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I want to make it for my family tonightThank you for asking! I actually cooked it for my family of four and it was plenty. If you need to feed more than that, just make additional chicken breasts. The sides made plenty too. I hope you enjoy it! I made this last night for my family who was traveling from Pa. They kept getting delayed and even tho I d cooked this, it stayed perfect in a 755 degree oven for over an hour. It looked and tasted wonderful.

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. A dish for company. Thank you for passing along that information. I m sure other people would enjoy knowing that! Hi, I m soo ready to make this chicken tomorrow! ! Have one question though. What size is a large bag of spinach? ? I have a 6 ounce bag but thinking I maybe I ll need two. That s great, Juli. The spinach does wilt down a lot, so you may want a second bag. It just depends on how much spinach you want on each chicken breast. Let me know how it turns out! Some new cooks may think this dish is rather hard but I found it to be easier writing it down step by step in my own terms. this made it easy for me. Fantastic dinner for special company or family. Makes you look like a top chief. IreneI just made this for Sunday dinner. Amazing! Really easy to put together and absolutely delicious! This is definitely a keeper! Thank you for the post! Can t wait to try that chicken! Thank you so much! This looks amazing. I found you on Pinterest! Just joined your site and would love to have you visit me at pinecreekstyle. Blogspot. ComThank you so much for putting this all together. You ve planned our valentines dinner. Can t waitYou re so very welcome! I really hope you enjoy it as much as my family did! Thank you for your comments. Thanks for posting. It looks great and I can t wait to try it! You re welcome. And wow! I m so glad to hear that it turned out great. I really appreciate you trying it! I LOVE the background of books! Wish I had it for my Books that I ve Read Pin.

Thanks. It is such a blessing to be married to your best friend. I know! It is truly a blessing. I hope you enjoy them! Thank you for commenting! Are these chicken breasts with the skin on because that s what it looks like in the photo. When you say, turn them over, how were they when they went in the oven? Thanks EllieEllie, thank you for asking! They are boneless and skinless breasts. I just laid them flat on a sheet pan, seasoned one side, and then turned them over and seasoned the other side. When the first 66 minutes cooking time was done, I turned the breasts over with tongs and laid them flat again, piled on the spinach mixture, mushrooms, and slices of cheese. Then I returned them to the oven and finished cooking them. Either side can be cooked first or last. I hope this helps! I made this dish, and my hubby was very pleased. Excellent dish. Thanks for sharing. My chicken breasts were quite large so they did need additional time, I also added a little white wine in to the pan after they went in with the spinach mushrooms and it made a nice sauce, the cream cheese melted down into it. NatalieI m so glad you liked it, Natalie! Thank you so much for letting me know how it turned out. Good question! Although the word bacon is in my title, I don t always use it in every dish. I usually use at least one of the four and sometimes all of the four. However, now that you mention it, some crispy bacon would be a nice addition to the top of this chicken. Great idea! Thank for sharing! I just cooked this meal and it was fantastic! I substitued whole green beans instead of asparagus, but still great! Thanks for sharing! Thank you for the comments! I really appreciate the feedback and appreciate you following me! Those luscious pictures have got me on board. This goes on the fridge in my special his week to cook print-ut. Jay B. I appreciate the compliments, and my photographer/husband appreciates them too! From the first bite to the last, we couldn t stop the mmmmmmmmmm. This is so good! This is definitly a keeper! You re welcome! I m so glad you liked it. I just made this and it was phenomenal!

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Found you through Pinterest: ) Thanks so much! I m so glad you liked it! Thank you so much for letting me know how it turned out! I love the feedback! Thank you! I plan on sharing them with others. You might seriously want to consider writing a cookbook. Wow! Thank you so much for the compliments! I don t know if I m quite ready for a cookbook yet. I m so happy that you tried it and it worked. And, as far as my pictures being attractive, yes, I cooked that meal, but my husband took the pictures so he needs some credit too. I made the chicken for dinner tonight and it was amazingly good. I made one alteration I browned the chicken breast in my cast iron skillet and baked them in the same skillet. I did this because the breasts were very large and I didn t want them to dry out. I m definitely making this for dinner. Thank you for the compliment! The cast iron skillet is a great idea. I ll try that next time! I cook all the time and have been told I am a good cook. I am, however not a chicken fan. And I have down loaded many. Thanks Thanks ThanksThank you so much! My husband takes the pictures, and he says thank you too! This was awesome! I cheated and used already diced garlic, but other than that I did it all! My boyfriend was really impressed! Thank you so much for sharing! We are keeping this one on file! Thank you so much for the compliment! Shortcuts are always good. Oh. My. God! This was the most amazing thing I ve eaten in a long time. I made the chicken and the potatoes with a cesar salad. I think I will be cooking this very frequently. I get so bored with chicken breasts. Will be cooking this for my sister and mother in law very soon, I think! I m surprised this chicken has become such a hit! Thank you for the feedback.

Hi - I made this last night - WOW, I always think what could I do to make a dish better, well, the chicken was perfect. I would change a thing except make more of it. My partner loved it as well. I also made the asparagus, that was great as well. I didn t make the potatoes as had them the night before and I had some nice french bread so passed on the bread sticks (loved the idea of making them into a heart though). Fantastic! Now, what do I make this evening to top that? : -) Cheers, Jeffrey from VAI m so glad you both loved it! Hopefully I can come up with something to top this! I think this is one of the most delicious meals I ve ever made! It was amazing. Made this for dinner tonight. Great dish and everyone loved it. We had to adjust the time (took longer for us) to cook the chicken. Sometimes chicken breasts are bigger and need to cook longer. I m glad you tried it and loved it! Great story in the beginning. I m proud to say that I m one of your newest followers. BTW. I found you through Pinterest! Yay! I m so glad that you want to follow me. I will follow you back! Yum! I made the chicken last night for dinner guests. It was a hit! Next time, I may just add some bacon. ) MargieThank you! I ve seen some pictures where people have made this and did add the bacon. I will absolutely add bacon next time! This looks outstanding! Btw, the 85 s comment made me laugh out loud. Too funny! I m glad that made you laugh. My husband keeps me laughing all the time with things like that. We did the smothered chicken tonight and it was amazing. It s added to our list of meals to repeat. I feel so blessed! Made the smothered chicken tonight and it was amazing! We ve added it to our list of repeatable meals. This looks amazing!

I m making this for dinner tonight for my friends and family. I don t have red potatoes on hand, I m thinking of taking a chance and making the smashed fried potatoes with russet potatoes. Not sure how it s going to work out since I will have to cut them in quarters after boiling them. I think I ll start by frying the cut side of the potatoes hoping this will seal them and keeps them from falling apart. Then after I fry the cut side, I ll attempt to smash them ever so slightly. Wish me luck, Lol! I also wanted to comment on how considerate you are to take the time and reply to all of your comments! I don t see that too often from bloggers. I hope it all turns out great for you. I think the potatoes will work out just fine. Just be sure and let them cool off before trying to smash them. I didn t let them cool and they were really hot! My followers are so very important to me. I made this late last week and it was phenomenal! We loved it so much, I decided to make it into a hand pie. I shredded the chicken breast, used shredded mozerella instead of sliced and drained the spinach really well. Sealed it between two 9 inch pie crust circles and froze, then bake whenever I want a little taste of smothered chicken awesomeness! Wow, what a great idea. I ll have to try that! Thank you for sharing that! Question. What would be a substitute for the white wine? We have a member in recovery in the family. ThanksThank you for the question. The wine is only there for the flavor. You can absolutely leave it out and it should be just as great without it. Made the chicken and asparagus tonight. Was just out of this world delicious! Was easy for this not so good of a cook. Will be a regular on our family menu. Thank you for sharing. I don t think cooking wine would be the same. I mean does it really have alcohol in it? I would think they would not be able to sell in the grocery store if that was the cast. I think I am going to try this for Father s day. I think I am making this one for dinner tonight! Great! I had no idea this chicken would be so popular. I hope it turns out well for you! I m sorry I don t have any nutritional value for you. Use lowfat cheese, butter substitutes, reduced fat cream cheese, etc. Cooking with olive oil is very heart healthy since it doesn t clog the arteries.

It s still fattening, but it s a good fat. The bread can be made with whole wheat flour.

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