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I have a question about something that really bothers me and makes me feel very threatened and ashamed. Yeah, yeah, I know what you re going to say: Everyone is different with differing preferences, people tend to marry within their own race, yada yada yada. In this case, it s okay to make generalizations. Why? Because we are talking about societal trends. We are talking about changes to an entire system of different classes and cultures and sub-cultures who generally share collective attitudes and behavior. That is why I want to ask you this because here is what I see.

Biracial Actress Meghan Markle is Tied Romantically with

I see this as racism and white supremacy. It s nothing new, it s just now white women are allowed to do it to ethnic minorities. The only difference is that when white men did it, we were shamed/blamed and seen as the enemy and oppressor. This dichotomy is not applied to the white women who make ethnic minorities into fetishes. What is it?

Do you think it s racism? Do you think it s a cultural shift in male beauty standards? Is it a biological attraction that white women have for the darkest and most dominant men? Is it natural selection or what? I tell you what, if you go by genetic quality I am in the top 75% of men.

Are White Women Intoxicated by Black Men The Thinking

Yet, I still do not get the same attention or affirmation from white women as I see them give toward black men. It makes me feel ashamed. It makes me feel that these women are denouncing their heritage. That these women are ashamed of their race, the same race and culture handed down from their grandfathers, fathers, to brothers and cousins. Why is this happening?

Why is the media perpetuating sexualized racism and white supremacy? Are white women, in general in modern society, more attracted to black men than white men? I don t think white women in general are more attracted to black men than white men. No, you are probably seeing more of this rejection than is really there, but I would say many more white women than ever are attracted to black men, judging from the visibility of the phenomenon and the rates of interracial marriage. Feminism has attacked the virility of white men, not black men.

The white male provider keeping his wife in the kitchen is the oppressor, not the black man who never marries or supports women at all. You don t see feminists up in arms about rap singers who brag about throwing women against the wall. Yes, I do think whites are ashamed of their race and white men probably project less confidence. Multiculturalism has focused endlessly on the failings of white men. Also, in the absence of taboos regarding interracial coupling, that primal virility of the black man makes the white man vanish from view.

As you say, advertisers and purveyors of popular culture are thrilled with the white woman and black man couple. It s transgressive and exciting and gets attention.

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