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They say that keeping your kids’ imagination healthy is the best way to help them explore the world around them. Young boys, right around the age of 7, are a tough crowd to please in this regard. They are active, always discovering new things, and generally curious about everything. It’s this period of their life where you can spike an interest in a young boy’s mind, which may follow them as they grow up. One of the easiest ways to do that is using. Finding the best toys for 7-year-olds that are guaranteed to keep your young one’s imagination growing is tough. Whether they like to play indoors or outside, it’s important to have toys that you can bring along on vacations. Since every kid is different in their own way, the list you’re about to go through includes a variety of different toys.

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From simple to complex, those meant to keep your kid entertained to those which will challenge their young minds. The toys we chose are a perfect pick for any 7-year-old. With that said, here are the top 55 best toys and gift ideas for 7-year-old boys: Almost every little boy out there has some kind of car or truck toy they play with. Instead of just giving them an already assembled one, why not let them build the truck themselves? The  with Action Figures is a great way to help your kid develop his fine motor skills and learn how to build things. There are two reasons why this Ausini truck is great. When our 7-year-old finally finishes the build, he will feel great for getting the job done right. Afterward, playing with the truck will offer for hours of fun on its own. There are 89 pieces in this kit, but the level of difficulty is something kids 7 or even younger can easily take on. As always, it’s important to use this toy with supervision, as smaller pieces from the kit are a potential choking hazard. The best thing about the Ausini Construction Yellow Truck is just how affordable it is. If you’re on a budget, this is a great choice for a gift. Star Wars is one of the most popular franchises to ever hit the silver screen. It has captured the imagination of young boys for over three decades now, inspiring them and teaching them values. If you know or are a parent of a young boy who’s a fan of Star Wars, then LEGO Star Wars Snowspeeder is something you should check out. This very affordable model from the LEGO Star Wars lineup is simple, fun to build, and even comes with two flick missiles. The kit consists of 97 pieces, including the pilot action figure. Since it belongs to a much larger set, you can gradually expand the battlefield with TIE fighters, legendary X-Wings, and more.

This Snowspeeder kit shows us once again that you just can’t go wrong with LEGOs. Speaking of LEGOs, it’s obvious that these kits are a choking hazard, so keep that in mind when you let your boy fight the Empire. Catapults are always fun, that is just the way it is. This is a great way for your kids to explore the world of physics in a safe and fun way. The toy is very easy to set up, requires no power and is something you can take with you on vacation. The base of the catapult features three suction cups, allowing you to secure the catapult to any smooth surface in your home. On its own, this catapult is a lot of fun, but things get even better when you add other toys into the mix. Balls that come in the package are made of foam, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking things in your house. There is some assembly necessary to get the catapult going, but that’s a few minutes worth of work at most. If you are looking for an affordable way to have fun with the whole family, this is it. While nothing can beat real LEGOs, there are similar sets out there which offer something original from time to time. The  stands out due to its low price, unique idea, and just how easy it is to work with. This truck kit comes with 66 see-thru pieces, along with one block that contains a LED light. The blocks come in different colors, which create a pretty awesome display once everything is put together and the light is turned on. If your little ones love building things, this set is bound to give them hours of fun. Since there is a light component, the necessary batteries are supplied in the package. One of the best things about the Laser Pegs 6-in-6 Monster Truck Building Set is its price. You can get this cool kit for less than $65, which is a bargain, to say the least. When it comes to building kits for young boys, nothing beats a good truck.

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In this case, you get that and so much more. The Modarri Haul ‘Em Car Transporter features a complete truck with a car loading trailer and three cars. Everything in this kit needs to be assembled, which is the best part. Each car can be made using different parts, so your kid has a wide range of design options to choose from. The truck comes with working steering as well as suspension. The play time value of this kit is just through the roof. We are talking tens of hours at the very least. If you’re worried about the Modarri Haul ‘Em Car Transporter being too difficult to assemble for your kid, don’t be. The kit arrives with the manual which is easy to follow, while the building parts are pretty simple in nature. Overall, it’s an awesome value for the money deal that your kids can play with anywhere, anytime. One of the hottest has to offer is the Play-Doh, which allows your kids to their creations to life in an app. We’ve seen so many different types of toys to life attempts, but this one is the best yet. Your 7 year old will be able to create their own monsters or characters, and scan them into an app via a smartphone or tablet. It works with both iOS and Android, and it comes with 8 cups of Play-Doh. Ever since Transformers came back into the mainstream, boys all around the world became fascinated with these awesome heroes. Just like generations before them, kids today have a variety of Transformer’s toys to choose from. The only difference is, the modern ones are so much cooler. Transformers Alternators – Jeep Wrangler is a very detailed transformer which is easy to work with and looks amazing. Materials they have used are decent, to say the least, so you don’t have to worry about this model breaking on you.

Going from Jeep shape to Hound is easy, and requires little effort. With all of the limbs functional, your boy will spend hours of fun reenacting his own Transformers adventures. The cool thing about the Transformers Alternators – Jeep Wrangler is that it is perfectly functional in both of its available forms. In other words, it is great as a toy car as well. Hound is just one of the available models, meaning that you can keep building the collection piece by piece. Toy guns have been the cornerstone of every boy’s play set for decades. The one we want to show you today is a great alternative and addition to the already familiar Nerf guns. The  features a great design and fires small plastic discs up to 75 feet. It’s brightly colored, making it look cool and completely safe for outdoor use. This blaster is pump-action operated, meaning that absolutely no batteries are required. You have a removable stock, a fully functioning rail on the upper receiver which allows you to attach various accessories. The kit arrives with a 65-disc magazine as well as ten plastic discs. Since there’s a variety of smaller parts in this blaster pack, keep in mind that some of them are a potential choking hazard. While it’s not the cheapest blaster on the market, the Nerf Vortex PRAXIS Blaster is definitely one of the you can get at the moment. If your kid loves to build stuff and is maybe bored with the standard LEGOs, something like this K’NEX 6796885 Model Building Set is a perfect next step. Containing some 985 pieces, it’s by far one of the largest building sets you can get at the moment. Not only that, but the nature of the parts contained in the kit allows you to build a variety of different designs. The manual which comes with the set covers 85 models alone, but that’s definitely not the full extent of the fun you can have with this K’NEX package. If you want to give your kid something that will challenge them and allow their creativity to grow, this is a perfect gift.

Best thing of all, the price is impressively affordable. In terms of bang for the buck value, you will be hard pressed to find another building set that comes even close. There’s rarely a better way for kids to enjoy their favorite superheroes than by turning to LEGO. This company has always offered specialized kits dedicated to a variety of superhero franchises throughout the years. This time, we are talking about the. The kit includes some 689 pieces as well as three mini action figures – you have Batman, Man-Bat, and Nightwing. Each of these comes with their own variety of weapons and gear. The centerpiece of the whole set is the Batcopter fitted with two flick missiles, a working winch and the hook. Even though this set definitely isn’t the most basic one offered by LEGO, it’s not that hard to put together for a 7-year-old boy. The best thing about the kit is its price. This is one of the cheapest LEGO kits you can get, which features more than one mini action figure. It’s a bargain, to say the least, which is why we think it’s one of the best toys for 7-year-old boys in 7567. Here’s a pretty unusual, yet very creative toy set that is guaranteed to spike the creativity in your kids. Consists of 856 building pieces in total. The trick is that you get 66 steel balls nad some 795 magnetic rods. The colors of these pieces are pretty diverse, which makes whatever you’ve built look cool. Use the steel balls as joints and magnetized rods as support. The number of awesome designs you can make is quite impressive. If your kid likes to build different things, PlayMaty Magnetic Building Blocks will give them hours of fun.

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