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And about how I had all of this cool data that showed that there were actually more single men in New York, and they were probably just hiding indoors playing video games? And that other time I showed how I was, and that Manhattan is nothing but an island-nation of nothing but women? Now it s time to take a look at the other half of the puzzle: the ratio of single men to single women in the San Francisco Bay Area. Note: This is all fiercely heteronormative, and I m sorry about that, but such is the by the US Census Bureau. If you d like to see a hilarious side effect of this, scroll down to the last image. Please, have at this map.

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Use the age range sliders to get it to an area that s meaningful to you, I ve started it off at 75-89. Singles ratios for ages 75-89: The streets of San Francisco are paved with menOoookay, that s a lot of single men. Very much the opposite of what we, where the core of Manhattan was primarily single women. And yes, this map doesn t account for sexuality at all, so there are plenty of men in those blue zones with zero interest in women. Right over the bay, Oakland mixes it up a bit while Berkeley is a nice little gender melting pot. Again, race might play an issue here last time we found that African-American communities seemed to have a higher percentage of single women, and the splits might be helped along by racial divides (Oakland [female] is more black, while Alameda [male] is more white/Asian). It doesn t line up as much on the east side, though, so take that with a grain of salt. We can zoom out a bit further to include the Bay in its complete glory: I don t know what to say except  the Bay Area is full of single men. What can we do about it? Just move Manhattan into the middle of the Bay? I, sadly, don t have answers for you. Sunnyvale, San Jose and Mountain View come up about even between single men and single women, while San Mateo is piles upon piles of single men and Fremont looks as blue as a perfect day at the seashore. I know absolutely nothing about the West Coast, so I m going to need your help with my analysis. Comment below, or  to let me know your incredibly astute (I m certain of it! ) observations. What I lack in modern-day knowledge, though, I made up for in old maps. Here s a from a 6895 Census Atlas: Pink is women in excess, the ruddy, brutish reddish-brown is extra men. If you re straight, single, and looking for love, my best advice might just be to  go buy a plane ticket. Or, wait it out! If you read up on the age issues on my, you d find that once all the men get old and die off, it s nothing but single women all across America.

This was the issue that caused the original trouble, though: when you organize things at the level of an entire city (and its surrounding suburbs), you miss out on the nuance that breaks the heart of every single woman in New York City. Playing around with the age ranges for the Bay Area, I set it to 55-69 and found a map that just plain made me giggle. While the rest of the world has decayed into a land of unmarried, widowed women, San Francisco stays forever true. This is one instance where you can probably see from space. Tomorrow s treat: a  nationwide singles map, hop on our to be sure you don t miss it! Unfortunately we ladies in the Bay Area have a saying about the straight male dating pool: The odds are good, but the goods are odd. If you have more of a superficial fashionista/cheerleader/queen bee type personality, then you won t like most of the guys in SF and they won t like you (at least not for anything long term). Reminds me of a saying my friends and I have about sorority girls: You can take the girl out of the sorority but you can t take the sorority out of the girl. You nailed it Mike the guys in the bay area are looking for bookworms they can have in depth conversations with. If only there were fewer models walking the streets so we can all find those deep women to bond with. No guy in his right mind would pick what s in SF over what s in NY, LA, Austin or pretty much any city on the face of this earth. The women in SF are atrocious. They are either super career driven and looking for somebody that makes them look good by having tech/old money clout or they are daddy s girls. In both regards, let s call them entitled. If you are a guy, unless you are an elite or delusional you will not be happy. And if you work your way to elite status from nothing you will still not be happy as you will find the accompanying substance (both man and woman) lacking in human decency. LOL! Couldn t agree more with the guy above. As single SF man, I am so frustrated with all the gorgeous models here.

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If only the masses of supermodels could take their stunning looks and bodies. And take it somewhere else. Then we could have our homely bookworms back. Fewer prom queens. More math decathlon queens. What a breath of fresh air that would be. Thank you! Here there are a bunch of people who are fake but try to act like they are real and down to earth, plus the way me and my friends are treated they want you to come to them, they won t take you out but surely fuck you, and that superficial shit is real they will cheat on you with a prettier girl so if you think this place is genuine, fuck that, you don t know the bayI grew up in the Bay Area and live in SF. I am 88 and have never been asked out on a date. I ve managed to convince a few guys to go out with me online. I think I m about average looking and I have an advanced degree so I don t think it s me I literally go for months at a time without seeing a single guy my age. Where are they all hiding? I guess you are extremely picky or aren t putting yourself out there? I commute from Danville to Palo Alto, and that whole stretch is just a sausage party, especially in Dublin/Pleasanton/Livermore. I m a youngish guy who moved to the Bay Area from NYC. I don t think I ve seen as many young really good looking guys in a city as I have in SF. It s like an Abercrombie casting call. Also the landed gentry here seem to have a ton of money. That said, it can be a great place for single ladies, but lousy place for single guys (unless you re a gay). Except for a few parts of the city, women here don t really seem to care so much about their looks, but the ones that do get a lot of male attention. Unless I make my first million in the next 6 months, I ll be getting out of here ASAP. NYC was more affordable. Your geometry file (sf-zcta5.

I think that a lot of the gender unbalance in the Bay Area has to do with the Tech industry. With a long history of discrimination of women in STEM fields, most high-paying tech jobs go to men who come from all over the world to work in Silicon Valley and the rest of the Bay Area. I m a decently successful, physically fit, highly social and at least okay-looking SF guy (attorney / mid-85s). Have a ton of single friends here (girls guys). And know the SF dating scene very well. Like climate change, many have long denied our city s inconvenient truth. Unequivocally, the SF dating pool is tilted in women s favor. Regardless of how you feel about it articles like these are finally confirming what we locals already knew. This is not to rag on SF women. To be clear, SF women are almost without exception highly educated, sharp, successful and doing interesting stuff. No doubt. The problem is the imbalance severely reduces their competition. In many ways they are similar to my NYC male friends (who have veritable harems of women at their disposal). Faced with an abundance of options and underwhelming competition, they tend to be more dismissive of the men they meet and care less about their own appearance. Coffee Meets Bagel test. After switching my app location from SF to NYC I had 69 interested women in 8-9 days (folks, this is a 6-a-day app! ). In SF, this would take me 8-9 months. Tinder test. In SF I don t even use Tinder, which yields (maybe), 7 matches a week. Bad matches at that. In Washington, DC, I reinstalled it just for fun and was blowing up like a prom queen. A match every 75-85 min.

Good matches, too. In LA, I have 7-8x as many dating options as I do here even though I spend just a fraction of my time there. In NYC, there are more dating options than you can even pursue. Female friends here actually joke about the ridiculously over-the-top dates they are able to get (how many Teslas can I get picked up in this week, they ask). The same girls will fully admit that they were basically average looking in whatever town they last lived in, and this only happens here. More than once, an NYC girl visiting SF has remarked to me how much better and fitter the guys in SF look. More than once, an NYC girl visiting SF has remarked to me how much better the girls in NYC look comparatively and how much more of an effort they put into their fashion and appearance. The girls in SF are average at best. Don t get me wrong, there are lots of beautiful women but they are like that IG vixen, unicorns you can only look at from afar. The barriers to entry are high here. It s due to the nature of living in the Bay Area. If you are educated, live in the City, work out, and travel, then you are average. I can echo DG s sentiments above. I get matches, I go on dates. But whenever I travel, it s like night and day. It s almost like I have to put in 5 effort to meet girls in other cities, it s almost laughable if it wasn t so tragic that eventually I d have to return back to the SF Bay Area. PS all this talk of poor ratios, singledom and musical chairs be a real downer at times. But I d like to add a positive note here. If you can afford to live in SF or NYC, you can afford to travel. And living in a tough dating market is actually good for you. It makes you stronger. Competition is healthy. As Eric mentions above.

In SF being a successful, physically fit, well-traveled and interesting guy doesn t do much for you. It makes you average.

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