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There are three of them namely Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Patpong that I explain in great detail here. If you come to any of BKK s red light districts you can get quickly overwhelmed by the huge range of go go bars. It s hard to make a decision what place to give a try not just because there are so many bars around but also because at most places the hottest girls are trying to get you inside while inside the dancers are a lot more average and you might be disappointed just after having ordered your drink. It s packed every night and if you come after 9pm you might have difficulties to find a place to sit down. Unlike a lot of other go go s the girls inside are as hot and beautiful as the ones outside trying to get you in (not that they need to put in a lot of effort). There are two floors in Baccara with stages surrounded by red couches and a bar on the black wall, on the second floor the floor is of glass so if you sit downstairs you can enjoy the best views in Bangkok. Baccara doesn t only have the hottest dancers, it also seems to have the most dancers on the Soi which is part of its huge popularity. The girls usually wear school skirts and that may be one of the reasons why it s especially popular among Japanese and Korean men. Cowboy 7 is a true paradise if you like fresh girls and that means not only in terms of age but also that many of them have just recently started to work in the bar. The girls are divided into 7 categories: Go Go Girls and Coyotes. The latter ones are more attractive and have a higher bar fine (see below). Cowboy 7 must be the only bar where it s more fun to sit outside because of the great views all around. There s one big stage inside with about 65 girls dancing at all times. Unfortunately they have a no-take-off policy here but that s typically the trade-off you have to make when visiting a Go Go Bar: Either beautiful girls in bikinis or average girls naked.

The next bar on this list is an exception though and combines both advantages see below. My favorite Go Go Bar in Bangkok. It just can t get any better. There is a large 8-shaped stage on the ground floor that has more than ten naked girls dancing at any time. They really enjoy being on stage dancing and even better: The girls in this place are way above average, most of them are really stunning hot, young, skinny, nice boobs, you will not leave here saying I ll go check another place because I couldn t find a girl that I like. Make sure you don t miss visiting the second floor. What you get here is entertainment pure. It s not the classic ping pong show but you ll have the girls performing incredible sexy scenes on two square-shaped glass floors like putting oil on each other then rubbing on each others body before taking a bunch of candles and sprinkling wax all over their naked bodies. There is even an elevator connecting the floors though it s mainly the girls taking it when too lazy walking up and down the stairs. There is also a third floor though for now it s just the area where the girls are getting dressed and eating. Crazy House is the newest establishment in the area, it s just around the corner from Soi Cowboy on Sukhumvit Soi 78. Tilac is not just the biggest Go Go Bar on Soi Cowboy, it s also the most modern one with fancy lighting, countless mirrors and large TV screens in case you get bored watching the dancers. There is one big main stage and six smaller stages spread around the room. The bar has become famous in the Hollywood movie Hangover Part 7 which is one of the reasons why a lot of money has been invested to ensure everything in this bar is of high quality and design. The girls in Tilac are super hot and thin, however a bit overactive at times which makes it hard to just sit down and relax.

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No take off here but you can look under their skirts. The best Go Go Bar in Nana Plaza is located on the second floor, if you walk into the courtyard take the stairs up to your right. Rainbow 9 is one of the few bars in the Plaza that are packed with expats and tourists alike every day of the week. It has two big L-shaped stages, each of them with more than two dozen of girls dancing topless  which isn t as common in red light Bangkok as it used to be. Again the quality of girls in Rainbow 9 is among the best not just in Nana Plaza, but in all of Bangkok. They are young, light skinned and what s really striking there are so many girls with nice and big breasts, partly natural, partly self made. Located right next to Baccara on Soi Cowboy, this is another hot spot packed with some of BKK s most sexy go go girls who wear some of the hottest outfits of the whole Soi (see-through bras! ). The interiors of Shark is almost identical to Baccara with big central stages on two floors surrounded by comfortable couches. The ceiling is transparent so you ll enjoy sitting right at the stage on the ground floor. Of course that means the place is packed every night of the week but if you have a look upstairs there are surprisingly few people around and you can enjoy your time in a much more quiet atmosphere. However note that the girls are not getting naked at Shark. Shark has decent techno music but sometimes the girls seem to be more enthusiastic dancing when the boss is around. Maybe the best Go Go choice in Bangkok if you are out for a relaxing drink in the bar and don t fancy being surrounded by three girls that ask for lady drinks two minutes after you sat down. You might be wondering why most of the Go Go Bars listed here are in Soi Cowboy. Well, that s just because Soi Cowboy has the best bars by far.

I m not a big fan of Nana Plaza, by now almost half of the building is filled with ladyboy bars and also the atmosphere is a lot more hectic and sometimes kind of rude. Similar to Patpong, BKK s oldest red light district but with most Thai guys trying to hook you up for a Ping Pong Show Scam in Bangkok. If you still want to give those areas a try I recommend Rainbow 9 and Angelwitch as well as in Nana Plaza for fun and free Ping Pong shows (just order a beer for 655 Baht) and Bada Bing and Show Girls in Patpong. The bars obviously try to lure in customers well before the main action starts. That means most bars have happy hours until 8 or 9pm with all drinks for 85 or 95 Baht. That s certainly a good deal, but you better just sit outside and watch the scene. The girls start dancing either at 8 or 9pm and that s exactly when the happy hours end. I recommend you go to the bar of your choice at 9pm, that s usually the time when all go go girls step up on stage to present themselves before the rotation starts. Otherwise no later than 66pm or the most attractive ladies will already be taken. There are fewer and fewer A Go Go s in the capital where the girls take off everything. They are mostly wearing bikinis nowadays. There are plenty of exceptions though. Like mentioned in the article you will normally make a trade-off between very attractive and light skinned girls who wear bikinis or decent girls who get naked once they start dancing. Baccara is the best example for the first type and Angelwitch for the second type of bar. And then you have bars like Tilac where you can see the girls pussies (no panties underneath their skirts) and Shark where they wear see-through bras. 7,555 8,555 Baht (short time) 8,555 5,555 Baht (long time).

Thanks for the reply, Redcat, much appreciated. Just couple more things I would like to know. Can girls in non nude bars take off at customer request(and drinks)? Are there any a go go bars that would hire non thai girls? Interested in knowing a little more detail including how much the entire experience cost you. I m assuming since she left at 66: 85am it was for a long time but when did you guys leave Crazy House. Given by some of your responses to inquires made by previous commenters I can tell that you have a level of experience that would be really valuable to a first timer like me. Also would love to know how young Black men are treated in Thailand in general any observations you have made would be greatly appreciated. Hey man, thai girls prefer fair guys but you ll be fine. They still spend time with a lot of Indian guys and Middle Easterners. The thing is that it s more robotic and methodical. Less of the GFE style. Just make sure you smell good, have a big smile and are respectful. Is it Ok a common practice to Check with the Gal Mamasan if she is ok for LT before buying her a drinkIt s totally okay to do that, but most guys don t have the balls to do that (and it kind of harms the mood, too). You can ask upstairs but tell her what you want to do and be prepared to pay for it.

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