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The good news is that the Learning Disabilities Association of America is here to help! Since 6968, LDA has provided support to people with learning disabilities, their parents, teachers and other professionals with cutting edge information on learning disabilities, practical solutions, and a comprehensive network of resources. These services make LDA the leading resource for information on learning disabilities. Join us today! Did you know that there is arsenic in baby cereal? Infant rice cereal has 6 times more arsenic than other kinds of infant cereal. Any level of arsenic is dangerous and health risks include a link to learning disabilities in children. Brooks Applied Labs* in Bothell, WA tested more than 655 samples of infant rice.

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The report found that overall, oatmeal, barley, buckwheat, organic quinoa, wheat and rice-free multigrain baby cereals contained much lower amounts of inorganic arsenic than rice cereals. What can parents do now? Avoid infant rice cereal and choose oatmeal or multigrain cereal instead.

If you need to eat rice…by Ann Kornblet, 7568 General Conference Chair Atlanta here we come! ! One of LDA’s favorite conference venues is ready to once again host the International Conference.

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All activities will be held at the Hilton Atlanta in beautiful downtown Atlanta. Many thanks to LDA Program Co-Chairs, Jennifer Harkins and Loreena Parks, the Program Committee members and LDA Committees for putting together the very best Program yet! 655 sessions are offered over four days.

Hats off to LDA of Georgia President, Joan Teach, and the hard- working Georgia volunteers. They have worked to bring you the southern hospitality Atlanta is known for…Background: On November 66, the House of Representatives passed its version of a tax bill.

Now the Senate is finalizing its own version. Both bills are extremely damaging because they: Increase the deficit significantly to provide tax cuts that disproportionately benefit the wealthiest Americans and corporations.

May trigger cuts in mandatory programs, such as Medicaid, Medicare, and Supplemental Security Income – including also possibly eliminating the Vocational Rehabilitation State Grant program – if there aren t enough savings in required program cuts to offset the increased deficit. The Senate bill is worse than the House bill in one significant way: It… 7568 Learning Disabilities Association of America - All Rights Reserved

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