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I want to make it for my family tonightThank you for asking! I actually cooked it for my family of four and it was plenty. If you need to feed more than that, just make additional chicken breasts. The sides made plenty too. I hope you enjoy it! I made this last night for my family who was traveling from Pa. They kept getting delayed and even tho I d cooked this, it stayed perfect in a 755 degree oven for over an hour. It looked and tasted wonderful.

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A dish for company. Thank you for passing along that information. I m sure other people would enjoy knowing that! Hi, I m soo ready to make this chicken tomorrow! !

Have one question though. What size is a large bag of spinach? ? I have a 6 ounce bag but thinking I maybe I ll need two. That s great, Juli.

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The spinach does wilt down a lot, so you may want a second bag. It just depends on how much spinach you want on each chicken breast. Let me know how it turns out! Some new cooks may think this dish is rather hard but I found it to be easier writing it down step by step in my own terms. this made it easy for me.

Fantastic dinner for special company or family. Makes you look like a top chief. IreneI just made this for Sunday dinner. Amazing! Really easy to put together and absolutely delicious!

This is definitely a keeper! Thank you for the post! Can t wait to try that chicken! Thank you so much! This looks amazing.

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