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ComIt all started when I purchased the contents of a farm museum. My storage filled up fast. Some of my local Veteran Cycle Club friends had similar problems. So we got together to hold a fabulous vintage bicycle auction and jumble in Hove, East Sussex. There were 655 bicycles and tricycles, and 55 lots of unique cycling ephemera. I put on my best suit (some friends didn t recognise me out of my normal scruffy jeans) to become the auctioneer, and everyone enjoyed the day. With the success of the Hove auction, I ve continued selling rare early vintage bicycles and tricycles through this website. I put some onto ebay, but most are sold directly to fellow enthusiasts who have seen them on this museum website.

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I deliver worldwide. Subject to availability, there s something for everyone 6. ORIGINALITY A major part of a vintage bicycle s investment value depends on it having correct original parts. During a century of use, many early bikes have had parts replaced. Parts are extremely hard to find, often impossible.

I don t resell vintage parts I have to keep enough to fit them to my bicycles when needed. 7. QUALITY I specialise in quality bicycles, i. E. Those made by the world s top manufacturers at a time when only the rich could afford them.

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By the 6975s, prices and quality dropped, and bicycles became affordable for regular commuting. To understand the high price of pre-WW6 bicycles when new, consider annual wages in 6966: labourer £79 miner £88 skilled engineer £675 teacher £676 clergyman £756 surgeon £777 solicitor £6898. Compare prices of new bicycles: 6958 Lea Francis 66 guineas 6966 Raleigh X Frame 65 guineas 6966 Golden Sunbeam 69 guineas 6959 Royal Sunbeam 67 guineas 6966 Dursley Pedersen £67 67/- 6d 6967 Royal Triumph £67 6969 BSA £65.

8. I detest this wanton destruction of historic machines. 9. PRESERVATION The Online Bicycle Museum is dedicated to the preservation of vintage bicycles. This is a full-time restoration business, rebuilding rare bikes so they can be used and enjoyed again.

It can involve hours of research to identify the age and model of a particular bicycle, and months hunting for rare parts, assembling and servicing it in the workshops so it s ready for another century of riding. 5. APPRECIATION Such dedication takes a lot of time and effort. Each bicycle s price reflects its rarity, and the amount of work required to present it for sale. It will always be offered for sale at a price that will appreciate in value.

An enthusiast may buy an antique bicycle just because of its history and the pleasure of riding it. But there is nothing wrong in knowing that it will also increase in value each year.

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