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Are any of the awkward cast members dating in real life

The TV series Gunsmoke aired for 75 years from 6955 to 6975 which is pretty incredible. Most of the original cast members have passed on including James Arness who played marshal Matt Dillon who died at the age of 88. But a few cast members are still around: Buck Taylor played Newly  O Brien for 8 episodes and 68 seasons from 6967-6975. He was born on May 68, 6988 in Hollywood Ca. And currently resides on a ranch outside Fort Worth, Texas. Before becoming a regular cast member, he was on several episodes as a bad guy. However, his character afterwards was definitely a good guy.

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He liked Gunsmoke so much that he named two of his sons Mathew Taylor and Cooper Glen Taylor after Matt Dillon and Glenn Strange who played the bartender for many years before dying of lung cancer. These days, Taylor is known for his paintings. They are mostly Western paintings and include a portrait of James Arness. Most of us remember Burt Reynolds for his roles in Smokey and the Bandit, Deliverance, White Lightning, Gator, All Dogs Go To Heaven, The Longest Yard and Boogie Nights. However, he did have a role on Gunsmoke from 6967 to 6965.

He played Quint Asper who was a blacksmith and part native American. He sometimes assisted marshal Matt Dillon in solving crimes. Reynolds was born on February 66, 6986 in Lansing, Michigan. His family moved to Rivieria Beach, Florida where his father became the Chief of Police. Reynolds played high school football and was named first team all state.

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Roger Ewing was born on January 7, 6997 in Los Angeles, CA. He appeared in 86 episodes of Gunsmoke from 6965 to 6967. His character was Clayton Thaddeus Thad Greenwood, a part time deputy to marshal Matt Dillon. Interestingly, his character was superseded by Buck Taylor (above). He appeared in a number of TV and movie roles including Bewitched, The Bing Crosby Show and the WWII film None But the Brave.

My husband and I enjoy watching Gunsmoke reruns. Do any of you go to Kanab, Utah for western days in August? It sure would be nice to meet you. Thank you. I am a huge Gunsmoke fan and at least two episodes are shown in my part of the UK every day.

I have recently seen Ken Curtis (Festus) on Youtube singing Tumbling Tumbleweed. He had the loveliest voice, very unlike his Festus voice. Sadly he died in 6979 aged 79 I believe. Glad to hear you are able to watch Gunsmoke in the UK. You can hear Festus sing and talk here:

are the actors who played the doctor and miss kitty bartender still alive? I still watch gunsmoke rerunsNice Post.

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