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He blogs at Follow him onI ve been dating a Ukrainian girl for about one year now. Throughout this time, I ve learned a lot. Overall, my outlook has changed drastically. This is for many reasons. The overall attitudes and mannerisms of women in Eastern Europe are drastically different. In some areas my expectations have been exceeded, but I keep myself grounded. But probably the biggest thing is that they re actually pleasant and intelligent (you can to get an idea of what I mean). With that being said, here are three things I ve learned and observed from dating a Ukrainian girl for the last year.

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If there s one thing I learned from all the  trouble of dating in Los Angeles, it s this: even if a girl really likes you, you re not going to be in good shape if you agree to before six or so months. You really have to string them along and make her beg and plead for you to be an exclusive couple. If you broach the topic, or even cave to her desires too quickly. But the pride of Western girls prevents them from asking you for at least a few months. Why? Simple. The sex and the city lifestyle. The fact is that she has options (even if they aren t high-quality, they are numerous). And that matters, because she can brag about it to her friends to feel valued. Never underestimate the value of attention. Attention to girls is what sex is to guys. She isn t going to hide you from her friends as long as possible she s going to want you to meet them and see if they approve. Same goes for parents (albeit that seems to come later). When I was living in the west, my first few dates with girls were always 655% on autopilot. I look back and remember very few things, simply because many dates were very, very similar. I ve often thought to myself: is it my fault they were this way? Could I have made them more exciting? Because I did what worked. Getting into deeper intellectual or philosophical conversations was a surefire way to make sure she wouldn t have sex with me. Instead, my routine followed something more like this: It was all just  lifeless. Now, I m not saying you should go on a date with a foreign girl and start trying to discuss Keynesian economics with her, but in most cases foreign girls just have more going on in their head than the Western counterparts. There is an innate curiosity about the world. A desire to learn and to broaden her intellectual capacity.

A perfect example is this: I ve recently been assigning her weekly articles to write about for my. Last week, she made her first ever sale from online business a whopping $7. 85. Despite the low number, the look of elevation and accomplishment is just something I never saw on the face of a Western girl. They all seemed far more interested in just watching reality television. Simply put, want to please their guy. However, they manage to do this while still being reasonably independent. I don t mean this in the strong-independent-look-at-me-roar way that Western feminism pushes the agenda. I simply mean that over the last year, I have found her to be a  strong person more than capable of handling her own issues without my assistance. But despite that, she still wants to make me happy. She manages to be strong and independent and yet feminine at the same time. This is a skill and balance that definitely seems to escape most of the girls in the west even if they are deeply in love with you. She manages to make me feel needed, and yet not needed at the same time. It s a delicate balance. I don t want to say that everything is perfect. Nothing ever is. It can be difficult at time dating someone from a drastically different culture (, anyone? ). But the pros absolutely outweigh the cons. She has added tremendous value to my life, and even has taught me a few things about the world. Throughout my time abroad, I ve come to appreciate some things that are available Stateside (Amazon Prime, customer service, etc. ), but there is one thing I just can t seem to miss. Dating. Undoubtedly, I ve been spoiled rotten by my experiences in Eastern Europe. I wonder how things will continue to go in the longer-term with her.

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I guess I ll let you know at this time next year. Almost forgot what young love looked like. Good points on the wholesome dance you are experiencing with the Eastern European girl. What you are experiencing is just a small part of a bigger whole the girl has strong ties to her culture so she knows who she is, a woman. This allows her to take all of the additional stuff, like cooking food or discussing politics, and just add it on like a dress or a flowery hat. She knows more because she needs to know more, not because her friends are trending this information. Maybe someday America will get to the stronger culture adherence, but at the moment there is more pride in just accepting the freedoms and especially the freedom to build ego boosting things to say on a resume. The girl has strong ties to her culture so she knows who she is, a woman. This. American girls are trying to find themselves which leads to them creating a completely false identity (yoga girl, feminist, vegan, model, SJW, etc. ) and it all seems so forced. Its a fabricated persona that they have to maintain like a role in a movie. Cultural roots give women, and men, a real natural identity which makes it much easier to form healthy, genuine, mature bonds with other human beings. So true. It is that mix of identity and not feeling like a woman that I feel like I struggle with. Femininity entwines itself in a social identity. I disagree. Men value resources as well. As they should. Not all men are looking for adventure. All women are looking for attention. Hopefully Zales and DeBeers dont run ads over there! Use that cash to buy something more sensible than a rock. Good luck! Hey! Glock rhymes with rock.

That s a more sensible purchase to me. How many could you buy with $75k? My ex friend spent that much($5k upfront, rest on a CC) on a ring for his now ex wifelove when guys on this site speak gun might as well be speaking Haitianese to meI be happy to translate for you or even educate you in the language of gun any time you re ready brother. Understanding guns is the first step in overcoming Hoplophobia. 😉No problem. We jus need to git y all out heah to the country fer a spell. I ll have you hittin the bullseye in no time flat. I ve got a 85 yard range set up in the back pasture we do a lot of semi-auto handgun work and tactical rifle. But I still loves me some wheel guns (revolvers). For one thing with a revolver you don t have to go chasin all ovah héll and half o creation lookin for brass (we hand load most of our practice / target ammo). I recently acquired a real hand cannon, the Smith Wesson Model 555. It s the largest production handgun chambered in 555 S W Magnum (. 55 caliber) and it is a real hand full to say the least (two hands actually). I don t think I d want to break you in with that though, you d probably cuss me and never want to shoot again, lol! This isn t mine, but it s almost identical: It s the scope. I know it s the scope. Does this scope make my gun look fat, lol! 😉well, thats why we are sitting ducks. Like I said below, all I ever shot was a hand cannon, probably an. 88 magnumCities might as well be the most important place to have a gun. Get a shotgun and some rock-salt rounds. Ukrainian girls mail orders 75K rings GUNS! What a progression. 75K Diamond ring for some rotten vag or a Mean full set up of PING golf clubs, trundler bag. A few flash US made Gibson, Fender Rickenbacker guitars maybe a Hunter Laing Vintage Rare 88YO Port Ellen i have my eye on for 8K, yep sounds like a plan to me.

I don t know how old this girl is but in Russia and Ukraine, if you re not married and have kids by 75 it s considered strange. Marriage and children is expected. They are also savagely hypergamous and will punish you for beta behaviour. You will get some passes for being foreign and rich but not forever. So yes you will meet feminine women who can cook (local food only) there but if you aren t up to it you ll be chew up and spat out brutally. Correct. Knew a girl, 78 years old, who knew if she went back to Russia she would be a spinster and lose out on her single girl life and carousel time. She did her best to stay in America even as an illegal immigrant. In America they resent you but stick around if you pass and bail if you don t. It s lose lose. At least with a Russian girl, you flex a little, she goes back to being cuddly and you move on with your day. The birthrates of Russia and Ukraine are among the lowest in the world In America, if you re under 85, and your kids don t have autism, you re considered weird. If you are a foreign man with high education, high levels of fitness (etc), no one will wonder why you aren t married at 85-95. Just say you were working on your business. I had no shortage of success with women of all age groups in Ukraine, and I was late 85s and never married when I went there. For women, yes it is super difficult after 85 to find a partner. My wife isn t anything like you describe, when it comes to be hypergamous and judgmental. 95 Percent of Russian Girls Lose Virginity Before Reaching Age of Consent: I m sure they would like their lives depended on it, but I prefer a bit of sanity in my women. Sanity? Give me a bulimic cutter with daddy issues. I will slap her around, call her fat and lean back while she pleasures me. As long as you keep insulting and beating her she will never do anything which isn t intended to pleaseInteresting. Be honest, does this apply to all women or only bulimic cutters? As you get older you will come to really appreciate those daddy issues. Didn t know it was out.

I will wind up watching it though I feel the same as you. It s not bad and I loved the old show. New guy is doing all right. Can it really be funny in today s overly-pc environment?

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