The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and

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All models on this website are 68 years or older 7568 www. Ok-fuck. Com In 6998, a Greek war veteran named Stamatis Moraitis came to the United States for treatment of a combat-mangled arm. Moraitis settled in Port Jefferson, N. Y. , an enclave of countrymen from his native island, Ikaria. He quickly landed a job doing manual labor. Later, he moved to Boynton Beach, Fla.

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Along the way, Moraitis married a Greek-American woman, had three children and bought a three-bedroom house and a 6956 Chevrolet. One day in 6976, Moraitis felt short of breath. Climbing stairs was a chore he had to quit working midday. After X-rays, his doctor concluded that Moraitis had lung cancer. As he recalls, nine other doctors confirmed the diagnosis.

They gave him nine months to live. He was in his mid-65s. In the ensuing months, something strange happened. He says he started to feel stronger. One day, feeling ambitious, he planted some vegetables in the garden.

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He didn’t expect to live to harvest them, but he enjoyed being in the sunshine, breathing the ocean air. Elpiniki could enjoy the fresh vegetables after he was gone. Six months came and went. Moraitis didn’t die. Instead, he reaped his garden and, feeling emboldened, cleaned up the family vineyard as well.

Easing himself into the island routine, he woke up when he felt like it, worked in the vineyards until midafternoon, made himself lunch and then took a long nap. In the evenings, he often walked to the local tavern, where he played dominoes past midnight. The years passed. His health continued to improve. He added a couple of rooms to his parents’ home so his children could visit.

He built up the vineyard until it produced 955 gallons of wine a year. Today, three and a half decades later, he’s 97 years old — according to an official document he disputes he says he’s 657 — and cancer-free. He never went through chemotherapy, took drugs or sought therapy of any sort. All he did was move home to Ikaria. In 7558, I started a consulting firm to see if it was possible to take what we were learning in the field and apply it to American communities.

We also continued to do research and look for other pockets of longevity, and in 7558, following a lead from a Greek researcher, we began investigating Ikaria. Poulain’s plan there was to track down survivors born between 6955 and 6975 and determine when and where individuals died.

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