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I have a question about something that really bothers me and makes me feel very threatened and ashamed. Yeah, yeah, I know what you re going to say: Everyone is different with differing preferences, people tend to marry within their own race, yada yada yada. In this case, it s okay to make generalizations. Why? Because we are talking about societal trends. We are talking about changes to an entire system of different classes and cultures and sub-cultures who generally share collective attitudes and behavior. That is why I want to ask you this because here is what I see.

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Biracial Actress Meghan Markle is Tied Romantically with

I see this as racism and white supremacy. It s nothing new, it s just now white women are allowed to do it to ethnic minorities. The only difference is that when white men did it, we were shamed/blamed and seen as the enemy and oppressor. This dichotomy is not applied to the white women who make ethnic minorities into fetishes. What is it? Do you think it s racism? Do you think it s a cultural shift in male beauty standards? Is it a biological attraction that white women have for the darkest and most dominant men? Is it natural selection or what? I tell you what, if you go by genetic quality I am in the top 75% of men. Yet, I still do not get the same attention or affirmation from white women as I see them give toward black men. It makes me feel ashamed. It makes me feel that these women are denouncing their heritage. That these women are ashamed of their race, the same race and culture handed down from their grandfathers, fathers, to brothers and cousins. Why is this happening? Why is the media perpetuating sexualized racism and white supremacy? Are white women, in general in modern society, more attracted to black men than white men? I don t think white women in general are more attracted to black men than white men.

No, you are probably seeing more of this rejection than is really there, but I would say many more white women than ever are attracted to black men, judging from the visibility of the phenomenon and the rates of interracial marriage. Feminism has attacked the virility of white men, not black men. The white male provider keeping his wife in the kitchen is the oppressor, not the black man who never marries or supports women at all. You don t see feminists up in arms about rap singers who brag about throwing women against the wall. Yes, I do think whites are ashamed of their race and white men probably project less confidence. Multiculturalism has focused endlessly on the failings of white men. Also, in the absence of taboos regarding interracial coupling, that primal virility of the black man makes the white man vanish from view. As you say, advertisers and purveyors of popular culture are thrilled with the white woman and black man couple. It s transgressive and exciting and gets attention. These images are unbelievably powerful. It s not white supremacy so much as the supremacy of those who benefit materially from uninhibited desire and are relentlessly selling it because it s good for business. It s the supremacy of money over all human connections, the supremacy of body over soul. There are no institutions in America now that can effectively resist the purveying of endless liberation, which is really a form of enslavement and not liberating at all. Interracial marriages have a much higher rate of break down. It s probably true that some white women are viewing black men, whose virility has never been demonized by feminism, as sex objects. Perhaps they are a bit intoxicated. I don t think it is comparable to white men with black slaves though. Black men are quite free to turn white women down.

Are White Women Intoxicated by Black Men The Thinking

I assure you, many black women are more angered by this trend than you are. This whole black male/white female couplings repeatedly shown on U. S. American adverstiments, commercials, movies and so forth is projection on part of men in the artistic industry. The greatest minds in the arts are men (e. G. Painters, movie directors, fashion designers), men tend to have lower attraction floors (as opposed to women, who are on average more hypergamous), hence in the absence of restrictions they are more likely to miscegenate, and this can be seen in various Central-South American countries since they re full of mixed-raced people. For example, the South African Colored community has white Dutch paternal ancestry, whereas Ethiopians have Arab male paternal ancestry, and Puerto Ricans have white Spanish male paternal ancestry (all three of these large mixed-raced communities had black female ancestry). In most Spanish-speaking nations, Spanish males impregnated Amerindian females to create Mestizos, whereas the Portuguese males preferred Black females and that explains the high levels of genetic European ancestry in Brazil, since they re on average quadroon/octoroon (e. Evidenced by loose wavy hair strands, since black female hair is dry and nappy), but very inbred and not outbred at all (e. It s some men having sex with a lot of women, like polyamorous unions). In addition, most families and ethnicities frown on black males marrying their daughters. I ve gotten disapproval and odd looks not just from my own family, but also from English, Italians, French, Germans, Danish, Russians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Middle Easterners, South Asians, East Asians, South-east Asians and other places. Some of the resultant mulatta children (if they re any, since fertility rates for this relation are below-replacement and usually single mothers birth daughters) are disowned, whereas others aren t, but most biracial kids from these unions tend to be left wandering out in their mother s country since they re usually poor to middle-class and aren t in the mainstream media (very few of these girls are good-looking super-rich millionaires/billionaires). The whole black male/white female gets a lot of media attention because it s basically rare/abnormal, low-status, shameful for the family, and the unions typically end up divorce/separated (high levels of domestic violence since the black community is quite matriarchal and violence-prone). The biracial daughters sometimes don t have kids (infertile), whereas others end up having children with a low-class white male (mother s home country) since they were disowned and don t have a lot of monetary wealth. Black females also dislike black males veneturing outside of the black community, and don t want these biracial girls (yellow/brown-skinned) included with them. French, Italian), closely followed by a variety of Asian ethnicities.

It s kind of high-status for them to a have a light-skinned daughter in an arranged marriage, and one can t have a bright girl with a black-skinned male despite stereotypes (a Middle Eastern woman once mentioned this to me). How can it be that men are more likely to miscegenate than women? After all, they marry women. How can it be that men are more likely to “miscegenate” than women? That s generally true in most settings, communities and ethnicities. Both men and women intermarry. Or intermate, with people who share common cultural and ethnic features. But the biggest example of miscegenation on earth involves Central-South American countries, where single Spanish males (who didn t bring their own women with them) explored the New World and left mixed-raced Mestizos/Castizos and Mulattos/Quadroons behind. I m just pointing out the Spanish example, since I know that the United States of America is being flooded with lower-class illegal (Amerindian) immigrants. I met my black man in the mid seventies. He was afterall, singing on stage, very handsome, very sexy, and had this mesmerizing rhythm of the dance. On his break he asked me to slow dance. His demeanor was soft, and Sidney Poitier-like, in that he was well spoken and very, very charming. After the first sexual encounter I was so shaken that I thought I had committed a sin. I was the proverbial innocent little white girl. I had never even spoken to a black person in my middle class life. My wedding had been planned. This was a chance meeting, but ultimately I cancelled my wedding, and left town with the black singer.

I sunk into behavior that was completely out of my character, looking for ways to fix this man. He had not been raised by a broken family. He had two parents and lived in a nice area of New York. Still, the cultural differences between us in moral values, family values, and a number of other values in general, were there and were not going away. He had lied, sat on the sofa in my parents living room and asked for my hand in marriage from my father, a blue collar worker all his life and a man of values. This guy was already married and by the time I found out the truth, I was so deeply in love that I couldn’t turn back. My parents were convinced I’d lost my mind, but they had never spoken one word at the family dinner table about black people. Not once. We lived in the suburbs and were Catholic, conservative and family oriented…. Leave it to Beaver life, dinner on the table at five, in bed by nine. Yes, this could be any other white entertainer with a famous singing group with low morals, lies and deceit…. Sure it could. Hey, look at any singer, white or black and come up with the same value system. But whether the violence would be there is another question. This man hated women. One of his closest friends confided that to me after he once punched me in the stomach because I caught him with another woman. I’ve had enough years, enough PHD psychologist friends, and enough analyzing from so many on this, that I really have no answers to the scope of his psychological problems, or whether they were black or white or mixed or what…. Who knows.

I left when I felt that my life was very possibly in danger. I had also had thoughts of stabbing him while he was dozing off in the bubble bath. I had enough sense to know it was time to leave, and I left pregnant and without anywhere to go. My family had disowned me.

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