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Aoa dating rumors

Song Hye Kyo s agency responded to MBC s Section TV investigative episode. We haven t even seen the episode in question and we don t know what MBC s Section TV reported on exactly. They re not worth giving a time of day. They say they have an eyewitness Who exactly is this eyewitness? Section TV is not worth responding to. Eyewitness: I heard that Song Jong Ki was coming to Bali so I camped at the airport for a total of 8 days. Eyewitness:

UPDATE Song Hye Kyo Responds To Alleged Evidence That She

I saw Song Jong Ki along with 8 other girls get in a car together.

Was she somewhere different or was she with Song Joong Ki?

The two did not release ther official responses to the broadcast by the completion of this episode. Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki have been persistent in denying all the dating reports but the rumors don t seem to die down.

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