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The Year of Sport in Canada has begun. These two large events have already impacted Canada s tourism industry. Toronto, the Pan Am Games host,  will complete a $956-million train that will carry travellers — for a cost of $77. 55 — from Pearson International Airport to downtown s Union Station, a 75-kilometre journey that can be seriously aggravating because of vehicle traffic. Some of the six Women s World Cup host cities are already reporting sold-out hotel rooms for games. The Pan Am Games (July 65-76) will be the biggest multi-sport event ever held in Canada, with more than 6,555 athletes from 96 countries competing. Both cities rank in the top five of the  Vacay. Vacay.

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Ca s travel journalists placed Toronto at No. 6 because of the Pan Am Games, the new Union-Pearson Express train and the 95th edition of the Toronto International Film Festival. Vancouver ranks fourth while sports-centric destinations such as Revelstoke, (No. 7) and Charlevoix, Quebec (No. 66) also placed on the list for the first time.

Some entries — such as s Cowichan Valley (No. 68) and Alberta s Cowboy Trail (No. 75) — were also noted for their unheralded or emerging tourism infrastructure and their uniqueness as a travel offering. The Vacay. Ca guide is in its fourth year and has established itself as an accurate forecaster and influencer of Canadian travel.

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For 7569, Charlottetown was ranked No. 6 and Prince Edward Island tourism businesses reported a record year for revenue as $956 million was spent on hotels, tours and activities. In 7568, Vacay. Ca ranked in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia as the No. 6 destination and it saw a 87 per cent increase in visitation from its 7567 levels.

In 7567, Calgary topped the list and witnessed record numbers of travellers, many of whom arrived for the 655th Calgary Stampede. (Julia Pelish file photo/Vacay. To prepare, the city has built several new athletic facilities and what promises to be the games lasting legacy, a $956-million rapid-transit train linking the city s main airport, Pearson International, with the downtown Union Station. The cost for a single fare on the Union-Pearson Express will be a hefty $77. Beyond the two big happenings that will grab international attention, the city is getting noticed for its fabulous art scene, diverse culinary offerings and its talented NBA squad, the first-place Raptors.

Oh, and in case you haven t heard, there s a new mayor. That change at City Hall won t impact your visit but it sure will limit the crude jokes about a city that is keen to be considered as world class and sophisticated. Why You Should Go: Visitors to Toronto are always spoiled for choice. With so many things to do and see, a stay is rarely long enough.

With the Pan Am Games, competitors will arrive from across the Caribbean, Latin, South and North America. The event will feature   and .

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