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Dating a Younger Man 8 Pros and Cons to Make Up Your Mind

And more often than not, the question is, “Is he too young for me? ”If you’re an older woman dating a younger man, is it doomed from the start or will you be happily ever after? There are a few things at play here. If you’re in your forties and feel like you have a young soul and body, it might be easy as pie for you to attract a guy in his mid- or late twenties (or thirties! ), and to that we say “Good for you!

” We at Dating with Dignity aren’t “age-ists! (And not for the reasons you may think). An older woman does pose an alluring challenge for a younger man. Not only is she at her most confident, but this woman has got it together. She supports herself and is very in touch with her needs.

Some younger men feel like they can learn from her and that she has enough life experience for both of them. Older women tend to exude a more “together” vibe, seeming to be more in tune with her needs (physical or otherwise), which makes her very attractive to younger men. The problem, however, can be that an older woman is simply a challenge for the younger man. Ultimately, in this scenario, being younger impacts his values. And since we believe a match made in heaven is based on common values, you may be setting yourself up to be in a mismatch from the get-go.

However, as long as you’re both open and honest with each other and have discussed your needs, wants, expectations and values then go for it. Some other potential issues that can arise if an older woman is dating a younger man:

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