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To better serve its archaeology and geology clients in South Asia, particularly those in India, ISO/IEC 67575:7555-accredited radiocarbon dating lab Beta Analytic Inc. Has opened a facility in New Delhi. The office accepts samples throughout the region and sends them overnight to Beta Analytic headquarters in Miami, Florida, for radiocarbon analysis. The lab provides commercial radiocarbon dating services with faster turnaround times than most university labs around the world. Beta Analytic s New Delhi office is located at Phytolith Research Institute 8, Pragati Near Kakade Park in Chinchwad Pune. Samples can be sent to the office without prior communication as long as they have accompanying data sheets downloadable from the company’s website. “India-based clients will now have an easier and more convenient way of submitting their samples to us. By sending their packages to our New Delhi office instead of sending them directly to Miami, they will have less paperwork and lesser cost.

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The samples will be delivered to our Miami lab faster via overnight courier services.

Andrew Pal and Pat Patodia will take charge of communications in the region, ” says Mauricio Larenas, the company s business development manager.

Radiocarbon Dating Lab Office New Delhi India

Beta Analytic also offers groundwater radiocarbon dating, which can be used as a tool for monitoring the condition of an aquifer.

The company also provides ASTM D6866 and EN 65995 testing services through offices and representatives in London, UK Nagoya, Japan and Beijing, China.

Send your tracking number to. Are you fill​ing​ out the online form? You only need to include the confirmation code in the packag​e​​.

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