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So even though he hold the qualities you desire in a man, religion will always be an issue and eventually, I guarentee that you will be the one converting to Judaism. So think it over, have a conversation with the Lord, let him guide you to the path you need to take and all will be good. God bless you and I ll include you in my prayers. Hey Anahi, I m currently dating a jewish man too and it s gerring serious. . Everything is perfect except the kids party and I think that is a deal breaker: ( we ve been together 6 year and 9 months and I feel like it ll end soon. In regards to kids.

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I m praying over it and I m not quite sure I d want them to be jewish which is what my boyfriend wants. Lots of prayers needed. Just needed to rantTOTALLY IN your EXACT same situation right now! ! Feel so glad I found your post. Thank you for sharing! I feel is very important and mature of both of you to discuss all this issues before, this means you take yourselves as a couple seriously and the marriage continuity. How did your situation develop? ? Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers. 7 Corinthians. Good advice indeed. Your children could be very proud of their Jewish heritage, while also being taught why you believe as you do. Let them make up their own minds when of age. Please for my education, what do you mean by mainstream Judaism? Observant/Orthodox? Perhaps you could find a Messianic Jewish church together and see if that can be a compromise for you. Are you still together? This seems like a pretty conflicted situation. My guess is that unless you keep a united front, your children will end up resenting both of you.

YOU said: he also doesn t want me to bring them to church more than once or twice a month because he never goes to synagogues. This is not even a normal statement. It is next door to saying dont tell the kids good things, because afterall, I don t I mean, that is NOT NORMAL. This man is brainwashed if he is going to accept a religion because of the NAME. It is NOT NORMAL! ITs beyond! About the kids going to hell, tell him that you want them to know the good word right? Who wouldn t? Furthermore, tell him that Jesus is WORTH knowing and yes, one could get to heaven without ever even hearing his name (because he lives in our hearts) but as humans who are prone to sin, doesn t it make more sense to be reminded? If he doesn t understand this, he might actually be possessed. Out of all the singles you may meet online, very few are actually compatible with you, and it can be difficult to determine the level of compatibility of a potential partner through a photograph and several paragraphs. Determining compatibility could take months, or even years, of interaction. “In all honesty, there just aren't many attractive men on there. How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business? E Harmony’s Compatibility Matching System does the work for you. Thousands of couples have shared their stories with us. Way to state the obvious and waste your digital calling card. He was due some leave from his unspecified nautical job in three months, and could we “meet up and see how things progress? There were plenty more from those who clearly weren't a good match – guys in the 55 plus age bracket, guys who lived in Australia, guys who were saving their first kiss for marriage.

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There was also a serious sense of humour failure, as if the men on there were worried that “being a bit funny” is the work of Satan and no self-respecting Christian would dare make a joke. At least Public Praying Man made it to the dating stage – but his penchant for saying grace out loud made me feel, as many of the men's profiles did, that I wasn't Christian enough to go out with a Christian. This is the kind of joy that comes from finding someone special you share true compatibility with, and it’s compatibility that forms the basis of every match we make at e Harmony. Unlike traditional Jewish dating sites, e Harmony matches Jewish singles based on compatibility. Of course, it's not just Christian women who try and find a partner who will share their culture and beliefs. Leah*, an accountant from London, tells me how she joined JDate, the leading dating website for the Jewish community, because it's important to her that the potential father of her children would be able to teach them about their heritage. Scrolling through Christian Connection, the most popular UK Christian dating site, profile after profile said almost nothing about the men in question. Since there are no official red light districts in and around Sihanoukville, you can always try your luck by visiting bars and nightclubs. They are alive and well somewhere, The smallest sprout shows there is really no death, And if ever there was it led forward life, and does not wait at the end to arrest it, And ceas'd the moment life appear'd. You are welcome to our live rooms to upload own photos, videos and then copy/paste the video or image URL yourself easily. But why would you prefer a Ukrainian mate to other girls? However, we believe that the most significant characteristic of Ukrainian women is their family-oriented approach. A number of my Jewish dating friends,   who are believers in Yeshua have been looking for Christian Jews to date, and have asked us about online Jewish dating services for Messianic singles. Unfortunately, I could find no true Jewish dating Services designed specifically for those single Jews, Christian girls and Christian guys who prefer to identify themselves as Jewish but also have accepted Jesus as Messiah. There are many Jewish dating sites out there for say, Reformed, Conservative or Orthodox Jewish singles. Why there is even a site out there for atheistic Jews! But none for those Jewish dating singles living a Christian lifestyleWhile there are no specific internet Jewish dating sites at this time for this particular Jewish dating niche, there is still some good news. Because the databases of most of the top Christian dating services are so large, it fairly easy to find a Jewish single girl or guy who is also a Christian. In fact, Christian Cafe actually has a section geared specifically for Messianic singles. Also, I found one site, MessianicJewishOnline.

Com, that has a mailing list specifically geared to Jewish dating believers. So please don t give up, but keep as you seek your Jewish dating soulmate. By the way, if any any of our readers come across a real Jewish dating in this niche, please let us know so we can help others. I found your website and am curious if you could help me with some info I have not been able to locate on the web. I am a Christian and dating a jewish girl. She s not quite sure what her relgious beliefs are outside of the jewish traditions of which she s also not quite sure of the meaning behind them. What I m looking for is, information/books that could help myself and her understand the deeper meanings of the various jewish traditions/beliefs while tying them to the truth of Christ and she could learn the meaning and consistency of the jewish and christian faith. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I would also suggest taking your Jewish dating girlfriend to an Alpha Course. Where do you live? I would be happy to have friends and discuss also freely with them. HI I AM A JEW THAT LOVES JESUS WITH ALL OF MY HEART. AND SOUL. I WOULD LIKE TO MARRY A WONDERFUL MAN WHO LOVES JESUS TOO, A FAMILY MAN A GENTLE PERSON. I AM 59 YEARS YOUNG, AND I LIVE IN THE TEHACHAPI MOUNTAINS IN CALIFORNIA NEAR BAKERSFIELD. THANK YOU- GOD BLESS- LAURIEHi, I m glad to find such a site. I m an Indian christian searching for a Jewish Christian girl who accepts Yeshua as Messiah, loves him and is willing to follow his footsteps. I dont have an idea how to go about it but it is my sincere wish to have such a person in my life from whom I can learn the Jewish traditions, language and enter in discussions related to theology. Would appretiate your help. Pls contact.

Hello I meet the most wonderful Jewish Girl in the world to me in the most unaccepted place online gaming. She accepted Christ and I was falling in love with her. She had everything I desired in a girl. She loves GOD with all of her heart! She is loyal and kind and funny and sweet and loves to talk and express her feelings openly! I felt like a innocents from my childhood was given back to me with a peace describable. But she could not be with me but I did and still do love her. She wants me to find another girl who I can love with all my heart. If you could please help me find a place to find a Jewish Christian Girl who loves GOD I would love it so much! Thank you all and GOD BLESS YOU! P. S. I don t know of any Jewish (Messianic or other-wise, except that elderly Jewish gentleman who joined our church, but held on to his Messianic roots and taught us a thing or two also. ) person who d date outside of their race (I mean the black/white issue) these days. Hi am looking thanks am looking for a messianic Jewish guy. I wasn t born a Jew tho my family converted. And am black. I love my lord and would like to have a family that have the same spiritual beliefs that i do I never knew there was such a demand for this niche market for dating until today. I am a Christian African American woman who belongs to a small church that has embraced and are practicing the customs of the Jewish culture. We haven t done all of the festivals and holidays yet because we are still learning.

The Lord spoke to me five years ago about honoring the Sabbath and two years ago about Pesach (Passover). It is very difficult trying to reason with people you meet in the average Christian church especially members of the opposite sex about why our service is on a Saturday and why we don t observe Easter. It can creates some uncomfortable feelings. I will not be able to marry someone who is not on the same page as I am or willing to even learn.

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