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On a warm, quiet night, Lauren lay in bed listening, through her open bedroom window, to the deep moans of an unknown woman that was repeatedly brought near climax, only to be edged back from her orgasmic bliss. Lauren’s husband, dead to the world in a deep sleep, lay next to her, oblivious of the other woman but thirty feet outside their window, being ravaged by Jason, who had been their best man just three years ago. He was staying in their guest house just behind the swimming pool for a few days, but from the loud noises the lust filled couple was making, they clearly hadn’t made it inside before they were overcome with passion. The stranger’s moans began again and Lauren could hear her begging Jason to let her come. Lauren knew the sexual frustration and need well, as listening to them through her bedroom window had driven her into a sexual fog of lust of her own. Lauren’s body was on fire, and she too needed release. Standing near a window, peering into the darkness of the night, she could just make them out in the shadows, their bodies reflecting a light glow from the pool lamps which cast a soft light. Lauren couldn’t see faces, but the body of a naked woman, flat on her back, legs spread, and Jason’s head buried in her pussy, was clear enough to make her own juices flow, dampening the small thong that Lauren had worn to bed.

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The moaning grew louder and more intense, as Lauren watched Jason pleasure her. She could even hear the jagged breathing and gasps for air, now competing with Lauren’s own jagged breathing and small gasps of arousal. Dropping her thong to the floor, the now naked Lauren pushed a finger inside her soaked pussy, and let out a moan of her own, as she began to finger herself to the sight of the sexual show being performed for her own erotic pleasure. Then she heard it, the tell-tale signs of a blinding orgasm. The moans turned to screams, turned to wailing, as the nameless woman came hard on Jason’s devilishly talented tongue, and her body writhed in orgasmic bliss, shaking uncontrollably while Lauren watched. Then Lauren herself came hard on her fingers and shook from the intensity of the orgasm. Leaning against the window for support, she felt her juices running down her leg, giving her that dirty girl feeling that added a certain intensity and excitement to it all. After both women had calmed, Lauren watched as Jason stood up, towering over the nameless woman lying on the cushioned chase lounge. He was tall, and fit – always attracting women with his rugged good looks. But it was the size of his huge, throbbing cock that locked her in this spot, watching with a greedy look at the next instrument of the other woman’s pleasure. Lauren could hardly believe that she was doing this, watching Jason, naked in all his glory, about to ram his big cock into the woman and fuck her. She knew she shouldn’t be watching this, and she sure as hell shouldn’t be playing with herself as if it was a porn video, but there she was, frozen in place, face pressed against the window, wishing that Jason’s huge dick was pointed at her own needy pussy. At that moment, a wanton feeling of greedy lust and dark depravity swept across her body, exciting her all the more, as she realized the dirty nature of her voyeuristic bliss – watching the best man from her wedding in his most primal state, and despite her marriage, craving it all for herself.

With a forceful thrust, Jason plunged his hard cock into the woman’s cunt, forcing itself all the way in until he bottomed out. The scream that emitted from the woman’s mouth was other-worldly, and Lauren’s own fingers thrust into her empty pussy, in an attempt to match the feeling and meet her own need. With each hard thrust of his cock, Jason fully impaled his captive, and each time she gave out a primal moan or scream that fed Lauren’s own erotic desires and cravings. The woman was taking a pounding from a frenzied Jason that slammed his cock in and out of her in rapid fire, as if he were a man possessed by a demon completely out of control with animal lust. Lauren was working her fingers hard and fast, plunging them deep into her pussy, now on fire with her own lust that needed to be satisfied. The depravity and wanton nature of it all simply overwhelmed her. She was so excited, so aroused, so inflamed with craven need, that she couldn’t stop watching, or fingering herself, for any reason. Her mind was oblivious to the rational, and now only responded to the cries of her body, which was in desperate need. In her own fog of lust, Lauren fingered herself to a rising climax as she watched and listened Jason fuck the unknown woman into oblivion. Her screams of ecstasy as her body was ravaged by this beast, fueled Lauren’s own rising orgasm, as did the image of Jason pounding his engorged cock into her, slamming his body against hers, over and over again, as he let out his own wails and frenzied animal cries. Just as a shattering orgasm overcame Jason and his partner, screaming in blissful agony together, Lauren’s own climax blinded her and her legs buckled, as she let out a muted scream of pleasure, before collapsing on her knees to the floor – spent from an overpowering orgasm that left her panting for air. Once she finally opened her eyes, Lauren saw Jason picking up his partner, and carrying her into the guest house behind the pool. She had no doubt that further erotic pleasures awaited them this night, and for the first time in her life, she felt envious of any woman that kept Jason’s company.

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As Lauren crept back to bed, and lay next to her still sleeping husband, she reflected on her actions, and her desires, wondering how such powerful feelings of desire could have swept over her like that, when she had never cared for Jason and his rakish ways. Jason was a womanizer, always on the prowl for the next great lay. And his seductions often focused on married women, whom he believed were looking for the excitement their husbands didn’t give them, but a bad boy like he could readily supply. In Jason’s mind, married women were safe bets, because they were not likely looking for emotional attachments or commitments, simply some wild, sexual fun. And that suited Jason just fine. So why was it that this man whom Lauren despised, was now the source of her arousal as she lay in bed next to her blissfully unaware husband? She should be feeling guilty, but the scenes that she watched unfold before her that night were too compelling and arousing to shake from her mind. Lauren awoke the next morning to a ringing phone, and listened to her husband take the call and tell the hospital he would be right there. Her husband Mark was a surgeon, and was just called in this Saturday to operate on the victim of a terrible car crash. He would be gone for hours. So much for him entertaining his friend Jason today, she thought. As Mark quickly got ready to leave the house, they heard Jason’s rental car start up outside, and then pull out of the driveway. “I guess you don’t have to worry about what to do with Jason in my absence after all, ” Mark said, looking out the window as the car drove off.

Turning to look at his wife, he added, “That should make things easier for you. I know you really don’t care to be around him too much. ”“Me, not enjoy being around a womanizing pig that preys on every attractive woman he sees, and doesn’t have the emotional maturity of a hamster? I can’t imagine why I don’t care to be around your best friend? ” Lauren said sarcastically. Mark laughed, and jokingly defended his friend by telling his good wife that was a bit harsh. “After all, I think we can say he’s more mature than a hamster. Don’t you think he’s at least to the maturity level of a junior higher? ” he said with a wink. “Oh you think that’s funny, don’t you, but you’re lucky he’s not chasing after your wife. Hell, I think he considers every other married woman he knows fair game! ”As Mark pulled his wife in for a hug and a goodbye kiss, he said: “That’s one thing I can count on, he’s never hit on you.

Of course you’re like ice around him, so he probably knows better than to make a play for the ice queen. ”Lauren took a swat at Mark as he dodge away from her, laughing. You can at least be grateful for that. ”And with that feeling of security in his friend’s distance from his wife, Mark headed out for a long day of surgery at the hospital. As he drove off, Lauren reflected on those moments when Jason had in fact flirted with her – times and events that Lauren didn’t want to tell her husband about for fear of what he might do. Not that the occasions of looking down her shirt, checking out her body, and whispered teases were anything different from what other men did with her. Hell, she was an attractive woman, and she enjoyed men responding to her body. He made her feel desired, and every woman wants to feel desired, even if she is a faithful, loving wife as Lauren was. So she put up with those “typically male” advances, as harmless as they were, knowing that Jason never really pressed himself on her. Well, there was that one time at the wedding reception, but she just racked that up to his inebriation, and tried to put that out of her mind, as it never happened again. Lauren pulled a tight little cropped white t-shirt on before walking out to the kitchen to make some coffee. She knew she looked a sexy sight, a sun-kissed blonde in her little pink thong and sheer t, which pulled against her bountiful but firm boobs. If Jason was still around, she would have dressed, but she felt safe to roam the house nearly naked for a while.

She liked that sexy feeling, walking around the house in little or nothing, and enjoying the warm California air. Just as she was turning the coffeemaker on, she nearly jumped out of her skin at the sound of the back door opening and someone walking in.

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