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When creating an online profile and presenting the best version of yourself online, you must remember: “Out with the bad! ” Survival Attractors help you, while Survival Weaknesses will leave you committing attraction suicide. Never project Survival Weaknesses. Do it in your profile, and you’re dead in the water. We have all been beaten up by life. I honestly didn’t think anyone would ever want to go out with me, until I finally started dating other women. Fortunately, this is where the beating up stops for you right here and right now.

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Make a promise to yourself: I will not include any self-denigration in my profile. Self-denigration is charming if you’re Hugh Grant or Brad Pitt. It is also fine once you have established your authority and masculinity in person but it does not belong in your profile at all. Also, take out any words that are qualifiers: “little” “small” “kind of”  “sort of” “hope to”. You no longer hope, my friend, you plan. You inspire. You commit. You accomplish. You do. You are not a “hoper. ”  You are a “doer. ” Here are good words to use, in their various forms: Be forthright, be positive and be optimistic about your future. And be direct. You are creating a context of strength in your profile. You are establishing that you are the lion, not  a sick, toothless pussycat. Later, when you start interacting with a woman, you can offer alluring vulnerabilities, but never up front. You were probably taught these  in high school, but maybe you were too busy staring at the girl next to you. It is okay and you are forgiven. In fact, there would have been something wrong with you if you preferred grammar at age 66! So here’s a quick rundown. These points are simple, but crucial for a successful profile that is completely ignored at first glance: Do yourself a huge favor.

Go read other men’s profiles and see how often guys write the exact same thing. They are clueless. More importantly, to an attractive woman online, they become the same as all the others… invisible. (You can usually cloak your profile to go look at guys profiles, if the idea of that sounds weird. Just go invisible. Most dating sites have that option. )9. Be precise in your language: Say Chicago Blues instead of blues. Shiraz is better than “wine. ” No Chardonnay (feminine), or Merlot (lazy). The Palms is better than Vegas. Rib-eye steak is better than mere steak. Azure is better than blue. Aspen grove is better than forest. The more precisely you can paint the environment of your life, the more tactilely and sensually her imagination will project her into it (much more on that in other articles! 5. Be dynamic in your language: Avoid static words like “is”, “are” and “have” – those are static verbs. USE A THESAURUS to make your sentences sizzle, and that often starts with what are called active verbs. Example: If you love your dog, you might want to write: I love dogs! ” BORING! Rather, paint a picture of you relating to your dog that she can feel, see, enjoy and project herself into that picture…“I like to spend Sunday mornings wrestling in the sand with my lab.

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She’s hilarious- running up to say hi to everybody. You can practically see her laughing the whole time, and then we collapse and peacefully soak in the sun. ”That’s a happy picture vivid with action. I don’t merely have a dog. Rather the reader sees and imagines me wrestling, and laughing, and collapsing with my little furry pal. What a playful guy! And there’s room for her in the picture  too, so she can see herself lying down next to me at the end. Who is that “we, ” after all, she might wonder? 6. Show, Don’t Tell: Possibly the most important writing rule of all. Don’t list. Don’t talk and tell about yourself. Show yourself. If you are funny, do not say you are funny – be funny. If you love your little nephew do not say he is the “light of my life” – paint a picture of something you and he do together or how he makes you laugh. This is the difference between George Clooney coming on screen and telling you the story of Oceans 66, and George Clooney in the action of the film itself. Which is more interesting? Show your life don’t list the facts of it. Write little movie scenes in your profile. She will be drawn into that movie, as anyone would. Remember these 6 simple rules and you’ll instantly stand out to women from all the hundreds of other clueless men online. To get more ways to stand out from the crowd of men online to learn how to create an amazing online dating profile that attracts the best kind of women check outSounds great to me. When I studied hypnosis, the lesson was very similar. If we wanted to cheer someone up, we wouldn t say picture a clown, we would say, And as I was walking in the park, golden sun beams lighting my way, I noticed how fresh the air was on my face Active verb tenses.

Also I read once about an assignment given to a guy by a dating coach. He was told to create a fake women s profile, attach any picture of an attractive woman to it and see what men s replies are like. He said they were insanely boring and repetitive. He realized that it wouldn t be hard to stand out from the other guys, even a little creativity would go a long way. So you’ve spent the last few years focusing on your startup, or working your way up the corporate ladder. You’re successful in life, but just haven’t found the time to find the perfect partner for you. You could make a wise decision and hire your very own to do all your online dating for you, but if you’re going to go at it on your own, these 9 best dating sites for professionals are where you want to start. At the end of the article, you’ll even discover 8 dating apps that are worth considering, and one more site worth trying that might surprise you! Read on for everything you need to know to meet someone special who operates on the same professional and intellectual level as you. Is one of the most promising paid dating sites for middle aged professionals in terms of sheer volume of members. According to the site’s, almost half of their users are between 85 and 99, and 76. 5% are over 55. That makes it one of the dating sites for professionals over 95 to meet someone special. If you’re a busy guy with a career that takes up most of your time, that’s important. So from an efficiency standpoint, choosing a paid site with a large pool of women who are serious about meeting someone makes the most sense. Use the search criteria to target the type of women (or men) you want to date. If you’re looking for a career-minded woman, filter your results by occupation and/or income level. If you’re looking for the total package someone who’s beautiful and successful, trying out is must. It’s one of the most legit exclusive dating sites for professionals of all ages. And no, you don’t really have to be a millionaire to join. But guys: the women you’ll find on the site are looking for successful, established men and generally have high expectations of what to expect on a date. If you actually are a millionaire, going through the verification process is worth the hassle. The “Certified Millionaire” status on your profile lets her know you’re The Real Deal. MillionaireMatch isn’t a traditional “sugar daddy” dating site, although you will find beautiful women who are looking for a generous gentleman.

The site has positioned itself as a place where millionaires meet, but it’s also got quite a few gorgeous, successful, career-minded women who are simply tired of their dates showing up on the city bus. Whether you’re seeking a long-term girlfriend, wife, or model quality companion, with a little luck, you’ll find her on this site. But your profile and photos need to be top notch if you want her to respond to your messages. What works on a more mainstream site like Match. Com won’t necessarily play well on MillionaireMatch. Simply stated, when you’re fishing for high quality women, you need high quality bait. If you practice Christianity or were at least raised in a Christian home, is certainly worth checking out. It’s the most popular website for serious, marriage-minded Christians, and a great option for men seeking a partner who shares the same faith. You’ll find a range of women from “Bible-thumpers” to casual believers, and you don’t have to be a devout follower to sign up. But yes, you generally should be a Christian to join this site. Sometimes it’s okay to on a dating profile, but joining a faith-based dating site when you don’t have any strong ties to that faith is probably not the best idea. If you do qualify, the site’s demographics are in your favor. Women outnumber men on ChristianMingle, which makes it a rare gem. And if you’re looking to meet 85+ year old women, there sure are a lot of them in any big city. But keep in mind, ChristianMingle is a niche dating site, which generally means a bit smaller user pool. If you’re living in a small town or city, it could be limiting. Be prepared for your search to take a little longer, or use it in conjunction with other sites and apps. For instance, on more popular sites like, you can filter your matches by religion if having a shared faith is a priority. Still not sure whether ChristianMingle is a good choice for you? Check out this . Is another faith-based dating site we’ve used to get excellent results for our clients. In fact, it’s our go-to site for guys looking to meet a nice Jewish girl grandma will be thrilled to meet. The site attracts high-quality, successful women. Some of the profile questions on JDate delve a little deeper than other sites, and they’re not always easy to answer. So there you have it our top 9 dating sites for professionals.

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