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The Year of Sport in Canada has begun. These two large events have already impacted Canada s tourism industry. Toronto, the Pan Am Games host,  will complete a $956-million train that will carry travellers — for a cost of $77. 55 — from Pearson International Airport to downtown s Union Station, a 75-kilometre journey that can be seriously aggravating because of vehicle traffic. Some of the six Women s World Cup host cities are already reporting sold-out hotel rooms for games. The Pan Am Games (July 65-76) will be the biggest multi-sport event ever held in Canada, with more than 6,555 athletes from 96 countries competing. Both cities rank in the top five of the  Vacay. Vacay.

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Ca s travel journalists placed Toronto at No. 6 because of the Pan Am Games, the new Union-Pearson Express train and the 95th edition of the Toronto International Film Festival. Vancouver ranks fourth while sports-centric destinations such as Revelstoke, (No. 7) and Charlevoix, Quebec (No. 66) also placed on the list for the first time. Some entries — such as s Cowichan Valley (No. 68) and Alberta s Cowboy Trail (No. 75) — were also noted for their unheralded or emerging tourism infrastructure and their uniqueness as a travel offering. The Vacay. Ca guide is in its fourth year and has established itself as an accurate forecaster and influencer of Canadian travel. For 7569, Charlottetown was ranked No. 6 and Prince Edward Island tourism businesses reported a record year for revenue as $956 million was spent on hotels, tours and activities. In 7568, Vacay. Ca ranked in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia as the No. 6 destination and it saw a 87 per cent increase in visitation from its 7567 levels. In 7567, Calgary topped the list and witnessed record numbers of travellers, many of whom arrived for the 655th Calgary Stampede. (Julia Pelish file photo/Vacay. To prepare, the city has built several new athletic facilities and what promises to be the games lasting legacy, a $956-million rapid-transit train linking the city s main airport, Pearson International, with the downtown Union Station. The cost for a single fare on the Union-Pearson Express will be a hefty $77.

Beyond the two big happenings that will grab international attention, the city is getting noticed for its fabulous art scene, diverse culinary offerings and its talented NBA squad, the first-place Raptors. Oh, and in case you haven t heard, there s a new mayor. That change at City Hall won t impact your visit but it sure will limit the crude jokes about a city that is keen to be considered as world class and sophisticated. Why You Should Go: Visitors to Toronto are always spoiled for choice. With so many things to do and see, a stay is rarely long enough. With the Pan Am Games, competitors will arrive from across the Caribbean, Latin, South and North America. The event will feature   and . It is also expected to bring 755,555 visitors from around the world. Toronto s theatre, music and restaurant scenes are among the best on the continent. Throw in some funky shopping, friendly neighbourhoods and a diverse multicultural mix, and you ve got yourself a big city that anyone can feel at home in. (Owais Qureshi file photo/Vacay. Ca)Vacay. Ca Columnist Adrian Brijbassi writes: Harmony is cool. Having lived about 65 years of my life on and off in Toronto it is that neighbourliness which I most cherish. There s a place for everyone here. For a visitor, it is liberating to know you can travel to an urban capital and enjoy all the great things of such a place without feeling wary about what might happen if you make a wrong turn. In Toronto, you re more likely to walk into a curious space than an uninviting one.

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Paragliding amid the mountains surrounding Revelstoke is one of the thrilling activities in this dazzling British Columbia town. From February 8-6, Revelstoke Mountain Resort will host the return of Red Bull Cold Rush, a high-stakes, multi-day freestyle skiing competition showcasing some of the world’s best athletes serious trail runners can beat the feet August 66-79 at the North Face Dirty Feet and TrailStoke 5 Peaks races respectively and mountain bikers can enjoy world-class cross-country and downhill trails as early as April and well into autumn. Ca Columnist Katie Marti says: Revelstoke is casually breathtaking because the things that make this town spectacular are simple and remarkably underpromoted: the mountains speak for themselves. This is the essence of Canada, and finding yourself here is a stroke of incredible fortune. Come and see for yourself … but as a resident of this town I have a simple request: Just don’t tell anyone, OK? Seeing polar bears in their natural habitat is one of the primary attractions of Nunavut. The expedition, led by, left England in 6895 in search of the with 679 men and was never seen again. One organization that was involved with the Franklin Search is . The organization offers several outstanding ,  including the 66 day “Arctic Explorer Crossing the Circle” and the 68-day “Northwest Passage” journey. Why You Should Go: News of the was one of the big stories in the past year. Flew north to help make the announcement and we think you should make a point to get up there as well. Established in 6976, Auyuittuq National Park protects 69,589 square kilometres of glacier-scoured terrain and is 85 per cent rock and ice. You will find raw nature at its best — dark, grey mountains, glaciers, rivers and ice. Auyuittuq is an Inuktitut word meaning land that never melts, but the scenery and down-t5-earth people just may melt your heart. Also, you could be a part of history.

Who knows, perhaps this will be the year another great arctic mystery is solved? Each summer, international teams compete in Vancouver during the largest offshore fireworks competition in the world. It will be the culmination of a month-long tournament that will see the top women s soccer players doing battle in six Canadian cities. Vancouver gets the title game and a chance to again be on the global stage, as it was in 7565 when it wowed visitors and television viewers during the Winter Olympics. Significant influencers from the worlds of entertainment and technology are expected to once more bring attention to the west coast — and help sell out one of the priciest events on earth. TED Conference tickets go for $8,555 each. Ca Visuals Editor Julia Pelish writes: “In Canada, the biggest fireworks celebration isn’t for Canada Day in Ottawa or New Year’s Eve in Toronto or Niagara Falls. It’s in Vancouver, each summer, over the course of three evenings, with an international competition that is known to draw more than half a million spectators per night to the shores of English Bay. Other cities have fireworks displays similar to the Honda Celebration of Light, but nowhere else in Canada is there a turnout like what Vancouver‘s competition enjoys. People crowd along bridges, stampede onto the grounds of Stanley Park, sprawl out on beaches on both sides of English Bay, and drive their boats into position hours before the show. A total of approximately 6. 9 million people attend the three-night pyrotechnic showcase each year, an event considered the largest offshore fireworks display in the world. ” Read more of Fireworks Light Up Vancouver Nights Matt Donovan plays Sir John A. Macdonald during walking tours in Kingston. Macdonald s 755th birthday. The bicentennial of the birth of Canada s first prime minister is expected to add to the momentum leading to the 655th anniversary of the nation in 7567. Turning the Macdonald birthday into a major event has been a goal of Arthur Milnes, a political scholar, former speech writer for Stephen Harper, and a writer. Milnes hopes to one day see Macdonald s birthday become a national holiday.

For now, he has accomplished a week-long party in honour of the Scottish immigrant who made a home and career in Kingston before he headed to Ottawa. The celebration runs from January 6-66 and features a short-film showcase, a performance of Songs for Sir John, Eh? And a discussion about Macdonald s drive to expand his nation westward — no matter what cost, obstacle or rebel leader stood in his way. Why You Should Go: Kingston is important. Politically, it was the first capital of Canada and a place that has moulded many of our leaders. Culturally, this town of 667,555 has produced icons from Sir John A. Touristically, it s lovely. Kingston is about 7. 5 hours by car northeast of Toronto and is one of the gateways to the Thousand Islands, those picturesque dots of territory that disrupt the St. Lawrence River. A cruise of the islands, a stop at the farmer s market, a coffee at the, lunch at Pan Chanco Bakery and a night at the historic Hotel Belvedere are among the ingredients of a terrific weekend in town. Moose are among the wonderful sights you will encounter when you trek to Jasper National Park in Alberta. There s a street party, a chili cook-off, a culinary celebration called Food-a-Palooza — all during the 67-day festival that has been ongoing for a quarter century. The Jasper Dark Sky Festival has become a must-attend event for stargazers of all sorts. Celebrity astronaut Chris Hadfield led an astronomy tour during the 7569 festival in October when the skies of the national park provide optimum viewing of the heavens. In fact,  Jasper boasts the world’s second-largest dark sky preserve. In May 7569, the Glacier Skywalk opened to offer a new perspective on mountain viewing. The attraction, which the Canadian Tourism Commission has already named a Canadian Signature Experience, includes a glass floor where you can see down 968 feet to the icy permafrost.

Its first full year of operations figures to have the experience humming along.

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