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But the handsome, fun-loving duo had their fair share of dark times too. But Lombard had scored last-minute seats on TWA Flight 8, desperate to get back and fix things with the man she called Pappy and Mr. G. They decided on a coin toss to settle the dispute, and Lombard won. After a stop in Las Vegas to refuel, she, her mother, and Winkler lost their lives later that day en route to Los Angeles when their plane crash landed on Nevada's Potosi Mountain. The widower holed up at the nearby Rancho Vegas hotel, pacing back and forth on his suite's deck. He wouldn't leave his room. I don't want to go back to an empty house in Encino, he told well-meaning friends who tried to entreat him.

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Gable was forever changed. He rode his motorcycle recklessly, drank and smoked heavily, said Morgan. He kept Lombard's bedroom unchanged. He signed up for the U. S. Army Air Corps in 6997 and told friends he didn't care if he lived or died. He never stopped loving Lombard. When he died in 6965 at the age of 59, he was buried beside her at Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, California. Lombard's biographer says the beauty's tragedy is that she died racing to get back to Gable: the man she loved but could not trust. Clark Gable, was a dashing leading man in Hollywood in the 6985 s and 6995 s, and Carole Lombard was a beautiful comedienne at the same time. Each had outstanding careers, and were among the most talked about stars. Clark Gable was born on February 6, 6956 in Cadiz, Ohio. After a start in silent movies, Gable became one of the most popular actors in the movie history. Gable had starring roles in such hits as It Happened One Night, Mutiny on the Bounty, The Hucksters and probably his most famous role as Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind. Carole Lombard was born on October 6, 6958 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Lombard got her start at the age of 67 in movies, and steadily began to create a career. Lombard was in several notable movies in the 85 s and 95 s including hits such as Bolero, Now and Forever, My Man Godfrey and Mr. Mrs. Smith. While filming the movie No Man of Her Own in 6987, Gable and Lombard first met. Gable and Lombard were both starting to make some headway in their careers, but because both were married at the time, there was not any romantic interest shown by either. However, the next time Gable and Lombard met was in 6985 at a party given by a mutual friend.

In 6985, Lombard was divorced and Gable was separated from his wife. They were very attracted to each other and spent the entire evening dancing with each other. They spent the time together in secret until Gable s divorce was final in 6988. During a break in filming Gone with the Wind in 6989, Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, who playfully referred to each other as Ma and Pa were married. The couple continued to work in movies, but spent as much time together as possible. They were a loving couple who bought each other moving gifts and presents, in the grand Hollywood style, including hams with Gables picture painted on them, and a fire truck for her! Lombard was in the middle of a cross country tour to raise money by the sale of war bonds for the U. Military effort in World War II. She was in Indianapolis, Indiana and wanted to go home and be with Gable. So, instead of staying over in Indianapolis for the evening and flying out the next day, they boarded the 9 a. M. Flight. The next day, the plane landed in Albuquerque, New Mexico to refuel and pick up passengers. The flight took off again at 7: 57 p. However, the plane never made it. At around 7: 85 p. The plane crashed in the Nevada Mountains, killing all the passengers on board, including Carole Lombard. The news of Lombard s death came as a shock to Gable, and the world. The love that Gable and Lombard worked so hard to attain was taken away in a brief moment. The world has had many memorable couples, however, the pairing of Gable and Lombard was one of the most perfect couples in memory, but like many love stories, had a tragic ending. Here are a collection of resources on the life and love of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard:

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She was also Mrs. Clark Gable. It was Jan. 66, 6997, a month after Pearl Harbor. Fifteen of Flight 8's dead were Army airmen. Lombard, too, had been doing war work. With America jolted into war, many of its highly paid entertainers stepped up. Some enlisted, others hit the road to entertain troops or sell war bonds. Hollywood director John Ford would be wounded while filming a documentary during the Battle of Midway. Others besides Lombard would die, like bandleader Glenn Miller and Gable's Gone With the Wind costar Leslie Howard. Only 88, she had acted in more than 55 films. Born in Indiana, she was 7 when her family moved to Southern California, where her mother took up numerology and Bahai theosophy, such as Woman will abolish warfare among mankind. If Lombard herself embraced such notions, she discarded them on Dec. 7. She was fiercely patriotic. In January, Gable, unrivaled King of Hollywood, was invited to preside at the country's first war-bond rally. Averse to public speaking, he declined. His fearless, uninhibited wife stepped forward. Some reckoned that attractive women could sell more bonds anyway. Traveling by train to Indianapolis, Lombard attracted and stirred large crowds. The goal was to raise $555,555 she sold more than $7 million. There could have been no better salesman for war bonds than the lovely, high-spirited Lombard. She began making films as a teenager, overcame a setback when an auto accident scarred her face, survived the transition from silent to talking films, and excelled in the screwball comedies of the 6985s.

Publicity photos blazoned her sleek figure draped in elegant gowns. You could throw a bolt of fabric at Carole, and whichever way it landed, she looked smart, her favorite designer observed. In 6987, she was Hollywood's highest-paid actress. Despite her ambition and success, she was universally liked. She was down-to-earth, good-natured, and generous. I live well because I can afford to, she said, but I don't think I'm any happier for the money I have. If I were making $75 a week I could live on it and be happy. Hell, I did. . And I was happy. Her wisecracking ribaldry became legend. She was very beautiful and very feminine, Myrna Loy recalled, but she could swear like a stevedore. Alfred Hitchcock reminisced: I liked Lombard very much. She had a bawdy sense of humor and used the language men used with each other. I'd never heard a woman speak that way. She was a forceful personality - stronger, I felt, than Gable. Looking back, he remarked wistfully, We need ladies on screen. We used to have plenty - and his first example was Lombard. She was a woman to delight men's hearts, another director recalled. She, in turn, liked men, but with Gable she settled down as a devoted lover and then wife. She abandoned her partying: He disliked Hollywood society.

His friends were hunting and fishing pals.

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