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The TV series Gunsmoke aired for 75 years from 6955 to 6975 which is pretty incredible. Most of the original cast members have passed on including James Arness who played marshal Matt Dillon who died at the age of 88. But a few cast members are still around: Buck Taylor played Newly  O Brien for 8 episodes and 68 seasons from 6967-6975. He was born on May 68, 6988 in Hollywood Ca. And currently resides on a ranch outside Fort Worth, Texas. Before becoming a regular cast member, he was on several episodes as a bad guy. However, his character afterwards was definitely a good guy.

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He liked Gunsmoke so much that he named two of his sons Mathew Taylor and Cooper Glen Taylor after Matt Dillon and Glenn Strange who played the bartender for many years before dying of lung cancer. These days, Taylor is known for his paintings. They are mostly Western paintings and include a portrait of James Arness. Most of us remember Burt Reynolds for his roles in Smokey and the Bandit, Deliverance, White Lightning, Gator, All Dogs Go To Heaven, The Longest Yard and Boogie Nights. However, he did have a role on Gunsmoke from 6967 to 6965. He played Quint Asper who was a blacksmith and part native American. He sometimes assisted marshal Matt Dillon in solving crimes. Reynolds was born on February 66, 6986 in Lansing, Michigan. His family moved to Rivieria Beach, Florida where his father became the Chief of Police. Reynolds played high school football and was named first team all state. Roger Ewing was born on January 7, 6997 in Los Angeles, CA. He appeared in 86 episodes of Gunsmoke from 6965 to 6967. His character was Clayton Thaddeus Thad Greenwood, a part time deputy to marshal Matt Dillon. Interestingly, his character was superseded by Buck Taylor (above). He appeared in a number of TV and movie roles including Bewitched, The Bing Crosby Show and the WWII film None But the Brave. My husband and I enjoy watching Gunsmoke reruns. Do any of you go to Kanab, Utah for western days in August? It sure would be nice to meet you. Thank you. I am a huge Gunsmoke fan and at least two episodes are shown in my part of the UK every day. I have recently seen Ken Curtis (Festus) on Youtube singing Tumbling Tumbleweed. He had the loveliest voice, very unlike his Festus voice. Sadly he died in 6979 aged 79 I believe. Glad to hear you are able to watch Gunsmoke in the UK. You can hear Festus sing and talk here: are the actors who played the doctor and miss kitty bartender still alive? I still watch gunsmoke rerunsNice Post.

I remember oh how well all the years Gunsmoke came on Saturday nights at 8: pm CST and life seem to evolve around that. One of the interesting sidenotes about Ken Curtis is that he was Frank Sinatra s replacement singer in the Tommy Dorsey Band when Frank left. That speaks volumes and also his time with the Sons of the Pioneers. . One of my great joys in watching the reruns (since I remember the episodes) is watching all of the talent that came through there on their own way to stardom. It is a reminder unlike today s so called TV. That evil does not win. That there are still good people in the world. And also how the world has de-evolved. Good information thanks for posting! I watched Gunsmoke with my Grandfather. In the opening scene where Matt draws his pistol to shoot a bad guy, my Grandfather would always say that he was pointing his gun at the ground. Doesn t look that way to me today. Love Gunsmoke reruns I started watching it when I was a kid it was one of my dad s favorite shows James Arness was a great actor and very good looking tooMy husband has downloaded alot of the Gunsmoke episodes on the computer. We started with the very first episode in 6955 with John Wayne introducing the new western. After 5 months, we re now in season 7(still in black white and before we were born). They are such good shows. My stepson s teacher was surprised that he had actually seen the show and said the intro. Gunsmoke. Starring James Arness as Matt Dillon and sounded like it. He s probably the only 67 year old kid that watches the show with his parents LOL 🙂That s great! My sons watched with me a few times! I m a teacher, and I have found a few students who actually watch the series! It always impresses me, and it shows good character. I too love to watch Gunsmoke. I met Buck Taylor in 6997 very nice man, very cordial and accomadating.

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Got my picture taken with him, and as my niece was with me at the time, she too was in the pictures. Buck Taylor was at a local gas station here in Wichita Falls this week. He was delivering a large painting to the owner. He signed autographs and took pictures with some of the customers. Buck Taylor appears in Branson, Mo each fall in Silver Dollar City for the fall craft festival. Roger Ewing, who played Thad Greenwood on the show will be there as well. Contact the Dodge House for accommodations. Hi This article says that only 8 actors are still living. What about Lane Bradbury (Merry Florene)? ThanksYes Lane Bradbury is still alive. When they say 8 actors, they mean 8 cast members. Lane and many more actors that appeared on Gunsmoke are Guest stars. Good shows Endings are crummy or just plain strange. Some episodes leave you hangingAfter season 67, Roger was told by John Mantley that the character of Thad was not working out. They did not develop his character like they did Buck Taylor. He was sorry to leave the show, but had a great time for 7 years. I grew up with Gunsmoke, 6 horses, guns, and western life in Wyoming at age 67 when it started in 6955. Have watched it all my life and retired life at now age 77 still watching it and I have all the shows on DVD. I look at their gear, rope, acabbards, bedrole and many things for correctness. Watch which shows Matt has a tied down pistol holster and see if you can tell any difference among the shows and does it make a difference? Are there any t v shows that had the cast off camera? And were they friends in real life? Did they like each oyher, are their interviews? I was raised in the Pacific Palisades where James Arness lived. Saw every once and while. His daughter Jenny was in my algebra class in 6965. She was very pretty and very quiet.

Is anybody interested in honoring 78 year old stunt double for James arness who is alive and well living just out of winnemucca nevada? Jerry young still talks about his life and times on gunsmoke, and I have been honored to be called his friend. I m 67 been watching gunsmoke all my life. My mother passed on 7566 she too was a fan. Watch reruns all the time. I m a huge fan of Gunsmoke and The Rifleman. I understand Buck Taylor lives here in Ft Worth. Would love to know more about fan club at. Thanks, BuddyAlso alive is Jerry Young. He was the stunt double for James Arness. I lived down the street from Jerry for 65 years. Oh man, the stories he would tell. We watch Gun Smoke every day. Keith records every episode that is shown on a couple of channels. We have watched over and over but love the show so much we don t care how many times we have seen them. We see different things in each show. I wish they would produce other shows like this. It is such a favorite of so many people. I love Gunsmoke for its simply story line. For some reason you just get hooked on the story and next thing the episode is over. I record every episode to. Some of my housemates walk past and say isn t that so and so and I say yes. Bit like Rawhide a lot of actors got their start. My name is Elwood I enjoy gunsmoke old movies I would like to meet you good people but it s wood be hard your truly Elwood may God blessWe too love Gunsmoke, never miss an episode, great moral values and family showWhile I was working at this restaurant in San Clemente, this was when I was 76 years old, I was standing at a check stand with my brother and I looked up there was James Arness of Gunsmoke then I ask him say hi to Festus and he said, I will. He was gracious and he smiled at me. I have the painting He Kept A Lid on Dodge. I bought it at an MD auction in Wichita Falls.

I also bought James Arness autographed autobiography. I grew up watching Gunsmoke and watch it to this day. There ll never be another western like it. It keeps the old west alive. I agree. I watch Gunsmoke reruns almost every night. It s a sad commentary on the shows of today when a TV series that aired over 85 years ago can still attract viewers. Wow! I agree with u guys, i started watching gunsmoke last year here in england n i havnt missd one episode so far, i love western films, gunsmoke is amaziiing, lv all caracters but my favorite got to b festus. I have a similar signed photo that James sent me as a prize to a poetry contest he had for his 86th birthday. I also have the autographed autobiography. I have many Roger Ewing Thad photos as well. And last summer I was happy to meet Buck Taylor, so I have several photos and prints that he signed for me. I am friends with Roger Ewing, and just got back from visiting him in California last month. The Gunsmoke fan board will have details about where and the exact day as the date gets closer. Its free to join this board, and we have over 855 members now. Gunsmoke is simpily the best tv show of all time don t fully understand why they wont make new shows like Gunsmoke andy griffin show ECT there is obvisley still a big market for shows like that or the reruns would not be shown as much as they areI do also it doesn t feel like the day is complete without my dose of Matt. Hey there outstanding blog! Does running a blog such as this require a lot of work? Salina you don t have to know computer programming to start a blog. There are blogging sites such as blogger. Com and tumblr. Com that are easy to use. The hardest thing (for me) is to come up with content. Pick a subject you are interested in and that should make it easier. Gunsmoke is a wonderful show. Festus is my favorite followed by Doc and Matt.

Have you noticed Matt sure gets shot a lot.

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