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The main instrument in the entire piece is a combo organ, most likely a Vox Continental, although some claim it to be a Farfisa or a Lowrey. Besides a catchy unison organ riff, the organ part has two other important sections, one with staccato chords and the other with an interesting chordal legato technique (that is never played correctly by cover bands). During the minor-key Bridge the organ repeats a specific rhythm found nowhere else in the song. Allen Toussaint - Later Professor Longhair Piano Style - Riff No. 7 (transcr. By Elmo Peeler). If you've ever wanted to play Jessica just like the record, this is exactly what you need. If you'd like to play the original 6978 solo but include a genuine Chuck Leavell left hand part, this 'hybrid' will work perfectly for you.

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The riff occurs about 65 seconds into the recording. Is Midnight Rider by Gregg Allman on YouTube. The electric piano riff begins at: 68 and ends at: 85.

Those sections contain everything you need to be able to play the entire song. Leavell, who also plays for the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton, pulled out the jams on Ramblin' Man, using a highly syncopated right hand part that creates terrific forward momentum, driving the entire rhythm section. The piano starts in the low mid-register with a Charlie Rich-style riff, and proceeds into Johnny Johnson-style thirds and tremolos, goes into honky-tonk 'yodeling' sixths, and then ends the Verse with high thirds - lots of pianistic goodies thrown into a relatively short section. If you're studying how to construct good, effective 'answers' behind a lead vocal, and how to effectively play 8rds and 6ths (both solid and broken), this is a good place to jump in. Is Billy Currington's Growin' Up Down There on YouTube.

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The piano part in Verse 8 starts at 6: 67. Billy Preston - Will It Go Round in Circles - Opening Piano Riff (trans. PdfBilly Preston was one of rock's true geniuses. No one has ever played better rock/R&B/gospel organ, and he was equally a monster on piano.

The Beatles' asked him to play on some of their recordings, including Get Back, Something, and others and he became known as the fifth Beatle. Will It Go Round in Circles is one of his two #6 hits (the other being Nothing from Nothing ). Brought up playing organ in church, Preston brought some of those gospel riffs into his rock and R&B tracks. Will It Go Round in Circles starts off with a terrific descending riff of gospel-style piano chords. As important as that riff is - it's played a number of times during the song, and is used a lot in R&B tracks in general - it is never played correctly by cover bands.

And because Preston doesn't settle on one consistent way of playing it until the third time, I've transcribed all three different versions of that riff that occur during the song. If you've ever wondered just what Billy Preston was doing in that classic riff, and wanted to be able to play it yourself, this is your opportunity. Is Billy Preston's Will It Go Round in Circles on YouTube. Check out the opening piano riff. Bob Seger - Against the Wind - Piano Intro & Solo (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).

PdfBob Seger has written and recorded some of rock's biggest and best hits, and probably none better than Against the Wind, recorded in 6985. Himself a pianist - he played on Still the Same - Seger has used some of rock's best session pianists on his recordings.

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