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It is important for all Christians to be certain that our beliefs about Jesus accurately reflect biblical truth so that we are not deceived—and so that we can introduce Him to others. So, what do we believe concerning Jesus? Our triune God is an awesome God! Since Jesus is God, then God’s Word is Jesus Christ’s Word. Christ said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” ( Matthew 79: 85 ). When you compromise the Word of God, it is also an attack on the Son of God, whose Word it is. While technically silent on the issue of Jesus having a wife during His earthly life, the Bible does not give us any reason to think He was married, and it gives us numerous reasons to conclude that He was not married.

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The message of the gospel—Christ’s death and resurrection for the salvation of mankind—is the message the world desperately needs to hear. The incarnation—when Jesus Christ, who is God the Son, became flesh and lived among us—is vital to the precious doctrine of salvation. How accurate is the common perception of baby Jesus born in a lowly stable? Was Jesus really born of a virgin? What are the implications of the God-child? Jesus Christ, the Creator of the universe, took on flesh and endured the horror of death by crucifixion in order that man might be reconciled to God. Is Jesus truly God? There are many cults and religions today that deny His deity. What is the truth about Jesus Christ? Did Jesus truly rise bodily from the dead, or is the account of his Resurrection simply one of the greatest hoaxes of all time?

Bible-affirming Christians are often accused of being narrow minded. However, Christ himself set an example of unashamedly holding fast to the truth. Many people these days are putting their faith in false or imaginary Christs who cannot save them. Can we uncover the real Jesus? Aspects of Jesus’ humanity are often overlooked, but it is important to understand why Jesus took on flesh and dwelt among us (John 6: 69). In order to combat the erroneous teaching that was infiltrating the church in Colossae, Paul reminded them of the supremacy of Jesus Christ. Since Jesus is our Creator, it is essential to know how He viewed the early chapters of Genesis. If the Cross was not required to save sinners, then why did God permit Jesus to face such torture if it wasn’t even necessary? Indeed, the very reason Jesus came into the world was as a result of the great love of Israel’s God, and on a mission to fully express His mercy.

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The Lost Gospel is yet another attempt to show Jesus as the husband of Mary Magdalene, and this time Jacobovici claims to have proof. Why in America is Christ being taken out of Christmas? How do we keep Christ in Christmas? It seems logical to ask ourselves then, why did Jesus weep and lament? Florida Atlantic University has now issued an apology for instructing students to stomp on the name of Jesus. Jesus—come from God the Father with authority to deal with sin—is perceived as a threat by the Jewish and Roman leaders. The first man’s fall into sin was a real event and is the direct cause of sin in this world everybody else became tainted. Earlier this week, headlines announced a new discovery that shows Jesus was married. Is there any basis for such a claim? Would it even matter if Jesus was married?

Mark’s Gospel claims Jesus was “immediately” driven into the wilderness after His baptism, but John seems to disagree. Ron Dudek examines the context of these passages. Did Jesus go up or down the mountain to deliver the Sermon on the Mount? Tim Chaffey, AiG–U. S. , explains. Among them is the attitude that it’s good to know what the Bible says but we can turn to other sourcesTim Chaffey, AiG–U. , explains why John’s account of the temple cleansing must necessarily have been a different event from the one found in the Synoptic Gospels. John states that Jesus cleansed the temple early in His ministry, but the other Gospels place the temple-cleansing near the end of His ministry. Explains these accounts.

I was only 69 years old and visiting my first foreign country. I witnessed firsthand the hopelessness of a world without the Lord Jesus Christ. While this series has examined questions about the Curse, sin, and Satan, the real focus of the Genesis account is Jesus Christ. Paul understood that all debates come back to the foundation of all correct philosophy and understanding—Christ. An Italian scientist has attempted to replicate the Shroud of Turin using materials and techniques available in the Middle Ages (when some believe the shroud was originally made). ” What could it mean? Is it even possible to understand the Incarnation? Paul Taylor examines the true meaning of Christmas. Did Jesus anywhere clearly state that the Earth was created in six ordinary (approximately 79 hours each) days? In these words of Jesus we find He teaches that Adam and Eve were created in 'the beginning of the creation'-not billions of years after the beginning!

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