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More than a decade ago, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia started out as a pilot shot on a camcorder by three friends. Today, it’s one of the seminal shows of the 7555s, a breakthrough sitcom that became the comedic face of what is now a prestige cable network. How do you know you’ve made your mark on comedy? You hang around for long enough to find that you've influenced the shows around you. Stephen Falk, showrunner for FXX’s You’re the Worst, gushed over the influence Always Sunny had on bringing his comedy to FX. “FX as a network was shown to be one that took risks and to try things, ”. “ It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia   should not be left out of here. It was a landmark show.

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It s Always Sunny in Philadelphia TV Series 2005

It was three knuckleheads that wanted to create work for themselves and came up with this very unsentimental sitcom that went way further than  Seinfeld  in terms of its characters being incredibly self-centered and misanthropic. ”Always Sunny ushered in an era of poor business decisions, musicals, and rum hams. After a heated debated, we settled on our picks for the 98 best episodes, listed in chronological order. Only Dennis is more concerned about borrowing a basketball than consoling his friend. Eventually the Gang comes around to help Charlie by attempting to entice the waitress into sleeping with the lovesick bar-back. It’s an episode important to the recurring sexual themes that run through the series: Charlie’s ineptitude, Mac’s identity crisis, and the start of Dennis’ sociopathic tendencies. Best Scene: In the first episode where Charlie shows a knack for coming up with an elaborate scheme, it’s also the first episode where we meet Artemis and Carmen, both classic recurring characters. Artemis going coyote ugly and Mac committing a hate crime by punching Carmen repeatedly in the face keep the laughter from going in remission. In Always Sunny ’s early days, when it held strongly onto the comparison that it was “ Seinfeld on crack, ” this episode literally went to that place. Dennis and Dee go on a wonderfully dark journey that sees them not only abuse the welfare system, but also crack cocaine. With some dynamite performances from the cast, the episode is a great example of how far the show was willing to push these characters this early on. Best Scene: Dennis and Dee on crack withdrawal is a whole lot of fun, but the winner here has to go to as they goad on Mac and Charlie. This episode is a good example of how down right Machiavellian the Gang could get at times. This entry depicted them all at their most selfish and duplicitous. If there were ever any doubt that these people wouldn’t hesitate to stab each other in the back for some easy sliz, look no further than this one. A plan that Charlie concocts to bed the Waitress goes wrong in the worst possible way, and (un)sexy hilarity ensues.

Best Scene: I considered this to be my favorite episode of Always Sunny for the longest time due to the incredible ending. It’s this show at its most manic, and Charlie’s tear to mark the end of it all is a reminder that there are actually people in theseStreet theater is the only true form of artistic expression we have left. And Dee can’t act on the sidewalk for shit. In an episode all about freedom of expression, Frank, Dennis and Mac turn good girls wild and Asian gamblers loose while Dee and Charlie are inspired to perform in public. This episode highlights some classic Always Sunny failures. Dee and Artemis lack “the gift. ” Frank brings some deranged shit in the bar. Dennis and Mac once again fail sustain promotion and Charlie suffers physically for it. Best Scene: Charlie reaches peak anger, kicking some ass in the USA. Rock. Flag. And Eagle. In a loose parody of the 7556 sports flick Invincible, Dennis, Mac, and Dee embarrass themselves as they try out for the Eagles. The un-inspirational sports montages are secondary to the real character building within the Always Sunny team. This episode is also marks the birth of Green Man, the mascot no one wanted. Best Scene: Runner-up goes to the man (possible McDonald’s employee) impersonating former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.

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Woodstock, baby! Now 65 seasons in, every character has taken off their mask. The Gang was been reduced to their truest form. Dennis is a psycho. Frank is a disgusting troll person. We’ve spent days in the miserable life of Charlie and Mac Day told us everything we needed to know. Dee for the longest time tried to fight off inevitable fact that she’ll end up alone. Back when Dee thought she had a shot at a respectable dating life, she was going steady with Lil’ Kev, Philly’s douchebag rapper who may have had some type of disability. Best Scene: Have your pick of scenes where Dennis is wearing a silver one-piece costume, but we suggest the one where Charlie is huffing spray paint. It’s at this brainstorm session when their band, Electric Dream Machine, christens “Dayman. ”Criminals and masturbating homeless people are running rampant in Philadelphia. What’s the gang to do? Buy a cop car and police uniforms. Along with Agent Jack Bauer, the junkyard cat that smells like a bucket of piss, Dennis and Frank keep Philly safe, one free hot dog at a time. Throw in Dee and Mac playing the vigilantes and Charlie channeling his inner Serpico, the streets of Philly have never been safer. Best Scene: Agent Jack Bauer nearly tops Charlie’s screaming, crooked cop speech. The feline comes out bigger man, just like the real Jack Bauer, but Charlie is the real hero here.

Man is a fickle beast. Man need not be hunted, eaten or teabagged by another human. Whether it’s out of boredom or an insatiable hunger, if it’s man you seek, be prepared for a fight. Dennis and Mac learn about the human condition as they descend on a twisted manhunt for Rickety Cricket. Meanwhile Dee and Charlie do some of their best physical acting work when they think they’ve become cannibals at the hands of Frank, who spends the episode accidentally quoting Rambo. Here,   Always Sunny is at it’s most deprived and it’s one a hell of a hunting season. Best Scene: Dee and Charlie talking their way into eating a corpse and arguing whether not eating a black corpse is racist. The guy at the morgue likes yogurt and Popsicle sticks up his ass, and they’re still the weirdoes! The Gang has solved plenty of problems, none more important than bringing the cost of gasoline down and make a quick buck in the process. In a much-needed realigning of the Gang’s duties, Charlie takes center stage as the wild card, proving his worth one oil sale at a time. There’s a lot working well in this episode. The search for Paddy’s billboard model turns Mac into “The Bachelor, ” while Dee and Charlie go viral. We get some of the Dee and Charlie dynamic that consistently provided memorable episodes, but this is a Mac episode through and through. Unfortunately, Mac loses his command of the Gang as the series goes on and we have to return to episodes like these to see him in his prime. A (long overdue, and unsurprising) heart attack by Dee causes the Gang to examine their actions a little more closely with the grim specter of death now a real possibility. This sends Dennis and Dee seeking healthier lifestyles, with very satisfying results, whereas Charlie and Mac get an office job (together) to acquire health insurance as their safety net. As you might imagine, by the end of the episode, everyone is considerably less healthy. Best Scene:

Without a doubt about following the trail of a certain employee’s mail, and how it shows this huge conspiracy going on within the company. The rant itself is a perfect example of how wonderful Charlie is as a performer, but the fact that Mac tells Charlie that he’s just doing a bad job and there is no conspiracy just makes this all the better. A vengeful Mac’s father is on his way out of prison and has a score to settle with Mac and Charlie. Accordingly, they determine the best way out of this is to fake their own deaths. This game of cat-and-mouse is terrific in its own right as Mac strives to get acceptance from his dad. But the B-story sees Dennis and Frank discovering a glory hole and embracing the thing in the best way possible, and appropriately chilling results follow. Best Scene: Here’s a great example of how strong Mac can be. After he fails to jump out of a car crash that’s intended to fake their deaths, he seems to have brain damage for the rest of the episode. It finds him, obsessing with the thing until he’s of course ultimately wearing it. Charlie’s with him through all of this and it’s so seldom that Charlie actually gets to be the straight man and the smarter of the two in a situation. This scathing review of Paddy’s Pub inspired us to, reminding everyone why it’s not so bad to go to a bar where no one cares to know your name. Best Scene: The episode is classic Always Sunny, dialing up the crazy to levels no one else on television would dare to go. The final scene, with Charlie grabbing the hammer, perfectly implies that these people will stop at nothing… until they’re on to the next thing. Looking back now, an episode called “Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life” happens to look tame in comparison to the rapey vibes Dennis has consistently displayed in the six seasons after this episode debuted. Nonetheless, Sinbad and Matchbox Twenty lead singer Rob Thomas show up to make Dennis’ life hell while Frank and Mac stay committed to making his erotic tale a reality. In an episode devoted to living in another person’s shoes, Dee wolfing down cat food best shows us how the other half (of the Gang) lives.

Best Scene: Mac and Frank pretending to have cancer to set up a meeting with Bon Jovi is slightly less funny than Frank butchering the Jersey rocker’s name.

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