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The Havoc Pit Boss s short compact body is perfect for getting in and out of cover, and its action is second to none. I designed the Pit Boss to mimic bait fish, as well as, crayfish. It s the perfect size to match the most common forage sizes and has the best possible action to get bites in all conditions. - Skeet ReeseComments: For those that use a T-Rig for the Pit Boss, give the Jika Rig a try. I make my own with a 7/5 Gamakatsu EWG, 7 small split rings and a tungsten drop shot weight. Swagger Tackle sells the tungsten drop shot weights with the circular rather than than pinched/wedge eye found on most drop shot weights. I buy he unpainted so I can add the colors myself. Like ProTec green pumpkin powder paint. The jika rig with a Pit Boss is a deadly set-up. I have caught monster Smallmouth and Northern on this rig. I would call it a hybrid of the t-rig and a drop shot. Very sensitive, doesn't snag often, and excellent action. Comments: A very effective, versatile, and affordable bait. You can swim it, C-rig, T-rig, shakey head, or even buzz it across the surface. It may nit be my go-to, but I always have some on me, especially when fishing new water, due to the versatility. I typically use the 9, but have found the 8 to be especially effective on a small shakey head when fishing clear, shallow waters. Thus bait will be catching fish for some time to come and is a very affordable staple for any lover of soft plastics. But over all amazing lure and will be buying more! Two packs in Big Texan, one 9in and one 8in. No two baits in either pack are even remotely similar in color, and only two baits in the 8in bag have the orange/ yellowish belly I was hoping for. Affordable baits that produce, but color consistency in Big Texan truly disappointing. Comments: I fish is a pond where huge fish lurk in very shallow water.

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My friend caught a 68 pounder in it. Skimming a pit boss across the surface is the only way I will ever fish there. When I am fishing lakes I like to t rig them with a 6/9 ounce bullet weight and skim it across the bottom. Will be buying moreFrom: Caleb: Salisbury, CT 9/65/67 Comments: There's just something about this bait that just flat out catches bass. Caught my PB on a Pitboss casting shallow. As soon as it hit the water she darted toward it and attacked, missed the hookset but she came right back for it a second time. Smallmouth bass also crush them, somewhat resembles a tube but with more action. Green Pumpkin Big Texas are go-to colors on my local clear water. At a price that won't break the bank, pick up a couple packages. You won't be disappointed! ! Comments: I put these on swim jig and I just plain t rig these they flat out catch fish but there is a lack of durabilityComments: Still one of the best lures out there on the market. I just got back from fishing a high pressured pond in front of my neighborhood right before a storm down here in Houston threw all kinds of baits with no reaction. So I went back to a basic Texas rig of a 6/9 tungsten 8/5 owner twist lock with an okeechobee craw colored pit boss because of how dirty the water was. About ten casts in a 9lber smashed it about choked on it. Comments: I absoloutley love this bait! It is my first choice when i go pond hopping because it is easy to rig and the action on this thing is beast. When you have a sliding weight on the bait will stand upright and as it goes down deeper the legs will flutter and catch a fishes attention. I fully recommend this bait for the everyday angler.

Comments: I can swear by these things. I catch fish all year with these in all conditions. DEADLY when bounced off of trees with a 6/8 tungsten weight. Bass attack these things, they basically set the hook themselves. BUY THEM! Who cares about durability, they catch fish undoubtedly and they're cheap. Comments: I've been using the Pit Boss for years recently landed my personal best 66lb 9oz largemouth on a 9 big texan. The profile is perfect for punching mats they stand up and wave their arms at the fish when hopped along the bottom. There's also a nice little pocket for the hook point which keeps them weedless without hindering hook-sets. Amazing bait at an amazing price. Comments: I got on my freinds boat he had a pack of the 9inch big Texans and I Texas rigged them with the 7/5 off set round bend ( you can go up to 9/5 ) I use the whole pack and got 79 fish in the boat now I have 7 packs coming in\Comments: These things are the bees knees. Def recommend these! Comments: Love these things! At first i wasn't so sure, but when I fished these with a straight retrieve I caught 8 Bass over 8+ in about 7 minutes! Great baits. Comments: I have used a lot of other soft plastics and I have never used a bait that I can cast on the first cast and catch fish. For the price you can't go wrong and all of the Havoc baits are awesome. But the only problems I seem to have are that they tear on the 8 or 9 fish but it is okay because a bait that cost cheep and works i'll keep on buying. Comments:

The 8 inch version in Okeechobee color is the best lure to use when you are punching hyacinth mats in central Florida where I live. I've caught many 7-8 pound bass consistently on the pit boss. My friends personal best large mouth bass was also caught on this lure which weighed in at 68 pounds 67 ounces! Comments: I was fishing late with about an hour of daylight and I had just bought a pack of these in Big Texan. I put it on a cheap black and orange jig and a few minutes before the sun went totally down I landed a largemouth that was so big my spinning reel would not reel anymore once it got out of the water. I had to hold the line with my hand and drag the bass onto land because my rod and reel could not handle this fatty. Berkley is great for softbaits and the Pit Boss is another quality Berkley softbait, especially as a trailer. Comments: This is a great bait and has many applications. A green pumpkin Pit Boss and a bluegill swim jig will catch you bass all day long! Comments: Fantastic bait. Comments: The Pit Boss is an awesome all-conditions bait- the outer arms have a great fluttering action while the inner arms are always at rest. The resulting movement is very convincing and I can't count the number of times I thought a baitfish was approaching the boat only to realize it was my bait. Green Pumpkin on a 6/9 oz. Texas rig and you can't go wrong. Best new bait I picked up in 7569. Comments: Best compact creature bait on the market. Especially lethal in grass and thick weeds and is a good punching bait. The action is great but subtle enough to appeal to both aggressive and sluggish bass. Comments: Best craw I've ever used, have caught fish on them Texas rigged, jig trailered, and topwater.

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