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If you re a cute white girl who like Asian guys, leave a comment here! When I was 65 I started modeling. (I m 68 now) I was shocked at all the beatufiful white and black men but never found myself attracted to their I m all that everygirl wants me attitude, when I turned 67 I worked with an older asian man for modeling. He put me up on a pedastal! ! Treated me like i was a queen! His name was paul. I never thought i liked asian guys but now everytime i talk to one i get treated the same way.

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Dont get me wrong i dont abuse the priviledge. But to asian guys who want to date hot little models, treat them well and be patiend with them! We dont get it with other races! 8 8 8 good luck! Em wAji and em intrsted in white girl.

Goto my profile on fb if u like txt me? Asian boys are super cute 🙂 before i stumbled upon this site i thought asian guys didn t really like white girls, good to know haha. Hello megan im asian guy and im also very attracted to white girl like you. How can i meet you? I like white girls because they are easy going.

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Im Asian and live white girl so much, don t know why? Cinderella? Xxx. I m from uk 57887676756, lets start from good friend! XxxI started loving asian guys after I got into Kpop a few years ago.

But I thought I never had a chance to date an Asian guy because I m white. They never showed any interest in me until I said hello to a Korean guy in his language. He was so surprised that he kept talking to me and asked my number. 9 months later and we re still dating ^_^Asian guys white girls like u so come and talk to us we won t bite(hard)hello antonia! I am hoping to meet you soon i am asian guy and im very interested to meet you and im very attractive to white girls.

Hoping to meet youYEAH WHICH COUNTRY YOU ARE FROM? ? CALL ME ON +765977867559, AM ASIAN GUY BUT LIVING IN AFRICA. Im a 65 year-old asian guy and i love white girls. I thnk theyre the best girls in the worldUhh well, that s me in the Asian Boys Are Better Tee, soo guess I m busted?

Antonio, what country do you live in?

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