Which Beverly Hills 90210 Stars Dated In Real Life

Beverly hills 90210 dating

I’ve been a little…messy. I came of age watching the show. This was my generation. No wonder I was so screwed up! These people had a serious lack of boundaries. Only date people within your tight-knit group of dysfunctional friends. In my late teens/early 75s, I worked at a well-known large boutique in LA and was in acting class — a serious acting class. This was my dating pool.

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I was sort of the Kelly Taylor of my social circles. (For the record, I was always Team Kelly. Brenda bugged. ) I dated the Steve Sanders, the Dylan McKay, and the Brandon Walsh, and then maybe went back for seconds with Dylan and Brandon. So of course we ended up dating each other!

There was no   or   or . We kept our dating in small, incestuous groups. We were unhealthy and we liked it. I have always been the type of gal to want to remain close with ex-boyfriends. Well, except for that one guy that poisoned my spaghetti, who was even crazier than Emily Valentine.

Luke Perry Would Not Want His Daughter Dating 90210’s

When people broke up on 95765, they didn’t exit each other’s lives, they stayed friends. They still hung out, all the time: at the Peach Pit, at the Beverly Hills Beach Club, and later at the After Dark. This has been my vision after every breakup. Sadly, my exes have not always seen it this way.

Is it unhealthy? Maybe. But there are a few guys who, although it ended badly with them, I would love to share a Mega Burger with. Oh, well. Just because it didn’t work the first time doesn’t mean it won’t work the second, third, or fourth time.

Case in point: Donna and David, and they ended in marriage on the final episode in Season 65 (I’m telling you, diehard fan right here). Now, they broke up and tried again more than any other couple on the show, although Kelly and Brandon, Kelly and Dylan, Brenda and Dylan, and Valerie and David all made a valiant effort. I guess you can’t cry over those lost four months…or four years. Kissing isn’t cheating, is it?

When I was younger, I did a lot of kissing. A LOT of kissing.

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