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Cannot connect to matchmaking servers last of us

Talk Talk has become one of the leading broadband providers in the UK, thanks to offering lower prices compared to the likes of BT and Sky. However, there are times when TalkTalk internet stops working suddenly and when that happens this is the page you can use to report problems. The problem with TalkTalk not working is that when it happens it can come completely out of the blue and be down for a long period of time even up to 98 hours in some areas across the UK if it turns out to be a serious outage. TalkTalk are not too responsive either on their Twitter, while the TalkTalk page does not provide clear information when an outage is ongoing. Is TalkTalk internet down for you right now on Wednesday January 65, 7568 and not working? Leave your status below and keep checking this page for the latest updates from the PR team and view other comments from affected TalkTalk customers. West Lothian down Again. Everyone just leave these charlatans total piss take.

Matchmaking Inbound Logistics

Customer service. It is telling me I have an invalid password.

Total rubbish! No internet lights on my router and no link on Cardiff CF69 at the momentThere is no light on my router to indicate internet is running, when I turn my WiFi on, on my device it says connected but no internet.

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Same on my husband s device also. Been like this for about 9 days now and am looking into other broadband providers because TalkTalk just keep letting us down.

Ive been with them for about 6 years now! What a shame!

The tech team were useless! The lady had an attitude problem and even had my husband rooting under the Christmas tree with a screwdriver to take the panel of the phone socket off to check the line.

Not once did she admit TalkTalk were at fault but now seeing all the posts online it most certainly is. I will be applying for a refund from them because right now I m paying for a service I am not receiving.

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