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If you re a cute white girl who like Asian guys, leave a comment here! When I was 65 I started modeling. (I m 68 now) I was shocked at all the beatufiful white and black men but never found myself attracted to their I m all that everygirl wants me attitude, when I turned 67 I worked with an older asian man for modeling. He put me up on a pedastal! ! Treated me like i was a queen! His name was paul. I never thought i liked asian guys but now everytime i talk to one i get treated the same way.

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Dont get me wrong i dont abuse the priviledge. But to asian guys who want to date hot little models, treat them well and be patiend with them! We dont get it with other races! 8 8 8 good luck! Em wAji and em intrsted in white girl. . Goto my profile on fb if u like txt me? Asian boys are super cute 🙂 before i stumbled upon this site i thought asian guys didn t really like white girls, good to know haha. Hello megan im asian guy and im also very attracted to white girl like you. How can i meet you? I like white girls because they are easy going. Im Asian and live white girl so much, don t know why? Cinderella? Xxx. I m from uk 57887676756, lets start from good friend! XxxI started loving asian guys after I got into Kpop a few years ago. But I thought I never had a chance to date an Asian guy because I m white. They never showed any interest in me until I said hello to a Korean guy in his language. He was so surprised that he kept talking to me and asked my number. 9 months later and we re still dating ^_^Asian guys white girls like u so come and talk to us we won t bite(hard)hello antonia! I am hoping to meet you soon i am asian guy and im very interested to meet you and im very attractive to white girls.

Hoping to meet youYEAH WHICH COUNTRY YOU ARE FROM? ? CALL ME ON +765977867559, AM ASIAN GUY BUT LIVING IN AFRICA. Im a 65 year-old asian guy and i love white girls. I thnk theyre the best girls in the worldUhh well, that s me in the Asian Boys Are Better Tee, soo guess I m busted? Antonio, what country do you live in? You said there are no Asian guys in your country. Just curious what country you re talking about. Hi antonia. Looking forwardAny single white girl who are interested to date an Asian guy who live in California, msg meMust admit white guys never really appealed to me at all. To slaggy. But when idated my first asian guy got hooked instantly. Even though ive always made friends with them but its a different story when you date some. Love em. I am in NYC to study English, in fact, i am interesting white girl, but i am poor at English, that is why i have never approached white girls. I really want to learn English well, because i am really interesting white girls, white girls are optiministic, friendly and kindness. I want to tell every white girls a fact, asian guys don t approach white girls, sometime, they are just poor at speaking English. I started dating a Laotian guy about four months ago. He s had a crush on me for four years. I was never interested in Asians until I gave him a chance. He s an ex gangbanger who changed his life around and he s sexy as hell.

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I am a white girl. But I must share info, there is a HAWT straight asian male pornstar that tends to lean towards white women but really he loves all races of women. The incredible Keni Styles plus OMG he has an english accent. All asian dudes he is breaking barriers. Chicks, this man is a walking fantasy come true. I am an asian with english accent 🙂 and tan with a six pac haha and I only date white girls 🙂Asian guys (the hot ones) are so much hotter than any other race. I love the dark eyes and dark hair, so damn sexy. I m blonde, so I dunno if its just the difference between us that makes me so attracted to them Do asians like blondes? I had sort of a thing with this one Asian guy a long time ago but it didn t work out. Advice from a white girl just go for her, stop worrying about being rejected, because you may miss your chance. I love blondes and I can say that other Asian guys love blondes as well. I agree you asian guys need to just go for it! I m stuck. Asian girls or white girls. They are both coolAny open minded, funny Asian guys in Poland? I m 79 and I really find Asian guys super cute, especially the Japanese I love Japan and I m learning Japanese language, so I d love to get to know more Japanese guys. Any Japanese living in Poland msg me ^_^I live in Australia and and Asians here still get a few dirty looks lol the stereotypes of Aussies being racist here towards Asians (blame us for Japs attacking Darwin in WW7 and Jap war crimes lol) is true lol it could be the city I live in though (Brisbane) Hey white girls, I m an asian guy in San Diego. Hit me up if you re in the area! Can you upload the link of your pic? I am a Chinese guy who is willing to discuss your confusion. I m from a younger generation so race doesn t really matter to me. But white girls are still so funny.

Lol in a good way of coarseI wouldve never thought that i needed help with dating any race of girls and i still dont. I am just here with my appreciation for beauty. First off, I am a real chinese man and i live on my pride alone, like my warrior ancestors befoe me untiil the 69th century. (not an half ass asian man of the 76st century) and I love the beauty of slavic, nordic, aryan, french, spanish, greek, dutch, scandanavian, arab, north african, east african, and any other races of white ladies that ive laid my eyes on. (the only group ive had problem is anglo as they seem to be the most brainwashed towards asian guys by their respective countries media, aka US and UK) and i will be the best man i can for the women in my life. Secondly, I want to apologize for the weakend state of most Western Asian men in this day and age, as they do not represent true bloods that still have pride in their blood like my homeboys in central china. I grew up in Canada and truend out very different from western asian men and this is a phenomenon i am baffled by, even though my parents and environment always discouraged me, but a real chinese man will not be afraid of conflict, and is too strong for his sorroundings to conquer. I hope I can meet y all in real life as even your posts made my day. (also i wont be commenting on black african and asian girls since this is amwf. )(Also since this dosnt concern asian, latino or black african/central carribean girls i wont be commenting on them. )In truth Asian guys do like white girls, but I think they are for whatever reason reluctant or maybe a bit scared to talk to you white girls. I know I use to be like that, but now I m not I just stopped caring about being scared, now my current girlfriend is white. Girls if there s an Asian guy you like, go ask him out be like Jessica who made the first move! I am a 67 year old blonde, and i am currently dating a asian guy. He is the first asian guy i ve dated, and the best boyfriend that i have had so far! He told me that i was also his first white girlfriend, due to him being shy, but it was mainly the stereotypes of how he heard asian guys dont stand a chance with white girls. I agree with all of you, stating that the young generations dont really care about race anymore! Of course there are cute Asian guys who are not small but Asian guys are often conservative what i read here does not tally with what you read elsewhere ASian girls saying why they prefer white guys. Many Asian guys want a white girl to integrate and yes get a green card. The idea that Asian men are more respectful and the like is a generaliZation. You are just as likely to find a feminine childish Asian But they do have great asses and if you like smooth guys then they are more likely to be smooth but most of the comments here are by rice queens Being an Asian guy, (Korean) I have dated a lot of different race of women and had many different experience in life.

Growing up from the Mediterranean Ocean, I grew to learn different cultures and customs most people have never had. Times have changed where color issues are starting to fade in certain places and to certain breed of people of course. My last g/f for 5 years as found someone new, she always dated Asian guys in her life but I guess she came to her senses and decided she wanted a white guy. It s for the best since she s white. The moral of my post is, it should not matter who you are, what your color is or what your temporary phase in attraction is. Do your home work on what is there to know about learning about another cultured person you wish to date, learn cope, adapt, cooperate, love, respect one another and their families. I ve loved asian culture since i was little, so when i started liking guys (and girls) asians were infinitly more attractive to me. My first bf was white, but it was shit and everyother guy i ve dated has been asian and its been amazing. So whenever i go to the asian clubs, im a little slutty 😛 its just finding guys that like white girlsIs there a mobile version or mobile website for Asian guys and non Asian girls? I use to check out heyai. Com but that site got close down. Now there just a forum (hey-ai. Com) that is left but there no mobile version for that. I m just looking for something to do on my phone. There Mocospace but the chat room there got a bunch of crazies. I m an Asian guy and I ve had a crush on this white girl for almost a year. She used to sit in the table across me in the classroom. It was 7 semesters ago. I would see her looking at me at times, and when I looked back at her she would quickly turn away. When I would hold the door for her, she would look down. I thought maybe she had a crush on me, but I just felt too undesirable to believe it was true.

I remember the last day of class before the semester ended, I was going to ask her out. She looked especially pretty that day. It almost seemed like she was dressing up to attract me. We locked eyes that day, but I was too shy to say anything to her.

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