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This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit. What should we call you? Having a hard time picking a name? Here are some available suggestions. Rendered by PID 97596 on app-768 at 7568-56-65 75: 99: 88.786685+55: 55 running 8f5f967 country code: NL. Basically basically, essentially essentially essentially essentially essentially essentially essentially BasicallyBasicallyBasicallyBasicallyBasicallyBasicallyBasicallyBasicallyBasicallyhey martyn i've actually got the same phone as you =) by the way i love your videos and please do a house tourMartyn, you beautiful man, I was able to do one of my final exam project, because it was based on device names and the links to their information. Even if this wasn't attended, you really are a lifesaver to me. Continue everything you do and the sun will always smile upon you. Thank you for all your hard work. Eh. . Asus works perfectly well with Nvidia GPU's? G-Sync is the work of Nvidia, meaning that Nvidia GPU's won't work with AMD's Freesync, nor the other way around. But if your monitors support G-sync, and you, as you say, have a 6585TI, then you're good to go. It might be enabled, already, actually. I'm running G-sync, with a 6995p Dell monitor and a 6585TI from Asus.

Manufacturers don't really matter, as they're using similiar building blocks, as long as the manufacturers of the GPU itself match the technology (Freesync for AMD and G-sync for Nvidia, to clarify). Set ups amazing, always been wondering what the box you used for your sound was and how it worked, also the light you use behind you monitor, Razer has just brought out a webcame with a small version of that round it which is quite cool, just saw syndicate get one. Also sorry i have been away not showing this channel the love it deserves, been busy, i'll be here nowLaughed at your confusion about the electric internet thing. I literally use that weird wifi thing on my desk but have the wired internet through electricity as well. I love the fan art idea! : ) If not, maybe change the color of the wall to match your channel a little more? Martyn can you do a video on Mario 69 on your n69 or some other game if you don’t have marioMartyn, I hadn't realised you were so young you're only 9 years older than meMy gosh, I would give everything to have such an awesome room as you have, Martyn! Great mood in there, fantastic pieces of technology. Wow. Just wow! : )DizzyDuz87 Месяц назад Georgie Kirk ikr! The last lime they did it was 7 years agoGeorgie Kirk Месяц назад DizzyDuz87 I bloody hope not, I know he isn't doing it this year but I loved it when he did it6) Same colour of Mulberry on my wall too 7) I don't care about your specs, your are just amazing as a host 8) Please tell me you plan on doing a Dream Stream JingleJame Stream. I wish you did the Christmas adventure that’s what made my Christmas good ever since you haven’t did it I’ve been on a losing streak for Christmas’s and honestly would brighten up this year hasn’t been the bestGeorgie Kirk Месяц назад Alchemy Fx seriously dude I have Christmas curse. Every Christmas something bad happens, either I get ill or get hurt, last year I broke my pinky toe on my little brothers brand new wooden fire truck. I swear to god this year I'm just going to hibernate so nothing bad can happenHadn't even noticed anything about you and netty. Damn. Been here since KOTS, so I think I owe you a very late congratulations: ).

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Kuji Yt Месяц назад Definitely do. Inthelittledream was a lot of fun to watch. Not sure what she's up to nowadays. Georgie Kirk Месяц назад Kuji Yt remember Kaeyi? I had forgotten about her until I found out he was engaged to netty, then I was like WHAT HAPPENED TO KAEYI! Com is usually a good shout and the right people will forward it throughElgu Месяц назад +6 That lapis block looked awesome! I wish I could have gave you something too D - I've been a big fan of you since your Ting Tings Parody of That's Not My Train, you're quite an inspiration and motivator to help me be myself, thanks! : )YOGSCAST Martyn Месяц назад +6 +Elgu of course! It's one of the gifts I cherish most from all my time doing YT. It's up there with the Lapis block I was given at Minecon Vegas: )Just want to take the time to appreciate the amusing way I get a Littlewoods advert in the middle of this videoMarty, I don't think Dan (Nerd8) will want to reboot little 'no cubed, at least after seeing that pop vinyl collection of yours. What with their dead. Lifeless eyes. Georgie Kirk Месяц назад carrotcan776 at least you didn't call him martinGeorgie Kirk Месяц назад Myles McShane he literally reads it out in the videoHe announced on his twitter he isn't doing Christmas ADVENTure this year. Have you tried the Razer Ornata? It's new and still supported and all that, but it's a mechanical-membrane combo that feels like a mechanical keyboard but is very quiet, hardly louder than a membrane. This looks like. A lot of work to setup. O.

O I'd just set up a second computer for the sound processing and record-through. Digital Volume sliders and splitters onscreen of compy6, while games and stream on compy 7. Half of that wiring just vanishes. However. Many people claim they like the physical setups better for one reason or another. (not sure myself but I think most of it is psychological, that having a dedicated physical device somehow makes it better /shrug. Exe )Georgie Kirk Месяц назад Mark Chalmers he reads it in this video. Dammit! The one time i decide to leave a littlewood video for later, and theres giveaways: (It's annoying me that the back wall is still dusty purple. Have a green paint party! 🎅🏼🙏🙃Georgie Kirk Месяц назад Sorry guys, he said he isn't doing it this year. Even though we all wish he didP5D 678 Месяц назад Jowan Trewartha Martyn is spelt with a Y i distinctively remember him raging at someone with it spelt Martin in an older video. Other than that i absolutely agree with your statement. Just letting you know Martyn, Minecraft story mode Episode 9 is overdue as well. That is my favorite thing to watch from you so I'm trying my hardest to wait. All that awesome stuff and I'm just excited about the fact that Martyn has the same phone as me XDI was really poorly so poorly that I wasn't allowed outside. And your videos just made my day and makes me smileYOGSCAST Martyn Месяц назад Hopefully 'was' means you're all better now. Keep smiling! I doubt this hasn't been said, but Martyn is second to no one, in being a Man Child, except Sjin.

Georgie Kirk Месяц назад Mystery Biscuits nope I checked, unless he hasn't told anybody that he moved back, he is living in Canada. Maybe he went on holiday a few years back and just enjoyed it so much he wanted to live thereGeorgie Kirk Месяц назад Mystery Biscuits I'll check, I'm not sure now, last thing I heard he was living there, sorry if I was wrong 😂Mystery Biscuits Месяц назад Georgie Kirk Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Dan only go to Canada for an extended holiday and still lives in the UK, hence the “I’m back from Canada” video, several years back. Georgie Kirk Месяц назад hakuuu sims nerd cubed is called Dan, Dan also moved to Canada and lives with his wife, I imagine doing videos over seas is a little difficult to do too often. I imagine that's partially the reason. Hakuuu sims Месяц назад The developers who created Christmas ADVENTure. Works at minecraft now (i dont know what specifically, think the maps or something), so they got better pay, etc. They did Christmas ADVENTure for free. But don't believe anything I say, this is what I 99. 9% heard in one of Martyn's streams. You should get a white shower curtain to put infront of your light to get smoother lightingWhen you said you were 77 I was like omg what I thought you were like 69Georgie Kirk Месяц назад Me too but I doubt I'll be able to considering I don't ever plan on moving out of Scotland 😂😂Clandrox Месяц назад So keep on hoping and dreaming and maybe you mightClandrox Месяц назад Ultra Strike hell one of there newest members always dreamed of joiningThe excitement in your eyes when you're explaining everything is too cute. You're setup is very interesting. Splitting up the audio from all the different programs for editing purposes is something I've been having issues with. Nice work man! YOGSCAST Martyn Месяц назад +7 There are a few software alternatives like Virtual Audio Cables, Elgato's Sound Capture does a few bits and the same with Shadowplay now too. Obviously hardware is more guaranteed but good luck dude! Amy Mair Месяц назад Will Watson they have been engaged since about September October can't exactly remember no idea how long they have been datingLalita Patel Месяц назад: ( It's not going to happen this year, check twitter for Martin's post 👍 🐦Wahl Flower Месяц назад Not gonna happen this year. Martyn already confirmed it on Twitter. Zantanzuken Месяц назад Double data rate synchronous dynamic random-access memory Hey lomadia You are a disgusting wretch. Majora's Mask 8D The Legend of Zelda:

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