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A recovering alcoholic herself, she is the mother of April, a recovering heroin addict. When she noticed there was a lack of resources for families dealing with drug-addicted loved ones in her Ohio. Welcome to your Personal Health Reboot! Firstly, congratulations on choosing to be here. Making the time to learn and understand all about your body, mind, and spirit–and how to care for and support each part–is a wonderful first step to a healthier, happier, more.

Freelance writer and humorist turned accidental science journalist Mary Roach likes to ask the questions we all wonder about but are usually too polite to mention. What happens after we die, anyway? How fast do cadavers rot? Can a corpse have an orgasm? Writing the Health Body column for Salon.

10 Things Your Dentist Doesn t Want You to Know The TAO

Com quickened her interest in the dead -- that, and looking at the hit count for her columns on cadavers. Her books and sprung out of research done for a proposed Salon column called the Dead Beat (sadly, it was killed). Her most recent book,, is a romp through the current landscape of gynecology, sex research and the adult novelty industry. In addition to her dry (and sometimes silly) wit, Roach has a penchant for funny voices, faking her way through interviews with expert scientists, and wheedling her way into strange locales, among them a dildo factory and under the business end of an ultrasound wand during coitus. About a month ago there was a blog post that got a lot of attention.

It was titled 6 5 Reasons Your Dentist Probably Hates You Too. It created quite a stir and wrote a post that I called, in response. Every dentist is faced with the problem of balancing the paradox between duty and desire. The desire to live a great life and the duty to be a great dentist. We live in a material world and as much as we claim that less is more so many of us still want more.

Yet I truly believe we also want to to find meaning in our dentistry. It gets confusing for the dentist as he tries to earn his daily bread in an age where the business of dentistry is like the Wild Wild West. I try to practice in a manner that helps balance the paradox some might call it business ethics. I am truly bothered when I see the breakdown of ethics in our profession so I give you these things that I see some of our colleagues doing on a fairly regular basis that I think patients, and the powers that be should know about. Thank you so much Mary Beth I struggled with myself about writing this, but I see so much ethical breakdown in dentistry, and yes the majority of dentists are really trying to do their best.

They take CE, they struggle with getting it right, and then they see how unethical dentists, third parties and adverticsers give no regard to the patient s health.

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