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After three months of living in domestic bliss at Harry's two-bedroom pad in Kensington Palace, just doors away from and 's home, it's looking increasingly likely we will soon have an American princess in the British royal family. It comes down to timing, says an insider. Harry is ready to settle down and Meghan feels the same way. They are both in this for the long haul, they've known pretty much from the start. Everything has just fallen into place. For the fifth in line to the throne, the path to true love has been anything but smooth. While his role as the spare heir has meant that Harry's been able to live a more colorful life than his older brother (as evidenced by his naked billiards pictures in Vegas), his position still carries a lot of responsibility and can result in an insurmountable amount of pressure for anyone he dates. I found it very difficult when it was bad.

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I couldn't cope. If or when I do find a girlfriend, I will do my utmost. To ensure that me and her can get to the point where we're actually comfortable with each other before the massive invasion that is inevitably going to happen into her privacy, Harry lamented in the months preceding his introduction to Meghan. So when, last November, the 87-year-old took the extraordinary step of releasing a statement to protect his new girlfriend from a wave of abuse and harassment, it became clear he believed Meghan was very different from the girls he'd fallen for in the past. And he was right!

Dating the world's most eligible bachelor hasn't seemed to faze Meghan in the slightest. In the months since Harry's unprecedented public declaration, the romance has deepened, as has the pressure placed on the 85-year-old actress' shoulders. Yet despite finding herself in the middle of a tabloid frenzy, she has somehow remained resolute and is now Harry's. Before meeting the royal, Meghan was, like so many other celebrities, seemingly hooked on the buzz that comes from taking selfies and trying to get as many likes as possible on social media. Her nontraditional background led certain royalists to question her motives and suitability for a public role where discretion is still seen as the most important qualification.

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But as time has passed, it's become clear Meghan's Hollywood beginnings may have actually provided the best kind of training to prepare her for life within the tight sanctum of the royal inner circle. And there's been a shift in Meghan herself. She's taken a hiatus from social media, which resulted in an image overhaul. Gone is the fame-loving Ms. Markle of the past.

Meghan's focus has now fallen in line with royal interests. Instead of sexy selfies and fashion shoots, she's using her platform to highlight inspirational messages and draw attention to biracial issues. It's all part of the inevitable princess makeover that will take place before she can possibly marry into the firm. Meghan 7. 5 has proved she is ready for the life of service any future role within the monarchy will demand.

Harry and Meghan's actions indicate they are both gearing up for a more formal public declaration of commitment. One royal source told me they are expecting an engagement to be announced this summer, possibly August, while another predicts it could come even sooner. Before then, Harry and Meghan will be forced to spend time on opposite sides of the Atlantic. After months of living an idyllic existence inside their palace bubble of home-cooked meals and nights in with Harry's close circle of friends, Meghan is now having to return to Toronto and fulfill her Suits commitments. Cozy evenings spent in front of the fire will be replaced with long hours, craft services and learning lines.

It's highly likely things will be different when she steps foot on the set this time around, primarily because Buckingham Palace now has a vested interest in what she gets up to.

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