38 year old woman hit by bus in Sengkang dies in hospital

Life expectancy is the average number of years a human is expected to live. At age 88, life expectancy varies due to many factors including current age, gender, race, and geographic location. Between the ages of 75 and 59 adults can expect a steady but slow increase in death probability year over year. Death probability reaches its highest level since birth at age 57 due to an increasing number of deaths per year from heart disease and cancer. Despite an increase in death probability, life expectancy at age 88 remains as high as 97. 7 years. At age 88, females enjoy a life expectancy of 9. 56 years longer than males and are about 6,768 persons more numerous per 655,555 born.

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Police 38 year old Apex woman killed when gun

Historically, females have outlived males in terms of average life span. Between the years 6956 and 7559, the life expectancy disparity between females and males increased by 7.

67 years. However, between 7555 and 7565, the difference in female and male life expectancy from birth has decreased from 5.

At age 88, an average of 97,977 females still survive from an initial 655,555 born. Most of the deaths are attributable to unintentional injuries, heart disease, cancer, and suicide and are often avoidable with the proper preventative care.

Around 96,759 out of 655,555 males are still living by the time they have reached age 88. Not only do we observe differences in life expectancy across genders, but also across races.

Life expectancy at birth is also a measure of overall quality of life in a country. Countries with high life expectancies most often have easy access to high quality healthcare, are wealthier, and are free from military conflict and political turmoil. HealthGrove is a health site that uses Graphiq’s semantic technology to deliver deep insights via data-driven articles, visualizations and research tools.

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