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Katy Janousek, Sexual Health Coordinator at the University Health Center, advises people to confront their significant others in-person rather than over text. Also, in a society that’s advancing technologically every day, important communication skills can be lost in a sea of social media and smart phones. We focus on how long it takes our partner to text us back, how many of our Instagram pictures they like or who else they’re following on social media. “People are relying on social media and technology to create this second face of themselves, ” said Heather Cohen, a graduate teaching assistant for communication studies. “We miss out on all these non-verbal cues that are so important to knowing things about your romantic partner. Facial expressions, body movements and para-language are just a few of the many non-verbal expressions that allow others to better understand how we’re feeling. During moments of miscommunication, couples will last longer if they know how to convey feelings in a compassionate, clear way. Using “I” language helps your partner understand how you’re feeling without placing the blame on them.

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“’I’ statements help you separate your emotions out from what you’re really feeling versus what you’re putting out there. Instead of saying ‘You make me mad when you come home late, ’ express your emotions using “I” language. While technology can be a convenient tool for making plans or having small talk, it’s not the most efficient when dealing with disagreements between two partners. Try not to air your grievances on the Internet. “When it’s written, it can be really challenging to understand the tone or if there’s sarcasm. People take for granted how much communication is non-verbal, ” said Katy Janousek, Sexual Health Coordinator at the University Health Center.

It’s important for you and your partner to let each other know what you’re comfortable doing and discussing. Whether it’s an agreement to not bring up problems of the past, call each other names or raise your voices at one another, creating these rules can help you both stay calm and focus on the topic at hand. “[Know] each other’s boundaries and respect them, ” Hope said. “Setting limits on addressing issues is also important. ”Listening to your partner and hearing them are two very different things. One allows you to understand your partner’s emotions while the other prevents you from understanding them at all.

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“College students don’t listen to understand, they listen to speak. People can be less concerned with hearing what the other person needs and wants and more concerned with expressing their own opinions, ” said Annika Karlsen, a research assistant for human development and family sciences. Our emotions not only have a mental toll on us, but they reflect in our body as well. When you’re arguing with your partner, it’s important to recognize when you’re becoming overwhelmed. “If the conversation is getting elevated, listen to your body, ” Karlsen said. “It’s easier to recognize how your body is feeling rather than how you might want to express yourself in that moment.

” Physical factors to pay attention to include an increased heart rate, shortness of breath and feeling flushed. Remember that it’s okay to take a break from the argument if you need to calm down and come back to the conversation when you’re both feeling more level-headed. Abuse is not just physical, it’s emotional as well. “It’s important for college students to recognize that you always need to be your top priority and your biggest advocate. Communication isn’t always easy. “Disagreements and a range of emotions, including anger and frustration, are normal and healthy, ” Janousek said.

“As long as it’s within those confines of maintaining respect. ”Caron Hope and Katy Janousek are both available to speak confidentially with students for free at the. “Classic rock ’n’ roll funk” is not how one would describe many of the boutiques in downtown A new president was inaugurated yesterday, and reactions were mixed. Some were filled with h Veblen, the heroine of Elizabeth McKenzie's best-selling novel, “The Portable Veblen, ” finds herself toting a portable typewriter and talking In recognition of the foodie holiday, here are five of the best places in Athens to sample some chocolate cake. ' phone and also a TV set and at age 55 am realizing more quickly than (as a bit of gambler 'sporting man) I would have ever guessed, that the world I grew up within is a far cry from the one in which kids these days now operate. To wit, I am confident in my recall that in my youth made love with at least several (certainly more than 'a few') women without ever --in some cases ever speaking a word with them, far more without ever knowing their names.

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