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This is one of those divinely enduring and compatible matches we all dream of in our most frantic moments (but most would find stifling if they really had to contend with it). Being two earth signs, the Virgo woman and Capricorn man are able to commit and persevere, essentials of a long term union. Earth signs are conservative by nature, the placeholders of society, and what everyone is talking about when they refer to married, with children. Nothing too exciting here, just maturity, duty and security. You d probably gravitate toward each other in any gathering. Except that neither one of you is likely to be found gathering! The best way to run into this lady, therefore, is at work. She flirts a lot, but it s absolutely meaningless.

Virgo Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility Zodiac

Just a way to keep the space around her inviolate yet not be rude. Approach her in a serious, mannerly fashion and you re already miles ahead of the competition. She ll find your shyness uber-exciting. Second, say what you mean. And for God s sake mean what you say. This lady s discriminating taste rises to contempt very easily. It s best to start out with a workday lunch then escalate daringly to Saturday night. You can do it! This man is used to hiding his interest to minimize chances of rejection. He plays indifferent (stuffy and businesslike) when he really lusts after just about every one. He will probably be delighted if you flirt with him and will eat out of your hand if you touch him lightly on the arm while doing so. It s sensuality he s after not sexuality so know the difference. A few blushes with averted eyes and he ll want to keep you forever. Please don t lead this dear guy on. He takes flirting seriously and could really be hurt. He doesn t deserve that. Save your outrageous dalliances for the beefy extraverts. Romance is deeply ingrained in these two. Both are modest, self effacing, and inclined to put the other one up on a pedestal. Virgo, expect him to bring you a bouquet of violets or forget-me-nots rather than a flashy brassy dozen red roses. No, he s not cheap, My Dear. It s called class. Degree of Passion:

Expect two earth signs together to be, well, very earthy. Many a Virgo love goddess has graced the silver screen and a Virgo beloved can make her lover s dreams come true. This is a woman the Capricorn man will absolutely cherish. She will be very patient with him. Just don t expect to hear about her past (she has one), Cappie. These two are rather self sufficient but they can be good buddies to one another, especially if they share a common responsibility. Both have impeccable integrity. Protocol will be followed meticulously except when Virgo periodically goes off the deep end. At those times Cappie will be both fatherly and captivated. Would I be stretching it if I said earth signs marry to guarantee a steady supply of this commodity? If it must end it will be death by Virgo because Capricorn couldn t stand the guilt or sense of failure. My Capricorn story hurts. I was married when we met out dancing. He s a Taurus ascendent and me a Virgo with Scorpio rising it s serious physical attraction. Anyway, we kissed on this first night and then went our separate ways for a month. I have never felt such electricity with another human being. We are from such different worlds me Christian, him Muslim. Me financially stable, he starving artist. Me married, him independent and free. I have separated from my husband now for a whole catalogue of other reasons. He blames himself. He worries he can t provide for me. He does all the typical Capricorn hot and cold stuff.

Capricorn man Scorpio woman Compatible Astrology com

I hope that we can meet again in another life where we can be soul mates together without all this worry and strife. He s constantly on my mind, a bittersweet tragedy. I m a Capricorn. My ex is a Virgo. She was quite a handful that one. I mean she would not talk to me for weeks when she was upset. I mean who does that? She wanted to be listened to always but she never listened to what I had 7 say. Virgo women are the worst. The only good thing about them is that they are really loyal. I was married to cap iam a Virgo my cap didn t help at all and was always on some sex web site I find caps to be sweet but moral respect no there we have children all Girls and he was always watching porn they will work but the finace is always bad with them they don t know how to manage money at all, they don t know how to enjoy life negative is there middle name complain all the time Virgo and Capricorn not good match VirgoI agree there is this unspoken understanding, chemistry between the two. I m a Virgo gal and met this Cap guy, it was lie i have known him for years and he tells me stuff about himself his past, hes very open and i m the opposite i dont like talkin about myself and not open. I really like him alot and so is he. It doesn t sit well with me knowing he will be cheating on his galfriend with me. I see him everyday and there is something mutually developing between us. Please give me advice on what to do. Should i not see him anymore until he has made a decision on who he wants in his life or go with the flow? Met Capricorn man on line ( I am Virgo female ) He told me to search compatibility of Capricorn man and Virgo lady, and this come out, We haven t meet yet, because I am married still to a boring Leo guy (lol I know it wont last since I joined dating site) but we tex a lot at the moment, its just he made my day exciting will see what happen next 🙂I am a Virgo woman and 8 years ago met a Capricorn man. We met at work on my second day and our attraction was instant. We laughed a lot, and his charm and cheekiness won me over. We both used to talk of butterflies in our stomach and how nervous we made each other. But so did the darkness. His moods could cut shapes in the room and he was so possessive and controlling.

As an independent Virgo I used to leave his house to go back to my own for some me time and to catch up with friends. He would start rows with me and accuse me of seeing other men, so my free time would be spent arguing back. I never had time to do anything as he would get weird on me. After 68 months I fleed. Sneaked out my stuff as we had lived together for a while. I ll never forget the hysterical cries of a child begging me to come home when my stuff wasnt there. He said he didnt want to live without me. He cooked for me, ran baths for me, paid for everything, bought me whatever I needed, took days off work to take me to courses for my work. I ve always known Capricorns to be generous. And he was. Against my better judgement my heart went out to him. I declined invites to meet him as I knew he would win me back. I could never resist him and his touch. What I didnt know is that his life was a mess financially, he had two timed his girlfriend numerous times and his dark moods had persisted. We had only spoken the week before. Everyone was surprised he did it even his family. I wasn t. Guess I just knew. No matter what he put me through (and I was no angel either) I truly loved that man and always will. I m a Capricorn male and my first girlfriend was a Virgo. Our similarities made for instant chemistry, but that fizzled-out eventually since there was hardly any contrast. We are both submissive and shy so communication and problem-solving was a disaster! Our passion was only in the bedroom and our conversations never really went anywhere.

I find virgo ladies very smart, mature and very accurate, cappy man as the same. Both of them as quite responsible about their works. One cappy man, who i intorduced my other virgo friend also broke up recently and told me, One morning, i woke up next to her and just thought that i had to break up with her. Geezz. . I just think cappy s too coldi am taurus girl lived with a virgo girl for 9yrs. My roommate had boyfriend who was cappy for 5yrs and i knew both of them since they were kid. Everything was ok when they used to go out as a couple. However when they were married after 6yr of dating, moving in to our house, things began to turn as disaster. But Firstly, I must say. Virgo ladies are very sentitive but not sensitive when they act on their ideas. I was pretty upset with my decision to let his couple in my house, because this virgo girl kept making noises even late in night, make masses with dinner party with her friends at home, Drink lots of wine, got drunk and never cleans kitchen (Although herself hates dust and germs). She nailed the walls of the house to change interior without asking me before hand, brought dirty(not clean! ) carpets, secondhand vintage furnitures, moved things in living room without my opinion Now, i am taurus and understand virgo s nature. They are active, witty, teaser, leadery figure and creative, but many times they get fixed with their ideas and ideal images and take actions without considering others. Sometimes their cause of action was so selfish and self-righteous, i found them in many fights(and they are never scared to fight which is very great from my point of view). The capricon man, on my observation was quite passive, responsible and rather be nurtured intellectually than emotionally. He thinks and acted, not much meow bow wow. HE loved the energy and praticality part of virgo girl. She was also a very good manager, me and her boyfriend was very proud to know her and of her achievements everytime. However, when he saw her problem he never tried to save her or solve her problem. I was angry when he left her alone, because i thought that s so mean. But he told me that this was because he and her shares same problems and both of them do not know how to approach to the answers.

I saw that quite cold hearted. Also, i have realised when the virgos fall in love they get blinded and do everything for their lover, but it actually makes their lover a little hard, Cos they take action first and do everything, then fight the other side by not give anything back or not follow the way they want.

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