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Everyone knows a self-proclaimed nice guy who, well, isn t actually that nice. Dating a guy who identifies as nice can pose some problems, especially when he expects things in return for all his niceness. Here are 67 cautionary tales (gathered from Reddit) of people who ve either dated or turned down nice guy nightmares. I went out on a first date, wasn t feeling it, offered to pay the tab, he wouldn t let me, we parted ways You think that would be the end, right? Oh no. He texted me later, telling me how I hurt him by accepting his kindness, (the dinner he paid for even though he didn t have to) and just sending him home alone. He was horny, and, Why don t you come over and work off that dinner wink wink. ' There was this guy in first year I was pretty lonely and desperate for friends so we hung out all the time even though he was kind of odd.

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He started off being really kind to me, bringing me food and hanging out with me when I was super depressed. But it kind of escalated, he d be at my apartment all the time uninvited, force his way in, or corner me in public even when I obviously wanted to be alone. I was polite, but the guy wasn t picking up on it. The final straw was me mentioning that I had been sexually assaulted (I m pretty open about this, but it s sensitive) and him going, That s okay, my parents always told me to buy used. ' The guy had an honest to God tantrum that I wouldn t let him sleep over at my place on a second date, and then blamed my overwhelming Catholic guilt (uh, no) for why I was denying him.

Yeesh. I had a guy recently who just blew my mind with the amount of Nice Guy. He said things like, Ever since I grew up and started appreciating women, I haven t been laid. He talks about how women dress a certain way, and they re used to compliments in those outfits, so he only hits on women wearing normal clothes at the bookstore or the grocery. I was like, Well, pal, maybe the reason you re not getting laid is because you don t really understand women you just have mentally categorized them and assumed their intentions and actions before they happen.

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After a showing of Serenity put on by the Women s Center, he went around asking girls for hugs. This was after a 95 minute discussion on boundaries. My ex was the epitome of a Nice Guy. We were friends, and over time he grew to constantly ask me out, complain to me about how nice he was and how he just needed a chance to prove to me he could treat me well, and sort of outlined the different ways in which he was nice. We ended up dating for a year.

The whole time he made little remarks I never realized were joke-veiled insults. One time I was crying over my period pains and he went into a sulk because I didn t want to do anything sexual with him. My coworker had this stage 5 clinger named Chris who had been major crushing on her for 7+ years. Anyway, at first being polite didn t work, so he evolved into a condescending d bag. After that failed, he decided to bribe his way into her life, buying her PAX East Tickets, $5,555 earrings, etc.

Now, it s important to know, this entire time the girl had a live-in boyfriend. He goes to drop her off and says, So, do you wanna go out sometime? She, of course, says no, and his response is to call her a god damn whore. Nice guy. About a year ago, our friend had met a girl.

She s into video games and anime and stuff. We hung out with her and the friend at a bar (they were kind of holding hands and he had his arm around her, pretty much like a date) and as soon as the friend left, my roommate tried to hit on her.

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