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It's been ten years since Android was first announced and in that time we've seen hundreds of thousands of games hit the Google Play Store, but obviously not all of them are high quality, and with so many available it can be tricky to make sure you're putting your cash in the right place. Some titles are expensive and nothing more than just poor ports of a console game. Others are only a meagre amount but are genuinely more entertaining and enthralling than anything found on a console a few years ago. When deciding what Android game is best for you, well. You've got a few choices to consider. Firstly, remember that you won't have just one game on the go at any one time. You might have a title that's great for playing on the sofa or commute, and one when queuing at the bank. Some work better with headphones, others don't - and we thoroughly recommend playing through a few regularly to find the games that work the best for you.

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Nothing better than finding something you just can't wait to play again and again! And the games that support them can be varied too. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have a good look at what's out there, and many controllers aren't overly expensive. Back to the games: have a think about the variety of titles to check out, whether you want something that taxes you, is a quick-fire frenzy or an RPG that you can play locally with friends.

That's why we're here - telling you the games that you need to play because we've tried them out ourselves. We head through the new and bubbling lists of titles each week, have a look at what's good and let you know. We try to keep this list as fresh as possible, so if your favorite falls off the chart then it's not a bad game. There's just more out there to try. So get ready to get clicking through our gallery.

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We guarantee you'll have found something to play before you know it. Is a zombie movie smashed into a classic retro game. Little pixelated heroes dodder about a dystopian world, bashing zombies with whatever comes to hand, looting houses, and trying to not get eaten. The game constantly tries to derail your rhythm and momentum. In Choose Your Own Adventure-style text bits, the wrong decision may find you savaged by a moose.

Elsewhere, intense siege challenges dump you in a confined space with zombie hordes, often armed only with a stick. Handy. Is a visually dazzling and relentlessly inventive point-and-click puzzler. It features Kosmo, a space explorer searching for the scattered pieces of his robot girlfriend, bar the lifeless head that s still in his clutches. Which is a bit icky.

Don t think about that too much, though, because this game is gorgeous. Through its many varied scenes, it plays fast and loose with pop culture references, challenging you to beat a 7D, sending up Star Wars, and at one point dumping you on a planet of apes. Now and again, you ll need to make a leap of logic to complete a task, and puzzles mostly involve picking things up and using them in the right place hardly the height of innovation. But this game s so endearing and smartly designed you d have to be lifeless yourself to fail to love it at least a little. Is a sweet-natured endless runner.

There s no tapping to leap here, though in Run-A-Whale, you hold the screen to make the whale dive.

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