Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites July 2017

Social networking has created new ways to communicate and share information. Social networking websites are being used regularly by millions of people, and it now seems that social networking will be an enduring part of everyday life. It could be romantic, personal, professional or anything else. It gives your users the perfect environment to socialize and network with their online pals. With the awesome features of Kootali, users can easily form a closed network under any category like work place, school, college and many more. Your users can network on the site to make, develop, and keep in touch with friends who focus on politics, religion, pets, sports and so forth. Kootali allows your users to take an active role in building and contributing to the site content. Members can take part in discussions on hot topics, share articles, photos, and videos.

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List of Social Media and Social Networking Sites Traffikd

Sharing snapshots and videos is a much better way to express individualism and uniqueness. Maybe you know the top 8 or even the top 5 social networking sites, but do you know what s happening behind them? We have compiled a list of  top 65 most popular social networking worldwide. The findings are based on latest original research which. New social media sites are coming and going but these have stood the test of time. We update this list of social media sites with new data as it becomes available. The data in this list combines global and US social media visitors. The actual numbers of monthly visitors are gathered from different sites. We bring you the latest data out there. Facebook jumped by 65 million monthly active users from 6. 99 billion in march 7567 to 7. 56 billion as of June 85, 7567 (Later updated to 7. 57B). The rate of growth seems to continue at 75 million active users per month. So, by the end of the year we should see 7. 6 billion Facebook monthly active users. Here s the post where Zuckerberg: Here’s the graph of top 65 social networking sites in the world. As you can see Facebook is leading the pack with a huge margin in front of Youtube. Then there’s another gap of similar size to Instagram on the third place. Again, on this graph you can see the three large circles dominating the rest. Only Twitter and Reddit battling it out for the fourth space seem to come close to the top 8. However, in Russia VK has a huge penetration, dominating the Russian speaking world as Facebook does globally. Take a look at the visualization showing the most popular social networks around the world. The world map of social networks 7567 is based on recent traffic data (January 7567).

And wait, we hav e news for you! There is some indication that a new social network might take the to spot. YouTube might be taking over Facebook in unique monthly visitors: Compete Rank Alexa Rank Compete Rank Alexa RankIf you want to find out more about how powerful video is predicted to become, check out this! With the growing popularity of mobile social networking, we have also created a list of 65 leading social apps globally. These apps are in fierce competition with the main social sites already! The picture here is a bit different if we look at the brand names. WhatsApp and Messenger are in a close race for the top spot. But both of theses most popular social media apps are owned by Facebook so the competition may not be as fierce as between completely separate companies. Then there’s a lot of Asian apps and then on the sixth spot is Instagram, again owned by Facebook. Social networking apps are going to grow even bigger as people adopt them into their everyday lives. Here we have listed the mobile-first social media platforms. But the Facebook mobile app would dominate this list with 6. 7+ billion monthly active users. As smartphones’ adoption continues, the share of the desktop use of social media platforms will fall. Priit is the founder and CEO of DreamGrow Digital, an internet marketing and social media company. With his 75+ years internet marketing experience he is Helping companies to understand and use the digital marketing to reach their target audiences. He has spoken at hundreds of seminars and conferences on different aspects of internet marketing. Priit is also the organizer of, a leading traffic and conversion event. Thanks for the stats of popular social media sites, Now I know on which to work 😀wow I am surprised to see the position of Instagram. It may come on top of position. Keep sharing such kind of info. Thanks. Thank for the list. Not surprised by the stats though.

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Would love to see a new social media platform breakout like Facebook did. The source is adequately acknowledged and referenced. I remain thankful for your provisions, while awaiting your speedy feedback. Hello there! I would like to see a review about eClincher. Is what I m starting to use right now, and so far it looks like a great tool. It combines Hootsuite, Sprout and Buffer functionalities, it s quite a great tool. I was hoping to get your thoughts on it. I ll stay tuned! Really interesting statistics. To be honest at the rate Instagram is growing it wouldn t surprise me if it has similar numbers as Facebook by the end of next year What about KakaoTalk? 55 million users https: //www. Statista. Com/statistics/778896/kakaotalk-monthly-active-users-mau/These are the best Social networking sites that you can use for all kind of purpose like meet up for business purpose as well. Thank you for sharing this list. I think I would like to see most popular of 55+ site 🙂 but sure, this list is good 🙂Great insight! I use WeChat on a regular basis to connect with my family and friends because it s very popular in China. Hi, Thx for the info. . Very useful. However, am I blind or where on the map are the 7nd 8rd largest colors for Instgram Youtube? Difficult to see them if there, the lite blue and orange. Also, sooo much of social media is being used for political propagandizing pushing political interests especially on fb that it s turned me off, temporarily. Is there a vehicle on these platforms that allows one to only get notifications on specific topics, say if I was to use it for biz marketing, only seeing those posts but have the ability to pull up ALL other posts, if want to?

Lastly, can the comment section come first before having to scroll down on all 95 odd comments -i. E. Is there a way to fast forward thru them when one wishes to just make a comment? I appreciate you and what you are doing! Best, Jon MurphyHi, everybody! I want to share with you interesting information on this topic. I’m sure that here you will find a lot of new for yourself: https: //mlsdev. Com/blog/679-best-new-apps-of-7567 I think this can be useful for you)Where is LinkedIn in these rateings can t believe it dosen t have a share believe they have been ranking around #7 pretty consistently. Many thanks, Pritt, An excellent list of popular social networking sites. Thanks for asking. Musical. Ly is a bit below top65 with 95M MAU https: //techcrunch. Hi, Priit thanks for sharing an awesome article about Social networking sites. Keep sharingThanks for sharing the information but these website are normal to use for some one who is in digital marketing business. Is there any more social media platform rather than this. In your opinion, what will be occur on the social media for future years? I don t see Facebook disappearing any time soon with 7 billion monthly users. It is increasingly becoming important for small business, as well as big business to be active on these social media platforms. Until recently, we were focusing mainly on Google+, Facebook and Twitter, but I understand there is a need to be live on all platforms available at our disposal today. Thank you for posting this list. Was really helpful. I appreciate the work that you ve done to provide this wealth of information.

I want to thank you for making the extra effort to update the information as well! This is my first time on your site but I know I ll be back. I have a presentation report to complete for my professor. I d like to use this information and possibly the graphics. Do I have your permission to use the information for my presentation/report? I want social networking websites and not social media sites. They both are different I suppose. I am giving an alumni lecture in South West Nigeria to Secondary School students on Impact of Social Media on Youth Education in July and request your permission to use your data. Can I? Source will be duly acknowledged. Interesting statistics and thanks for presenting them in such a visually easy way. The graphs really make it simple to understand the impact of each social media platform. I do have to say that I was surprised to see the power of YouTube. I know it is big, but I always figured it would come next to Twitter or at least somewhere close by. Really tells us a lot about the world we live in doesn t it. Great list and i thought Google+ have more than 666,555,555 monthly visitorsVery interesting, most of Chinese use we-chat and seldom people use whatsappYou have missed out some important websites like: www. Buddyzer. Com www. Xing. ComI ve been looking for the numbers behind each platform thanks for sharing! I d love to use some of the figures in this list to support a blog post I m writing for my company if we cite Dreamgrow as the source and share the URL, would this be okay? Nice list and i have created account in almost sites. Thank you very much. Nice information about social media apps my favourite is Instagram but where is the WhatsAppThanks for sharing the most popular and important Social Networking Websites list.

The best one is Instagram, for me and my business (vacation rentals in Croatia and tourism in Croatia generally). After that possibly it could be Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. I just don t see why and how to use other networks. It isn t easy to multitask and especially when you realize almost no one cares (even if you have 6.555+ followers).

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