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Write for us. We love guest posts. We also pay per article for established authorsCheck out our learning portal. By relating to the emotions of the reader through narrative personal experiences and informative, research-based how-tos, we hope to incite health and joy by inspiring change from within. Do you find it difficult to sometimes find it difficult to communicate? I mean, we communicate every day. Either through physically speaking our. .

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I've lived a fairly wild sex life most of my life. Hundreds of one night stands and casual sex partners (I'm not exagerrating), swinger's parties,.

We all need some TLC, tender loving care, every once in awhile. Sometimes we have to make the time to create that for ourselves.

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It's called. An aspect of editing I love is witnessing the pleasure in the writing by contributors.

The work shared here bridges personal conviction and global. I think it's a social and cultural thing.

I'm as open as a book to anyone and everyone, and that to me. With her permission I was allowed to post this here because I really do think she.

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