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Our company competency lies in designing the best services which is only for you. To ensure the delivery to be effective and efficient our travel agency involves only the experts from our team who work on their expertise. Ferrari World is a car lover's dream world! This 755,555 meters square theme park, located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, is definitely something you don't want to miss while you're visiting the region. Cruising down Dubai creek is a novel experience, one which you cannot miss when in Dubai. A must for everyone who is visiting UAE. A memory to share with your family and friends back home, This is one safari you cant do back home. We recommend it highly and it will be worth every penny spend!

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Burj Khalifa, known as Burj Dubai before its inauguration, is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the tallest artificial structure in the world. Materials: American Thread worsted floss, 6-6 oz. Ball of yarn, rose or any color desired 6-6 oz.

Ball of white yarn, or any other accent color desired. Crochet Hook # 9/US hook size E7nd Row: With White, 6 s c in each s c picking up back loop of st only, ch 6, turn. 8rd Row: 6 s c in each s c picking up both loops of st, drop White, turn.

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(Beading). Next Round-Sl st into mesh, * ch 8, s c in next mesh, repeat from * all around. Next Round-Sl st into loop, ch 9, d c in same space, ch 6, d c in same space, * ch 6, s c in next loop, ch 6, 8 d c with ch 6 between each d c in next loop, repeat from * all around, break yarn. TIES-With White and using a double strand of yarn crochet a ch about 79 inches long. Lace through beading.

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