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Plenty of Fish or known as POF is a free dating site that earns revenue through advertising, they operating in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Brazil and Ireland. It is not often the website goes down but when it does it can be due to scheduled maintenance updates, or outages no one can explain. There are millions of users and when there is an outage people will come forward saying they cannot access the dating site. Other issues that can occur include registration, not able to login. A few users have said previously that they have trouble uploading photos. Yet again, it is not often there are problems with POF. If you are having any problems with Plenty of Fish please do let us know what is wrong. Plenty of Fish status reports for Wednesday 65th of January 7568 To find out if Plenty of Fish is down right now, see reports below.

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Problems with Plenty of Fish? Share issues with Is Down Right Now readers: POF going down was madness yesterday, I wanted to find my perfect date and couldnt. Oh well at least i had a wine. Plenty of Fish was down for way too long, when it did finally come back online it went offline soon after.

All seems well. I tried to make a love story happen but POF was down, and i wasn t down with that, all them ladies missing out on such a lovely night out. Cupid was on strike and that is why POF was out of action. I think Cupid is wanting a pay rise but Plenty of Fluff was not having it so they went offline. POF is running smoothly for me, the other day was a complete nightmare when POF s website was down, but since then its all been good.

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I am unable to log-in to Plenty of Fish this morning. I am using the free one and not upgraded. I am not able to see who viewed me, not even able to view anyone else either. Not able to get Plenty of Fish connection, all i leep getting is no internet connection try again. Pof has stopped working This is the message i get, i am in London is anyone else having the same problem?

What is happening to POF today, trying to get online but will not let me? I can login to POF but not able to view profiles, surely they are either updating site or there is a glitch in the system. Not able to login to plenty of fish, is the website having an outage issue globally or is it location and individuality based? I seem to be having issues with Plenty of Fish today, i try to open on my mobile phone and it just shuts down on me. I cannot open any POF profiles, no matter what one i choose it will not open up.

I need so some answers. NOW. Why can t I get messages and can t see my profile this is get ridiculous. I about just about done with this site. I pay money to be on this site.

It s down what a surprise. It s the worst dating site ever i got banned for no reason the only thing i can think of is i reported an escort profile the day before i got banned but in the end I m the one ending up getting banned.

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