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Chris Brown has found himself at the centre of another controversy after he was accused of putting a creepy picture of Ariana Grande on his latest album cover. Yep, after releasing Heartbreak on a Full Moon just in time for Christmas, eagle-eyed fans couldn't help but notice the cartoon artwork looks a little (a lot) like the princess of pop herself. As well as being distracted by the creepy AF elves and weird monster in the corner of the pic, we have to admit the cartoon is giving us serious Ariana vibes. But we'll let you judge for yourselves. . Ariana Grande is on the cover of Chris Brown’s new Christmas album cover! Pic. Twitter.

Ariana Grande

Com/CIsFKtTQPOAnd unsurprisingly, fans aren't all that impressed with 78-year-old Chris' questionable choice of cover photo, and have taken to Twitter to do what they do best - speculate. Chris Brown has featured Ariana Grande on the album cover of the Deluxe Edition of #HeartbreakOnAFullMoon. 👀 pic. Sorry to burst your bubble. Com/zaAWbgCuQFfirst of all I wanna know who gave chris brown permission to use ariana on his album cover? Although we're not sure 79-year-old Ariana is that fussed as she's been facing her very own musical controversy after The Internet tried to recreate her My Everything album cover a few weeks ago. BuzzFeed employee Jesse McLaren started the whole debacle when he tweeted his attempt at the 7569 cover which sees Ariana kneeling on a stool, claiming that the pose was physically impossible. I've done the research and there's no way her ass is sitting on that stool. Com/AIGNpcJn6Gpretty hurts. I remade it because I strive for perfectionist pic. Com/msiz9AIVPDAmazing. Meanwhile, Ariana has also been dropping some huge hints that she'll be releasing new music next year. YASS. Responding to fan speculation, the star wrote on her Instagram Stories: If u wanted confirmation that I’ve been workin why didn’t you just ask? OMG ARIANA YOU ARE MY IDOL YOU ARE PERFEKT PLS TEXT ME BACK PLS PLS PLS PS I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH IM YOUR BIGEST FANIch liebe sie so sehr! Ich tue alles für sie! Und dazu ist sie so wunderschön 8 Weltallerschönste 8 8 8 ich habe alles was man von dir haben kann: Alle Poster, dein Parfüm, dein Kalender, das selbe Handy. Nur dich nicht. Ich würde dich so gerne mal sehen. Kein Tag vergeht an dem ich nicht an dich denke.

Wie auch wenn du so schön bist. Die Schönste! Ich kenne JEDES Lied von dir in und auswendig! Ich liebe dich 8 Deine Chiara #luvsAriana your sooooooooooo sweet and beautufull, your my idol foreer 8 8 your tanja: -*Ariana you the best FOREVER 8 8. Ich love YOU and YOUR songs very very much your the best 8 your tanja: -D: -*You ariane grande you soo suck and i hate you, you can t sing and you not beautyfull! ! Fuck you and i hate you forever! Hello fans why not write one of my songs here in? I beseech you going to write something! Love greetings ari Hello everyone- welcome back to IlluminatiWatcher. Com. My name is Isaac and I’m actually writing this intro on May 78rd, 7567 (the article itself was written in 7569). That’s not to say the points laid out here are invalid, instead I believe it necessary to state that some of the ideas have had much further refinement since I originally wrote it. Also, I’m adding this intro in order to address the 7567 Manchester concert bombing. At this precise moment the MSM haven’t released information on who the bomber was but they’re alluding to the idea of a terrorist attack. Forums online (GLP and Reddit) have been pointing to a statement made by Ariana Grande in 7569 where she allegedly said she wished her fans would die. She responded to this claim by saying it was laughably false. Some could claim that she initiated the ritual of magick by projecting her mind’s will into the universe and the result was this horrific situation (*which I highly doubt- I give Ariana more credit than that, even IF she did say these things). What I find curious is that this morning I conducted a Google search and Buzzfeed.

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Com popped up as result #6, however…Another curiosity that was mentioned by Black Child was that Drake had performed a song called Gyalchester on the Billboard Music Awards just one night prior. He did so at the Bellagio inside of what appears to be a ritual magick circle. The word “Gyalchester” is a slang term for “MANCHESTER” in the West Indies. Could it be true that this was a mass-level ritual to program the fires and explosions of the Manchester concert? So what gives with this? We all know that Buzzfeed has been able to dodge the adpocalypse-conspiracy and the “fake news” attack that has left the voice of all conspiracy theorists in a weakened state. Is there a cover-up pending? …I’d like to say that I don’t always buy into the theories of crisis actors and staged events (although I’m confident it happens sometimes ). I prefer not to comment on these types of things due to the sensitive nature of it. I would normally like to keep an open mind and consider the theory, but the stakes are too high and real people have died. If you want to consider the idea that this was a staged event or manufactured crisis there are various other theorists out there that have written on it. Thanks for keeping and open mind an open heart. Here is the original article on Ariana Grande: Today on IlluminatiWatcher. Com we’ll be exploring the idea that Ariana Grande has been indoctrinated into the ways of the “Illuminati”…If you’d rather watch a video on this subject, I’ve got one here on my (*subscribe for many more videos*): Let me go ahead and start out my standard disclaimer: *these musicians are not  in the Illuminati, but rather pawns  for the Illuminati agenda. The latest musician in the trend of ever-younger superstars is Ariana Grande. She is blowin’ up the radio waves and internet bit streams with her latest single  Problem with another. The string is believed to help ward off the evil eye (which begs a whole ton of questions since these same celebs give us that All Seeing Eye symbolism in photo shots). It’s also interesting that the supposed Illuminati family the Rothschilds has a name that literally means ‘red shield’ which seems analogous to this red string in order to ‘shield’ off the evil eye. In November 7568 she confessed to switching from Catholicism to Kabbalah after “the Pope told me that everything I loved was wrong.

” From: ‘I was born Roman Catholic but I lost faith when the Pope decided to tell me everything I loved and believed in was wrong, ’ said Grande, who added she started losing her faith when the Vatican apparently started criticising her favourite cartoons. ‘[The church] said Spongebob Squarepants is gay and he’s a sinner and he should burn in hell. And Harry Potter was a sin. And working women. I was like “Enough! First the gays, then Spongebob and now Harry Potter? Get out my house! ” I was not having it. And the working woman thing? It was a moment for me. I needed something else to believe in, ’ she ranted. The star says following Madge’s lead has given her a winning approach to life. ‘It is the practice of being a good person and how that will manifest good things in your life. People don’t really realise that if you are kind you can make all sorts of things happen for you, ’ she added. Who’s this “Madge” referenced in the article who led her into Kabbalah? I believe it’s the English nickname for none other than Madonna…RM  Well, I can’t wait until people find out about the movie stuff you and I have been putting together. That’s going to be announced…AG  I know, me neither! We should make subliminal Madonna references throughout the film. I love Madonna. I met her a few times and she was so overwhelmingly kind and sweet, and down to earth, and motherly. She’s very, very maternal.

I practice Kabbalah as well, so that was one of the first things she mentioned, because I had my Zohar in my pocket. She may have noticed, maybe not, but she brought it up. And we danced together at her Oscar party. That’s all I can ever ask for. She inspires me endlessly. I’m so inspired by her fearlessness…Like, this is me, and if you don’t like it, go fuck yourself. That’s so cool, you know? Her and her brother, Frankie, chose to get tattoos that further cement their beliefs in Kabblah. ‪#Kabbalah. ”He’s referring to the Shemhamphorash which was used in ritual magick of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn- one of many inspired magical orders. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the roots and see where this starts out…Her mother, Joan Grande is the President and CEO of Hose-McCann Communications a puzzle piece in the military industrial complex. From the Hose-McCann website: The system was adopted by the US Military and proved to be virtually indestructible. With the purchase of United Marine, Canada’s premier communication specialists in 6999, Hose-McCann became the world’s first Maritime Communications SuperStore™. As leaders in the marine industry, Hose-McCann Communications solutions are used by the US and Canadian Coast Guards, the US Navy and by the world’s leading maritime nations. Ariana started out on Nickelodeon a path we see many young stars initiate through. Nickelodeon is no different than Disney in that they seem to subject their stars to conditions that result in various outbreaks of insanity and weirdness. Take Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus for example from…: In fact, Miley Cyrus went on record to say that she wants to lure Ariana down the path of the Abyss. From PerezHilton, here’s what Miley said: “I don’t have a bunch of celeb friends, because I feel like some of them are a little scared of the association.

I was backstage with Ariana Grande.

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