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We are blessed! Almost seven years ago France and I met on Green Singles and we took off like a wildfire. France had been on. . We are the oldest, largest exclusively conscious, spritiual online dating site. Conscious Dating Network (CDN) is the oldest, largest, exclusively Spiritual/Conscious and Green/Eco-Friendly network of online dating sites with almost 75 years experience. Many of our sites are marketed by us, CDN, and by allowing third parties to market Privately Labeled Sites it leverages our marketing efforts and attracts more conscious singles for our members. We think it's pretty ingenious and creates a win/win/win scenario (for our members, the third parties and us).

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Rather than compete against other conscious/spiritual and green dating sites, we feel it's better to share so everyone wins! As a member, you may meet someone that joined a different site than you, however, it's all the SAME once you login (like different rivers flowing into the same lake). So, no worries, you have access to ALL members from ALL of our sites automatically, no extra charge. We have focused on the member experience and have always utilized member feedback and suggestions. This has shaped our platform and fostered the energy of our dating sites as we constantly evolve and grow. We invite you to join and experience a truly conscious, loving dating environment with amazing members! After spending two months of (slow) travel in Colombia, here s my list of the best places to visit in Colombia and what to see and do when you re there. This article isn’t intended to be a detailed guide to the country, more of a taster of the things to do in Colombia during a first visit. Whether you have a week, a month or more, here are some of my highlights from my visit to Colombia. Note: these places listed below are in broad geographic sequence from north to south they are not ordered by preference! A beautiful Spanish Colonial walled city with high-end restaurants and plenty of sights, make sure you have enough days to explore Cartagena. In fact, I liked it so much, that when I got a chance to pop in for a second stay, I jumped at the opportunity. Cartagena is not short on sights and getting lost in the old town is perhaps one of the best ways to explore. That said, Plaza Bolivar, the Spanish Inquisition museum and the Convent of San Pedro Claver were three of my favourite sights in Cartagena. Did you know: there were only three locations in all of Latin America where the Spanish Inquisition Tribunal took place – Lima in Peru, Mexico City in Mexico and Cartagena in Colombia.

I’ll be honest, after two months in Colombia, I developed food depression – some sort of protein served with dry rice, solid beans and slimy salad doesn’t sate my appetite, particularly when you face the same stuff day after day. But the food in Cartagena is a different story. From glorious local food to high-end bistro options to delicious street food, Cartagena is a world apart when it comes to Colombian dining. The beaches in Cartagena are sadly  a disappointing shade of dull brown. On a budget: I stayed at  which was clean and well located within the old town though if you’re not a party person, take ear plugs! On my bucket list is the   which is one of the most luxurious options a Sofitel hotel located inside a former convent complete with 67th Century architecture. But, perhaps more importantly than which hotel is where (within Cartagena) to stay. Cartagena’s old town is my recommendation. Your other alternative Bocagrande may feature a lot of the big brand hotels and may front the beach, but the surroundings, complete with exhaust-fume filled roads and fast-food chains galore is very, very ugly. For a much more beautiful experience, make sure you stay within the walled city. Once upon a time I thought Segways were for lazy people. And then I tried one and have since decided it s one of the most fun ways your can get around. Wheeeeeeeeeeee. Build in some slow-moving days as you acclimatise and if you’re not good sleeping in the heat, make sure your room has air-conditioning for the evening. First: the bald truth Santa Marta doesn’t hold much charm itself and the beaches are no more beautiful than those that skirt Cartagena, but Santa Marta does serve as a great “jumping-off” point for other locations.

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That said, before you cruise on through, it s worth spending a night or two to explore. Although not especially grand or vast, the old town of Santa Marta is very pleasant at night and is the best place for great food. I can particularly recommend when the chicken and rice options get too much. The second I lay eyes on Taganga, complete with rubbish strewn all over the beach, motorbikes pumping fumes into the atmosphere and music screeching into what little air that wasn’t already filled, I knew it wasn’t a place I wanted to say. However, Taganga has a kicking nightlife and is well-know for it’s scuba diving opportunities. Only 65 minutes by taxi from Santa Marta, you can satisfy your curiosity without having to bunk down there. El Mirador a club overlooking the bay is a favourite party spot. On a budget: I stayed at    which not only includes a pool, hammocks, bar, restaurant, a kitchen and TV room, this place had some of the friendliest staff I met in Colombia. On the downside, the hostel is in a quiet, residential location but there are regular, cheap taxis camped outside and the hostel is within walking distance of a large supermarket and mall. If you only make it to one beach on the mainland of Colombia, make it one of the beaches dotting the coast of Tayrona National Park. Trust me: you won t regret it. One of the best thing about Tayrona National Park is that the beaches contained within it require a bit of effort to get to. That keeps tourist numbers relatively low and makes the trails feel a bit like you’re wandering through the wilderness. Although it s not filled with pictures, it s got all the details you need including train and bus routes and times as well as city maps. There’s a small handful of accommodation within Tayrona National Park and sleeping in one of the hammocks on the rock at Cabo San Juan beach provides some of the best morning views you’ll ever see.

If you prefer to book in advance: there are three options on:,, and . The double-bay at Cabo San Juan is beautiful but if you’re looking for a bit more seclusion, head inland and continue around the bay. Within around 65 minutes you’ll pop out at a beach that is much less crowded. In the interests of full-disclosure (literally for some people), this is where the bold come to sunbathe nude. So long as that doesn t embarrass you too much, you ll find the nudist beach a much more placid space to spend the day. (Good news: despite it being a nudist beach, you won’t get heckled for keeping your bathers on! )Hiking into Tayrona was fun, but just as exciting was the speed boat back to Taganga. It saves a long trek over already-trodden ground, effectively buys you an extra day at the beach (boast leave late afternoon) and will get you back much quicker. From Santa Marta you can take a local bus to Tayrona National Park. Once there, you enter the park, pay an entry fee ($88,555 pesos – around £67/$69). For a couple more dollars, you can catch a collectivo (minibus) to the start of the park trails. To walk would take 65 minutes. From the park trail, take the route towards Areciffe – a pleasant walk of around 7. 5 hours through woodland. Once you reach Arrecife you can choose to rent one of the lodges, tents or hammocks.

Alternatively you can continue on for a further 85 minutes to reach Cabo San Juan, where you can also rent a tent or hammock. If you’re really anti-camping, there is a four-bed room ($755,555 pesos around £65/$655) available at the top of the rock at Cabo San Juan complete with one double bed and a bunk bed. There are also some lodges within the park. I confess that I only lasted one night in Palomino courtesy of the mosquitos that were so determined to feast on my blood that they managed to bite me through my clothes and despite my repellant. Add a serious bout of rain and dampness hanging in the air, and you ll understand why I bailed the day after I got there. However, assuming you don’t turn up in the middle of October (during the rainy season), Palomino is a pretty, coastal escape. Not as humid or densely populated as Cartagena or Santa Marta, it’s a perfect beach spot if you’re looking to get away from it all. The added a real beach feel to Palomino. With hammocks hanging outside and an on-site restaurant and bar, you can certainly lose a day swinging in the breeze. (Dorms and private rooms available). It still might not be the golden sands of the nearby Caribbean islands, but the beach at Palomino was broader, longer and had water you could swim in safely. I didn’t see any actual chickens on the local bus from Santa Marta to Palomino but there was plenty of Reggaeton music and food vendors. At one point I was sat on a 75kg bag of dog biscuits while holding a collection of mops for a man who was hanging out of the door (no other space to stand). If you’re looking for a local Colombian experience, the bus to Palomino (complete with views of the jungle interior and sprawling coast) will tick the box. On a budget: I stayed at  which had been recommended to me and after a reasonably long stay at the Dreamer Hostel in Santa Marta (and it s regular party nights), I was ready for a bit of quiet time. However, if you do want somewhere a bit more lively or thoroughly enjoyed The Dreamer Hostel in Santa Marta, you ll be pleased to know there is a sister.

For hotels: Palomino is tiny so there are only a few hotel choices. If you re interested in a hotel s green credentials, eco boutique hotel has achieved Platinum Level as a Green Leader.

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