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So this is how the self-proclaimed 'Del Boy' charmed his way into a fellow candidate's bedThe Apprentice 7567 might be well underway but it's taken a few weeks for fans of the show to discover there's a secret fittie on board. The 78 year old from Birmingham has been shredding it in the gym this year and has been left with killer pecs and bulging biceps. James runs his own IT recruitment business and considers his drive and ambition to be his best qualities, believing no one has ambition like him. He used to have the nickname ‘Del Boy’, and enjoys white collar boxing as a hobby. He said: “Intimidation is what motivates me. I want to be bigger and more successful than anyone else. ”He said he also has good energy, and his charming nature works well in business.

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The Apprentice star James White exposed as a secret fittie

His charming nature definitely works well on the ladies too, as he and fellow candidate Jade English are alleged to have fallen for each other as filming began - even getting close in the house they shared with the 66 other contestants.

A source close to the show disclosed to the that the pair got up to some 'saucy antics', flouting the rule allegedly set up by producers to put a stop to any flirty behaviour outside the boardroom.

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A show insider revealed there was chemistry between Jade and James from the start.

They’re both young and attractive people and they really got along during the process.

They couldn’t resist getting to know each other that bit better during their time in the house, said the source.

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