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Rule #6: Pray. Pray to the Holy Spirit. Pray that He will give you the courage to share your Faith and the wisdom to choose your words carefully and profitably. Rule #7: You don't have to know everything right now! Just learn a little bit more about your Faith each and every day. Read the Catechism.

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Listen to apologetics tapes. Read books on or by the Saints. Learn a little bit at a time. Rule #8: Luke 5:

65, Do not be afraid, henceforth you will be catching men. Jesus said this to Peter, but He's also saying it to us. Will you make mistakes? Will you get into tight spots. When you start sharing your Faith with others?

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Of course you will, but Peter made mistakes! He got into tight spots. Yet, Jesus told Peter not to be afraid. Why? Because if we are sincere in our desire to share the truth with others.

To share Jesus Christ with others. Then Jesus will find a way to make something good come out of even our mistakes. Rule #9: Always view a question about your Faith, or even an attack on your Faith, as an opportunity - an opportunity to share the truth. Stay calm and stay determined to bring light into darkness.

Rule #5: Don't get frustrated. Quite often Catholics get frustrated by what I call the doctrinal dance. You get asked about Purgatory, Mary, the Pope, the Sacraments all in rapid fire succession. Before you can answer one question, you're asked another.

Just keep firmly, but gently, guiding the discussion back to one topic until you've said all you want to say.

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