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The inside scoop about buying mattresses, beds and bedding from an industry insider! Please note: 67/77 If you are waiting for your mattress shopping report longer than the waiting period you requested, please don’t be discouraged  I am still very thoroughly and carefully “virtually shopping” for anyone who fills out a survey, but owing to unexpected huge demand and my limited energy, I have fallen a bit behind. You can write a note as long as your care to, but you must include the date you sent in your questionnaire +or- two days for me to find it. Need  personal one on one help by the OBG? Shopping for a mattress? Start by Taking my mattress buyers survey below: Welcome to my Old Bed Guy website.

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I named this essay, “Mattress Course 658” because my intent is to provide you with an information-packed introduction to intelligent mattress shopping. I could ve called it Mattress shopping made easy”. But shopping for such a “blind item” is never that easy, even for a so-called expert like myself. Your chances for finding what you need will be significantly improved when you are armed with facts you will learn in this essay and in the one, Marshall, Help Me! That follows this one. It is not by accident that you need to look for advice. There is one overarching reason why. Greed. A little greed can be good if it stimulates invention and efficiency, but for major brand and internet-only mattress sellers it appears to be unlimited. The majority of the American mattress industry isn’t just guilty of perpetrating a massive health and economic fraud: It’s cheating you out of the pleasure of being able to retreat to the comfort of the wonderful beds that they could make if only they weren’t trying to squeeze the very last dollar out of every mattress sale. It doesn’t matter how you found this cranky Old Bed Guy, but you have, and you are one of the few consumers who doesn’t have to be affected by this greed   READ MOREYou are reading this because you need a new mattress and find the shopping process uncomfortable, unpleasant, or hard to understand. Or often all three and more. Mattress makers and retailers deliberately make the buying process more difficult. The less that you know, the more money that they can make. If they let you discover how little difference there often is between many mattresses, profits will go down the drain. There are quality differences, but not as great as the price differences. My mission is to make it easier for you to be able to judge the best for you. . READ MOREIf nature abhors a vacuum, opportunists are always ready to make money by exploiting the fears to be found in the minds of almost all mattress shoppers. And that is the message I am trying to impart in this post. The mattress industry as a whole, has intentionally made it as hard as possible to comparison shop for a mattress.

READ MOREThe simple answer is, “all of the above”, but there are rules. The accurate answer depends on the type of mattress that will go on top. If you follow these simple rules you will get a lot more satisfaction from your new mattress and platform, foundation, or box-spring. A  box spring has a small number of. READ MOREThis site is one of the best mattress review sites in the industry. The Old Bed Guy’s knowledge about the industry and no nonsense guides provide a lot of helpful insights for those looking for mattresses for the first time or getting their second or third mattress. I have been unable to work steadily in recent weeks and just discovered your letter of the seventh. You seem to have an unerring sense of the least best mattresses for quality. Maybe the Kingsdown is a slight exception, but the others, nix. In any event, you are entitled to a free virtual shopping experience by filling out the survey linked all over my site. Until I have it in hand, I can not give specific advice. Especially for your fairly widely separated comfort and support needs. Don s Mattress Service in the Boston area manufactures all cotton tufted inner spring mattresses made the old fashion way. They also make mattresses for antique beds and or any size and also make horse hair mattresses. 786 775 5577I ve found your advice to be really helpful. I filled in the survey a couple of days ago, asking about the Eastman mattresses specifically (as they are available in Singapore). However, I found the price to be way too expensive and unaffordable. I hope that you see this message before you get to my survey I ve already purchased a King Koil natural latex hybrid with pocketed springs. This is a very delayed THANK YOU THANK YOU for the tremendous amount of help you were in choosing a mattress for my almost 86 year old brother-in-law. We were also fighting bedbugs and so you talked me through my foundation-anxiety. In response to a reader s query, you mentioned that if someone wanted to thank you by making a donation, that helping shelter dogs would be greatly appreciated. Any national or NYC or NYS organizations you would suggest?


I was thinking of animalsforadoption. Org, which I believe is run by Sue Sternberg. But I d really love to donate to the animal rescue group that YOU like! PS. We got the model you suggested as a showroom mattress at Charles P. Rogers, along with the frame you recommended. I do have a cautionary tale for your readers. We originally paid for delivery of the floor sample mattress from NJ to Brooklyn. Then I decided that it would be cheaper if we rented a UHaul and went to get it ourselves. So we cancelled the delivery and set up a time to pick up the mattress. , etc. Well, we should have just stuck with the delivery! So before you decide to pick up the mattress yourself (from any store), really decide if it is worth the time, money, etc. To do it yourself! ! This site is one of the best mattress review sites in the industry. The Old Bed Guy s knowledge about the industry and no nonsense guides provide a lot of helpful insights for those looking for mattresses for the first time or getting their second or third mattress. Thanks a bunch for the continued superb resource, Mr. Coyle! I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to respond to my survey. I submitted a survey on Oct 7nd and we are eager to get your recommendation. We plan to purchase within the next week and are considering a set from Beloit Mattress Company.

However, we are willing to purchase online to get the best quality. Any information you can share would be much appreciated. Thank you. However, Beloit buys their components off the shelf from Leggett and Platt and is limited to what this importer/jobber/domestic maker has on their shelves. A very good mattress can be made from these components. A better mattress can be made by a handful of other small makers that produce their own proprietary components. These are the type of mattresses I try to recommend. I am not aware of any Beloit mattress that is exceptional, but if you want to buy locally, excluding yourself from possibly having the best available on the Internet, then Beloit is a far wiser choice than what you will find in a sleep shop, furniture store, or department store. And even wiser still when compared to any big-box store. I want to thank you taking the time to respond in such detail to my inquiry. You are an invaluable repository of information, and it is very kind of you to share your unparalleled depth of experience with consumers who are truly at a loss to navigate an expensive and important purchase in a predatory environment. I will be taking your advice, of course, and I ll be grateful to you personally every time I drift off to sleep. First, I am delighted that you are on the mend. May you have many more years of answering surveys and providing a much-needed public service! I have spend a bit of time researching your site, but would like an opinion on coil pockets vs innersprings. Our beloved Mid Century Modern platform bed takes a 7 to 8 tall king mattress, which is no longer available as a standard size. There are two custom mattress manufacturers that are able to make one, but I m not sure which way to go. We specified a latex top layer (we live in the Fla Keys so heat is an issue). Can you please provide some guidance? Last May, when I was looking for a new mattress, your site was very helpful (to readers, no, I do not work for Charles P. Rogers. I am just an NC gal who was looking for a mattress:

). I bought the Powercore Estate 7555. When it arrived, I was taken by the mattress s beauty. The fabric is really nice, and I wasn t expecting that. Then, when I lay down on the mattress, I didn t know what to think about its firmness. This mattress held me up compared to my old sagging mattress, but it wasn t uncomfortable. I worried for a night or two that the mattress was too firm for me, but the latex top convinced me this mattress was just right. I haven t had any back pain like I had before with my old mattress, so after a year, I can say that I LOVE my mattress. Thank you for your help. No need to respond. I just wanted to express my gratitude: ). I am now talking family members into buying a mattress without having lain on it. I spent a couple days poring over your reviews and explanations, and then I was sold. I bought the CR 9555 mattress. For much less than the TempurPedic and about the same as the BR. It was delivered yesterday, and last night I had the best sleep I ve had in decades. All because of you! Thank you so much. I am sorry for my own slow reactions but between learning how to dictate accurately instead of my former speedy touch typing has had a very negative impact on my use of time. I really do not have the time to read these comments on a daily basis. I recently filled out a survey for help on choosing a bed, but after reading many of your informative articles, we chose to order a Charles P.

Rogers Nano 7.

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