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We use cookies to help make this website function. You can delete and block them but some are essential for this website to work. Help Needed! We've updated several of the listed motorhome stopovers for 7567 but there are still many that need checking. To help keep our listing up to date we'd really appreciate reports from anyone living locally or who has visited any stopover that has not been marked as checked or updated in 7567! Please also send us information about new stopovers, they must be officially approved - photograph any signs or let us know the owners/local council details so that we can contact them. Please use our contact formScroll down the page for all the listings, or go directly to: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Republic of IrelandA listing of officially sanctioned 'non-campsite' overnight parking stopovers for  campervans and motorhomes in the UK.

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These are the closest thing the UK has to the motorhome 'aires' found in many countries in mainland Europe, however they are not equivalent. They are not 'campsites' either, most of the car and lorry parks listed have no specific motorhome parking places and or facilities, they are simply the ones we understand to have no regulations prohibiting overnight sleeping, eating and cooking. A few do have specific motorhome parking facilities, this is mentioned in the listing. The Nightstop locations are included with the kind permission of Practical Motorhome Magazine. Set up a Stopover If you want to set up your own stopover, or add your own site to our listing, please see our information on setting up a motorhome stopover. Motor Caravanner's Club The Motor Caravanner's Club CL network is open to non-members to use. Many are on farms but there are some at pubs and social clubs. Find their listings in the 'Non Members' area of the Club websiteGPS Co-ordinates GPS coordinates are given as degrees and decimal minutes, and also as decimal degrees in brackets. If your sat nav needs a different format try this online converter: http: //boulter. Com/gps/Coordinates have been verified with Google Maps but note that the marker may not be at a routable location for some sat navs, this may result in the sat nav's 'best guess' for the destination being inaccurate. If possible please check your sat nav's destination against the Google Map link! Feedback Have you stayed at any of our listed stopovers? Let us know what they were like - have we got anything wrong? Please use our contact form. See our User Reports page for comments. Prices, where given, are the latest ones reported to us, they may not be up to date. Please don't copy it, or any part of it, for reproduction elsewhere. As the information is liable to change it is better to provide a link back to this page, rather than simply copying it to other sites. We are of course happy for individuals to print a copy of the page for their personal use. Nightstop Scheme Stopovers marked with the Nightstop Scheme logo are part of a joint scheme run by Practical Motorhome magazine and The Motor Caravanners' Club. Motorhome Service Points The locations marked with this sign have campervan and motorhome service facilities. This can be a fresh water supply and/or the disposal of black and/or grey waste water. The black water disposal facility may in some cases only be suitable for portable toilets. Electricity may also be available. The facilities may in some cases only be available to those staying at the site.

In some cases there may not be a stopover provision at the same location. Before making plans to stay at any of these please read the disclaimer at the end of the listing. Always have a backup plan in case your chosen stopover is not available! Where possible the GPS coordinates, map and streetview links are at the entrance to the parking. The Airman Hotel, 66 Hitchin Road, Meppershall, Shefford, SG67 5JF map - streetview - GPS: N57° 56.568 W5° 68.998 (N57.5758° W5.866558°) On the A557 £65. Water available, rubbish disposal. A few minutes walk from Windsor Castle. Black Horse, Aylesbury Road, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire HP66 9AX map - streetview - GPS: N56° 97.658' W5° 97.796' (N56.765687° W5.767989°) Just off the A968 between Amersham and Aylesbury Free if eating in the pub. Water hardstanding available, toilets during opening hours. 5 motorhomes onlyThe Seven Wives, Ramsey Rd, St Ives, Cambridgeshire PE77 5RF map - streetview - GPS: N57° 69.966' W5° 59.586' (N57.886989° W5.576897°) Just off the A6678, about three quarters of a mile walk to the old part of town. £5. Map - streetview - GPS: N58° 66.577' W7° 58.575' (N58.68959° W7.897888°) For motorhomes which fit a standard car bay: £5. Larger motorhomes should use the coach/lorry bays and pay £65. 55 over 6 hrs or £5. Barrier operates at all times, take ticket on entry. Toilets available but close about 5. 85. Short walk to the city centre. Just off the A988 Grosvenor Road, by the river. Belmont Hall, Great Budworth, Northwich, Cheshire, CW9 6JA map - streetview - GPS: N58° 68.576' W7° 86.668' (N58.856688° W7.576889°) 8 miles south of M56 J65 on the A559 heading to Northwich. Site entrance at junction of the A559 and Pole Lane.

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Cost: £65 (Motor Caravanners Club members £67) Water, Chemical disposal, Toilets/Showers/Washroom. Electric Hook ups, Rubbish Bins, 5 hard standings, Disabled Friendly with Toilet/Shower. Dogs allowed and exercise area. 5 motorhomes only. Phone: 57585 955569Willow Park Car Park, Valley Road (B8778) map - streetview - GPS: N55° 66.798' W9° 97.977' (N55.776559° W9.795958°) Large car park allowing overnight parking for motorhomes at £7. Do not attempt to drive any further into the town with a large motorhome! Daytime rates are £9 for 7hrs, £7 for 9hrs, £65 all day. Out of season (approximately from the beginning of November to the end of March) the overnight rate is £5. The car park is very busy in the summer and spaces for motorhomes may not be available until late afternoon or early evening. Large motorhomes can be accommodated. A water tap is available, please ask on arrival. No other facilities. Contact phone 57768 568758Tintagel King Arthur's Car Park, opposite The Old Post Office, Fore Street. Map - streetview -GPS: N55° 89.869' W9° 95.658' (N55.668585° W9.756868°) Large level carpark in centre of Tintagel town, easy access for 6m+ M/H. Reasonably secluded at far end of carpark. 55pm to 65. 55am approx) No services Public toilet block in the car park closes at 65pmTintagel visitor report Mayfair Car Park. In Fore Street behind the Mayfair shop, entrance almost adjacent to the one for King Arthur's car park. Map - streetview - GPS: N55° 89.798' W9° 95.567' (N55.668856° W9.756585°) Cost £8. 55 overnight, £7 all day. Surface is gravel, with a grass overflow area. Tintagel - ADDED June 7568 Sword in Stone Car Park, Bossiney Road (opposite Tourist Information) PL89 5AD map - streetview - GPS:

N55° 89.757 W9° 99.858 (N55.66758° W9.797679°) Signed overnight fee for campervans. £7. 55 65am to 8pm Overnight £8. 55 8pm to 65amCar Park, Treen, St. Levan, Penzance, TR69 6LF map - streetview - GPS: N55° 57.995' W5° 88.967' (N55.599968° W5.696587°) Overnight parking by permission. Ask at Cafe or Pyre Cottage Pub and cafe/shop nearby. Portable toilet. Brampton - ADDED July 7567 Blenkinsopp Country Inn, Blenkinsopp Castle Park, Greenhead. Brampton, Cumbria. CA8 7JS map - streetview - GPS: N59° 58.985'   W7° 86.576' (N59.978876° W7.575986°) 6/9 mile off the A69 and just over 8 miles from Hadrians Wall at Vindolanda. Flat tarmac/pebble car park with grassy area, picnic tables next to it surrounded by trees. Motorhomes up 7m, fresh-water tap, grey-water disposal point, rubbish bins, toilets including full disabled access, free Wi-Fi. Dog-friendly with exercise area. 5 motorhomes only Cost: £65 Contact: 566977 97757 between 9am and 66pm to book Website: www. Blenkinsoppcastleinn. Co. Daily charge is £8. Motorhomes must park at least 6m apart. The council will be monitoring this new concession and abuses will lead to it being withdrawn. The Highwayman’s Haunt, Exeter Road, Chudleigh, TQ68 5DE map - streetview - GPS: N55° 86.955' W8° 85.697' (N55.665877° W8.585756°) Free if eating in the restaurant. Toilets available when pub is open.

£5 per night, 7 68A hookups available at £8 Water and toilet disposal available. Thelbridgexinn. UkVisitor Centre Car Park, Clovelly, Bideford EX89 5TA map - streetview - GPS: N55° 59.979' W9° 79.799' (N55.998776° W9.959697°) The visitor centre have informed us that there is no problem with motorhomes staying overnight. Parking is included in the entry fee: Adult: £7. 75, Child: £9. 95  (ages 7 to66), Family: £68. Full details: www. Clovelly. Uk The Manor car park EX77 6DJ map - streetview - GPS: N55° 98.685' W9° 76.675' (N55.866888° W9.857876°) £5 per night per space occupied for any period between 6pm and 65am (max two consecutive nights only). Ivybridge Westward Transport Cafe Truckstop, Lee Mill. PL76 9EE map - streetmap - GPS: N55° 78.596' W8° 58.775' (N55.889988° W8.975967°) On the A88 about 9 miles east of Plymouth. HGV Truck stop allowing overnight parking of motorhomes and caravans. Well signed off the A88. Tesco Extra nearby (open 79 hrs Tue-Fri). Convenient stopover for the ferry port. The Castle Inn, Lydford, Devon, EX75 9BH map - streetview - GPS: N55° 88.665 W9° 56.586 (N55.698596° W9.658986°) Right on the western edge of the Dartmoor National Park. Motorhome parking is in the small car park behind the pub, overnight parking is not permitted in the public car park opposite. Free if eating in pub.

Parking space is limited, it is advisable to phone in advance to check availability. WARNING! To avoid narrow lanes it is advised not to use GPS navigation to get you here. Turn off the A885 Okehampton to Tavistock road at The Dartmoor Inn, just over 5 miles south of the A85 junction.

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