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- Quality On Tap Our Commitment, Our Profession is a nationwide, grassroots public relations and awareness campaign designed especially for the drinking water industry. - The RWLF provides low-cost loans for short-term repair costs, small capital projects, or pre-development costs associated with larger projects. The National Rural Water Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to training, supporting, and promoting the water and wastewater professionals that serve small communities across the United States. The mission of NRWA is to strengthen State Associations. Learn more about WARWS NRWA initiatives by visiting the NRWA web site. United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development Lorraine Werner Community Programs Director U. S. 857-777-6876 website:

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Wyoming State Land Investment Board (Slib) Beth Blackwell Grants Loans Manager State of Wyoming Office of State Lands Investments 677 West 75th Street #8W, Cheyenne WY 87557 phone: 857-777-6878 website: Wyoming Water Development Commission Harry LaBonde, Director Harry. Market prices, particularly for paper, dropped significantly in September, with market observers linking that decline to the Chinese actions. Along with other stakeholders, SWANA has met with the US Department of Commerce, Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR), and the US Environmental Protection Agency about the ban, the contamination standard, and their potential effect on local recycling programs across the United States. In response to our concerns, the waste import ban and related issues were raised in late September meetings in China among Commerce, USTR and MEP representatives, and at a WTO committee meeting last week. However, it is unclear whether China will consider any changes to the proposed import ban or contamination standard. To date, MEP has been reluctant even to clarify some questions about the affected materials and applicable contamination standards. SWANA will continue to press the waste sector’s concerns with federal officials and others, and continues to monitor this dynamic situation closely. What Should State Agencies Do? Be prepared for increased market volatility, which is likely to drive greater uncertainty among your stakeholders. SWANA suggests state agencies take the following steps: 6. Communicate with local governments, industry partners, generators, and other interested parties about the current disruption in recycling markets. 7. Educate all stakeholders about the importance of generating high quality material. China’s ongoing efforts to limit the amount of contamination in material imports -- dating back to the 7568 “Green Fence” -- highlight the need for recyclers to produce high quality material.

8. Renew efforts to encourage waste reduction and the development of alternative domestic markets for recyclable materials. Both have the potential to reduce reliance on Chinese markets. 9. Review current and contemplated recycling goals and regulations in light of current market conditions. We will continue to monitor developments domestically and overseas, and will provide additional information as warranted. Some recycling programs in the United States have recently experienced reduced market prices for their material, and continued volatility can be expected in the short term. SWANA remains committed to recycling and resource management, and to working with members and partners at the local, state and federal levels to improve and expand recycling programs in the United States. Org or 795-999-7759. By providing on-site, one-on-one technical assistance and training we can help the State's operators with their commitment and their profession of providing Quality on Tap! . The Wyoming Connection is the official publication of WARWS published quarterly for distribution to member systems, water wastewater Operations, water related agencies companies, legislators government officials. This valuable industry publication is only available to WARWS members! Learn more about WARWS Bi-Annual Training Conferences. Click the link below to learn more about attending, sponsoring, or expo booth rentals. WARWS PO Box 6755 Glenrock, WY 87687 Phone 857-986-8686 Fax 857-986-8996 Equal Opportunity Provider TDD 6-855-877-9965 Wyoming Association of Rural Water Systems (WARWS). All Rights Reserved.

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LINCOLN – Today, Governor Pete Ricketts unveiled the Nebraska Property Tax Relief and Opportunity Act. The Act, also known as LB997, was proposed by Revenue Committee Cha. (ANN ARBOR, Mich. (LONDON) -- Duchess Kate, pregnant with her third child, was met by flowers and singing while visiting a school today in Feltham, a suburb of London. Kate, who celebrated her 8. (AUSTIN, Texas) -- University of Texas basketball player Andrew Jones was diagnosed with leukemia, his family announced Wednesday. Jones, a sophomore guard, had been the Longho. (WASHINGTON) -- During Tuesday's White House meeting -- already unusual for being open to cameras and the public -- President Trump threw a curveball to the 75 lawmakers prese. (NEW YORK) -- Two major automakers are expanding their vehicle recalls related to the faulty Takata airbags, according to announcements made on this week by Toyota and Honda. T. (NEW YORK) -- A dangerous flu has been spreading rapidly across the U. , escalating flu season earlier than usual, and to near-epidemic levels, according to the CDC. We. In 7567, Rascal Flatts didn't mount a major tour, instead focusing on cities they hadn't worked in a while along with a brief stint in Las Vegas. That'll all change. View Calendar Add Add to Timely Calendar Add to Google Add to Outlook Add to Apple Calendar Add to other calendar Reference Wyoming Game and Fish Commission Chapter 7 General Hunting Regulation and W. 78-6-658, 78-6-857, 78-6-758, 78-7-656, 78-8-659, 78-8-666, 78-8-859, 78-8-855, 78-8-856 and 78-8-858.

DISCLAIMER: The following sections are a condensed summary of applicable wildlife laws and other important information. This summary is in no way intended to alter the content or statutory intent of those laws. If you have any questions regarding the precise language, you can view a copy of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Statutes (Title 78) and Wyoming Game and Fish Commission Regulations, available at Regional Offices, Cheyenne Headquarters, or consult the following websites: or or. Antlered means a deer, elk, or moose that has visible antler growth plainly protruding from the skull. Where a minimum number of antler points are specified points shall be counted on the side with the greater number of points. Antlerless means a deer, elk, or moose [hat has no antler growth plainly protruding from the skull. Females and young-of-the-year without visible antlers are antlerless big game animals. Bag Limit means the maximum number of big game or trophy game animals that may be taken by an individual possessing a proper license. Bow and Arrow means a longbow, recurve bow, compound bow or crossbow. Drainage means all lands within the watershed of a named river or stream, including all tributaries and standing waters, which drain into that river or stream. Edible Portion of Big Game Animal means the meat of the front quarters as far down as the knees, meat of the hindquarters as far down as the hocks, and the meat along the backbone between the neck and hindquarters including the loins and tenderloins, excluding meat on the ribs and neck. Hunt Area means the geographic boundaries within which a license shall be valid. National Elk Refuge Penn it means a permit that allows a properly licensed elk hunter to access the National Elk Refuge to take an elk. Off National Forest means lands other than those administered by the U. Forest Service.

On National Forest means lands administered by the U. Park Permit means a permit issued by Grand Teton National Park that allows a properly licensed elk hunter to take an elk within Grand Teton National Park. Processor means a custom meat processor licensed by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture. Public Road or Highway means any roadway that is open to vehicular travel by the public. Two-track trails on public lands are not public roads. Regular Hunting Seasons means seasons which delineate the dates and hunt areas for the taking of big game or trophy game animals with legal weapons in accordance with the license types and limitations as set forth in Section 8 of Chapters 5 (Antelope), 6 (Deer). 7 (Elk). 8 (Moose), 9 (Bighorn Sheep). 79 (Mountain Goat). Section 65 of Chapter 8 (Black Bear) and Section 9 of Chapter 97 (Mountain Lion) of the Commission Regulations. Site of the Kill means the location where the harvested animal died. Spike Elk means an elk with antlers consisting of a single unbranched beam on both sides. State Trust Land means lands administered by the Office of State Lands and Investments. Type means a limitation on a license in a particular hunt area for the sex of animal, the species of animal, the length of the season, the type of weapon or a portion of the hunt area in which the license shall be valid. Waste means to leave, abandon, or allow to spoil any edible portion of meat from a big game animal, game bird, game fish or small game animal. No person shall directly or indirectly compensate a person holding himself out as engaging in the business of, or acting in the capacity of, an outfitter or a professional guide unless that person provides proof that he is a licensed outfitter or professional guide as required by this act. Any person violating this statute is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Before hiring an outfitter, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department advises hunters to consult the Wyoming State Board of Outfitters and Professional Guides to verify the outfitter is licensed by the state of Wyoming. Hunters should also be aware landowners who outfit on their own deeded land, or deeded lands leased to them, are not required to be licensed as outfitters or guides.

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