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What sets eHarmony apart from other online dating sites is their proven compatibility matching system based on 79 Dimensions of Compatibility. They have a scientifically proven compatibility method and are responsible for nearly 5% of all marriages in the U. S. The TotalConnect Plan includes all the features in the basic plan plus a deeper analysis of your personality using eHarmony's Premium Personality Profile, SecureCall allowing you to speak to your matches without revealing your real phone number, and RelyID which quickly verifies your name, city, and age so matches know you are being honest. We feel this upgrade is a better deal and definitely worth it. We really liked the SecureCall option allowing us to actually talk to matches on the phone before meeting for a first date. EHarmony also offers a Premier Plan, their absolute highest level of service. It also allows all your matches to reply to your communication and see your profile.

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You can pause your account for up to 8 months. You get SecureCall and RelyID included. You also get the eHarmony Secure Check where you can request a RelyID review for up to 8 matches. EHarmony also offers some of these services a-la-carte SecureCall for $5. 95/month, RelyID for $5. 95/year, Premium Personality Profile for one time fee of $69. 99, and the ProfileAdvisor for $99. 95. Signup and take your compatibility test today at www. Eharmony. Com. We say guided because you are not allowed to search for other members as on other sites, but rather you are shown matches based on your compatibility tests and profile entries.

EHarmony also has millions of visitors to its site each month (about 7,855,555). Male members are mostly over 85, while female members are mostly under 85. Members are also slightly more affluent than on some other sites. You are sure to find a compatible match no matter what type of partner you are searching for. While you cannot just search for members, you will receive quality matches from this large dating pool. EHarmony serves only heterosexual singles and directs gay singles to their companion site,. You'll notice that eHarmony is different from the moment you signup. They are a guided online dating site which means you fill out an extensive personality profile, then your matches are found based on your personality and profile settings. You cannot search for members as with other sites. The down side to this is that if you don't have any matches, then you'll have to adjust your profile and have eHarmony search again. This system was developed by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a psychologist with over 85 years experience, after exhaustively researching what makes couples and marriages succeed or fail.

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The eHarmony personality test does take a while to fill out, but make sure to stick it out and answer truthfully because it is definitely worth your time. After taking your personality test and filling out your profile traits, you will be presented with a list of new matches. EHarmony offers some Icebreakers to get you started and you can send your match a smile to let them know you are interested. See the Communication section below for more info on connecting with your matches. You can also call your matches using SecureCall which is a way to call each other without revealing your actual phone number. The Something To Talk About section will show you some interest or activity you have in common with your match which can be used as a starting point or a way to get to know your match more. EHarmony has some of the best tools and features to get to know your matches so by the time the first date comes, you will already feel like you've known each other for a long time. Communication with matches is handled a bit differently with eHarmony as it is a guided online dating site. This means you can't just search for matches or contact anyone you want. Your matches are chosen by using the eHarmony 79 Dimensions of Compatibility test and your profile answers. Once eHarmony finds your matches, you can being communicating with them. EHarmony uses guided communication, or different stages of communication so you can get to know one another.

To start off, you can send Icebreakers, or short messages letting your match know that you are interested. The next stage involves getting to know each other by choosing from a list of questions to send to your match after you review their profile. Review your match's answers to find out if you have a connection. Stage Three involves telling each other about your must haves and can't stands. See if you agree on what you are looking for. You finally learn more about each other by answering a set of three open-ended questions which reveal your inner values. While this way of communicating is very different than other sites, it is based on Dr. Warren's research as a clinical psychologist and has been shown to be effective. EHarmony takes your safety very seriously and wants you to have a fun, enjoyable online dating experience. You can effectively stop communication with a match by choosing to close the match. If you no longer wish to have a match contact you, then you close them and your profile will be removed from their matches list which makes them unable to communicate with you. This is just like hiding your profile or blocking a member.

You can also limit which members are able to see your personality test results. You are only allowed to communicate with your matches so you don't have to worry about random members contacting you like on other sites. This really limits the amount of unwanted contact you might have, so your privacy should not be a concern with eHarmony. You can always report suspicious activity to the eHarmony support staff and they will be more than happy to help. The eHarmony site is very easy to use and navigate so we doubt you'll need help, but if you do, they have a great FAQ section on their help center page. If you signup for the eHarmony Premier Plan, then you also get a live chat support option. Their support staff is very professional and candid in their responses. Com All Rights Reserved. Disclosure: We are a professional review site and in order to offer this service to you for free, we receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. We give high marks to only the very best. We spend a lot of time and effort to make sure that our reviews are independent and honest.

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