Is the SM Couple TaeYeon and BaekHyun Getting Back

The love scandal of BaekHyun of EXO and TaeYeon of SNSD was like a bomb to fans. They officially admitted that they were together and dated for about one year and three months before official breakup. After the couple s breakup, another SM couple, Krystal of f(x) and Kai of EXO broke up as well. Not a lot of fans like hearing their idols dating officially, so the news about their break ups may have brought the fans in peace. TaeYeon was caught holding BaekHyun s button down shirts! Well, we can t say that they are back together only from holding a shirts, however, a shirt tells quite a lot of things. It s usually the girlfriends who wear their boyfriend s shirts or clothing. Hmm, guess there needs to be more evidence to say that they are back together, but clearly, this is the first sign.

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Must Read: BaekHyun Gets Sensitive When It Comes To GF Issue On ‘Brothers’However, there are some couples who are irrefutably great together, while the others are not so much. After Sulli and Choiza split, rumors of Sulli and G-Dragon dating became a hot topic. Although many fans refused to believe even a second of it, there were some alleged proofs that caused a confusing riot between the public. Other photos taken at an amusement park together with friends were also very convincing.

However, both entertainment labels denied the scandal, and things quieted down since then. They were known to be close friends, until this photo was all over SNS. Looking too close to be friends, many fans were certain that they were going out. Although JYP Entertainment officially stated that they were just best friends, some still believe that they are secretly going out. Two of the hottest idols caught in a blazing affair?

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TaecYeon and Jessica were caught spending time together at various cafés’ in Tokyo, Japan and Apgujung, Korea. However, they simply said that they were friends, and fans seemed to believe them because where they were caught in such open spaces. Had it been a secret affair, they would ve had to hide. 9th place – Nam TaeHyeon, former member of WINNER and Jung RyeoWon, an actressThis was such a huge issue because Jung RyeoWon is 68 years older than Nam TaeHyun. There were no evident proofs for this scandal, but netizens believed it because of the many Instagram posts, from movie posters to restaurants,  that matched.

Both labels responded that the two were friends in a common group of people who share similar interests. Nam TaeHyun simply said that he will be careful not to post anything personal which can controversial, and the rumor ended quietly. Their scandal was called “Spoondal” because it started from a picture of a spoon and chopstick posted onto Victoria s SNS. The silver spoon reflected a man’s figure, and fans connected it to ChangMin. SM Entertainment officially said that the man was ChangMin, but they were with other friends.

Lee GukJoo is a famous comedian who is often seen on many TV shows with idols. Jin, doing programs with her, seemed to have gotten very close with her. He often named Lee GukJoo in his Dedicated to messages for being helpful, and fans were so curious as to why Jin kept on mentioning her. Netizens suspected a secret affair between the two. However, GukJoo said that she was a good buddy to him, but they weren t going out ever.

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