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As people already stated is possible the best solution when it comes online dating geek sites. A dating website that tries to get to know the real you through interesting questions. With that information, they can help you find people you ll click with and ultimately form better connections. The thing I liked the most about this particular site is their different approach to those things. Looking to date someone so passionate that they are a total nerd about something? At mingleNerds, we know there is a nerd in everyone! Maybe you are a Movie Nerd, Music Nerd, Wine/Beer Nerd, Science Nerd, Comic Nerd, Art Nerd, Sports Nerd or a Nerd in a number of other ways. Using the mingleNerds Dating App, you can find others with similar interests, share those interests, and truly connect with someone.

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“Best” is such a subjective term. I think it is really what is important to you. My favorites and a little background are as follows:

OKCupid - Unlike most sites that ask you to answer 5 or 65 questions, OKCupid has thousands of questions. This may sound daunting, but it’s not. First, most of them are user generated, so they are not the same old questions.

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Second, you don’t have to answer any of them. However, if you want to see the answer of someone your are interested in, you do have to answer. After a little bit of time it becomes addictive and you realize you’ve answered hundreds of questions.

Then it’s easy to find people that share your beliefs or your likes. Bumble - What I like most about Bumble is the fact that it’s female-centric. Men cannot contact women first.

This gives women empowerment and saves men a lot of time. Of course it means you have to have a really great picture and some quick prose. Tinder - Still a great site if you are just looking for a hook-up.

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