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David is a lifelong dissident and intellectual rebel. He despises political correctness, which replaces real, needy victims with narcissistic leftists out for a free meal. Though still a young man, he has watched society descend into its present morass with great sadness, combined with a determination to help make things better. He tweets when there s something worth tweeting. I’m building a better picture of what I want in a partner, but I’m also learning that I don’t need one to be happy. Elise Linscott justifying the cock carousel for our friends at  CosmopolitanThe name Elise Linscott is normal enough for an American girl. Sadly, so, too, are her sexual habits. Having divorced her husband at the age of 76, she went on a ten-week cock carousel tour to Europe.

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As Linscott puts it,. Cosmopolitan  then dutifully picked up her story for publication. My ex and I eloped to Hawaii when we were 75. But shortly after we started arguing more, and with more intensity. Despite counseling, neither of us was happy, so I moved back in with my family. That was last winter. By summer, I was feeling like myself again, but I was falling for a guy I met on Tinder. So at 76, single for the first time in my adult life, I decided to spend the summer traveling. And dating men abroad. The hamstering is unbelievably strong in this article, which reads more like a manifesto of badly rationalized decisions than a deliberately candid insight into the female mind. Following her divorce, Elise Linscott said she was falling for another man called Will in the United States. This didn t stop her from spreading her legs for what seems to have been a lot more men than she talks about in the article. What she describes appears to have taken up about a week only just 65% of her stay in Europe. What happened during the rest of her journeys? Do we want to know? A number of people in the manosphere responding to Elise Linscott s article are commenting on the dorky appearance and demeanor of her ex-husband, suggesting it motivated her divorce and subsequent European cock carousel tour. There may be some merit to this, but it s worth emphasizing how very indulging modern Western culture is to young women. Two decades ago and this couple would likely still be together. Women s standards and expectations to the point where I think even we are sometimes guilty of presuming an otherwise average man is out of the league of an aesthetically normal girl. It s hard, if not nigh on impossible to isolate specific causal factors behind Linscott s leg-spreading path of liberation.

Nevertheless, we can look at the general ones easily enough. Eat Pray Love -style narratives stand out as obvious contenders for what changes and corrupts girls like her in the United States and other Anglosphere countries. Pretty much anything that privileges never settle and always try to find yourself over more common sense mantras directed toward women will suffice as an explanation. The problem with essentially red-pilled men always raising the appearance or personality of an ex-husband or ex-boyfriend is that it underestimates the pernicious effect of popular culture on women. Girls are by and large artificially enhanced creatures, using L Oreal, other products, and digital filters to present themselves to the world. Despite all this investment, objectively-speaking Elise Linscott s ex-husband matched fairly well. In a healthy, balanced society, their pairing would raise no eyebrows whatsoever. Out of control, socially-reinforced female hypergamy is what makes us think much of what we think about the ex-husband. Remember that. Female sex tours, marketed as holidays or self-discovery, have been with us for years. Expect them to only increase in popularity over the next decade. European getaways serving as cock carousel treats for women catch our attention because they involve other countries and more exotic destinations. Numerous other female antics occur right under the noses of unsuspecting men every day. God knows how many future husbands, for example, are unaware of the true notch count of their near-virginal betrothed. Most of this happens in places like Lexington, Kentucky or Melbourne, Florida, not Sevilla in Spain or Nantes in western France. Let s look on the positive side, though. Any self-respecting man who has read Elise Linscott s account, or accounts delivered by any girl like her, will steer clear of a woman like this. Not sure what she s getting out of announcing her promiscuity publicly, with clearly identifiable photos. I doubt Cosmopolitan is paying that much for her writing. That sad, props to the concentration camp dude for dating way up.

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Maybe he has game. I d suspect it wasn t his game, but her sense that she could bully him. When she realized after marrying him that she resented him for being a worm, she couldn t stand that anymore. The European Tour of Cock was more about ego, reassuring herself that she could bag something better than Sir Dorkalot. (As if any passably attractive girl would have trouble finding a thirsty guy. That gigantic hambeast slag in the UK who was a serial rape-accuser, after all, had CONSENSUAL sex with some of her victims. )The saddest thing is that by the time she hits the wall her ex husband won t be there to take her back as most likely he d be married to a single mom or a retired partygirl with roastbeef vagina and tattoos. I do feel bad for him, as she isn t attractive enough for him to have seen this coming. It s truly mindboggling how women like this one get princessed up by the media to the extent of leaving marriages to sleep around with men above their SMV. Maybe he has game OR maybe he is a betabux OR when they first she was equally dorky as he and over time she came upon female influence which may have amplified her looks while making her a typical Americunt. Just goes to show. If you re planning on marrying an Americunt, make sure she is below your perceived SMV because otherwise, in a society that makes women feel they can get away with murder, they must have dread in their heart that it is YOU that can do better. Pulling a girl above your SMV is all cool but when it comes to marriage you are really playing with fire if she is any sort of Westernized. Put simply, all the shit you used to pull her isn t going to keep her and if she views you as less than her (and in marriage this is more likely for uglier dudes), then don t say I didn t warn you. His mistake was wiring her up. Probably thought she was the best he could ever get. His mindset was all in the wrong place from the start. He may have had outer game but his inner game sucked (of course it did, look at his appearance) all the shit you used to pull her isn’t going to keep her It is civilized society s job to keep her faithful. She went on a sex romp and wrote an article to brag about the dick she was getting. No woman is faithful because she is.

Hypergamy says it all and it is normal. The purpose of civil society is to keep that in check. The same deep roots of hypergamy and its survival purpose is also present in the need to be desirable for long term commitment. (not a slut) Hypergamy makes productive masculine men sexy and slut shaming in culture, church and law taps into the same instincts to keep it in line. With out it we have no civil society (see western europe today. ) If you’re planning on marrying an Americunt, make sure she is below your perceived SMV Aim low. Aim so low that nobody will care that you succeed. For marriage, if you want a cute girl who turns heads, American made is not the way to go. She s getting attention. Women want attention, that s why they do stuff like this. They never think about long term consequences. The guy could be a successful developer. They make a lot of money. Women marry men based on rational decisions, and fuck men based on emotional decisions. It wasn t game. If he had game he would have been smart enough to avoid marriage. It was money. The slut doesn t have any marketable skills nor a decent paying job freelance writer and lives in expensive areas like NYC Massachusetts. Then went on a European cock tour with part of her ill gotten gains. The sad part is that our society is so degenerate that it won t even shame her about any of it.

I m beginning to think Cosmo is actually a project to secretly redpill young men about modern young women, disguised as a feminist rag. She s setting herself up for her future, self-published book I want to share a testimony with you guys, I m very grateful to ZeusHacks, the best and most reliable hackers in the world. They helped me hack my cheating husband s phone and FB account within few hours. Make sure you also contact them on ZEUSHACKERS56 at OUTLOOK dot COMKelsey Grammar another famous celebrity loses his art/wealth to another unknown harridanShe looks like a typical 7. Most likely a ditz with zero personality and leftist ideologies. That guy got out in time. She will be pregnant by 85. Guaranteed. Not a 7. A 6. She s relatively thin, which is her only selling point. What kind of pathetic guy keeps talking to a girl that is fucking her way through Europe? This article should make her toxic to any guy, but it won t. She ll still be able to pull guys way higher in quality than she should be able to. There are three good aspects of this for the ex, at least. One is that he is definitely young enough to recover emotionally and financially. Two, is that the marriage broke up before kids arrived on the scene. Three, and it may be a state-by-state thing, but marriages that have a duration less than five years do not have the requirement to divide assets equally, so he s not going to be an indentured servant for the next decade or be required to cash in assets in order to fork over her share. Depends on what state your in. For most states you have to divide the assets equally regardless of marital duration.

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