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So even though he hold the qualities you desire in a man, religion will always be an issue and eventually, I guarentee that you will be the one converting to Judaism. So think it over, have a conversation with the Lord, let him guide you to the path you need to take and all will be good. God bless you and I ll include you in my prayers. Hey Anahi, I m currently dating a jewish man too and it s gerring serious. Everything is perfect except the kids party and I think that is a deal breaker: ( we ve been together 6 year and 9 months and I feel like it ll end soon. In regards to kids. I m praying over it and I m not quite sure I d want them to be jewish which is what my boyfriend wants.

What do Jewish men think about dating Christian women

Lots of prayers needed. Just needed to rantTOTALLY IN your EXACT same situation right now! ! Feel so glad I found your post. Thank you for sharing!

I feel is very important and mature of both of you to discuss all this issues before, this means you take yourselves as a couple seriously and the marriage continuity. How did your situation develop? ? Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers. 7 Corinthians.

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Good advice indeed. Your children could be very proud of their Jewish heritage, while also being taught why you believe as you do. Let them make up their own minds when of age. Please for my education, what do you mean by mainstream Judaism? Observant/Orthodox?

Perhaps you could find a Messianic Jewish church together and see if that can be a compromise for you. Are you still together? This seems like a pretty conflicted situation. My guess is that unless you keep a united front, your children will end up resenting both of you. YOU said:

he also doesn t want me to bring them to church more than once or twice a month because he never goes to synagogues. This is not even a normal statement. It is next door to saying dont tell the kids good things, because afterall, I don t I mean, that is NOT NORMAL. This man is brainwashed if he is going to accept a religion because of the NAME. It is NOT NORMAL!

ITs beyond!

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