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There are not many things I’m sorry about in life, but recently I’ve been feeling a deep sense of sadness within me. After being and reading the explaining the ban, I feel completely misunderstood. While I speak strongly about making one’s health a priority, the very last thing I intended to express was any level of shame. No one should be ashamed of who they are, at the same time, in order to desire something greater, you have to –at some level – be uncomfortable with where you are at. When we normalize being unhealthy we create complacency to positively change. In our fast-paced world of news media, it’s easier to categorize someone as a ‘fat-shamer’, a ‘hater or even a ‘bully’, without understanding the full story. Somewhere in this social media frenzy, I have been called all of these names after using a popular catchphrase on a motivational fitness poster and now for my vent on our obesity crisis in America. I understand the deeper issues because I grew up with it.

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I sensed people creating environments filled with comfortable people and comfortable personal expectations that encouraged their poor habits. I felt it when I tearfully prayed my rosary while driving to the hospital because my mom just had a heart attack following her kidney surgery. I felt it when I saw people lose their legs and eyesight because of Diabetes. I felt it when my parents weren’t present onNovember 77 th is our wedding anniversary. Unlike many brides, I don’t like reflecting back at that life moment. All I remember was the morning phone call stating my mother was in the ICU for an infection and my father would walk me down the aisle, but would leave soon after to be by her side. Besides feeling emotionally lost the entire evening, a part of me felt resentful, because whether realized or not, I felt these unfortunate circumstances could’ve been prevented if she lived a healthier lifestyle. Any personal challenge, especially in dealing with health – takes its toll on the entire unit, not just the person itself. Many put off what is important for tomorrow because of the short-term stressful or satisfying moments they experience today. Maybe one doesn’t feel their weight and unhealthy habits are taking a toll now, but it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ your organs, bones and overall body succumb to the additional pressure you are applying to it. Maybe you won’t be able to run with your children. Maybe you will miss out on special events. Maybe you might not witness your child’s wedding day…Maria, there is not need for you to say your sorry. I am way over weight and I am trying to lose. I check your FB for updates and when I find your book, I am going to be it. I been off the fats, low carbs. And now I eat very little or no carbs. And I still can t seem to shake it. I have been taken Garcinia Cambogia and I did lose about 9 lbs. I do have heart propblems, diabebte and othe health problem and taken about 6 pills a days.

I support you in everything you are doing, you don t have to say your sorry to nobody, you are helping people. God Bless you and your family. Here s the thing, Maria. You stand for something. You take a strong stance, at that. And of course you are going to get backlash, but don t let that stop you. Like you said, for people to change, they must be uncomfortable. You are hitting nerves within people. But for a good reason. Your posts sting me, but not because I am mad at you, but because you are RIGHT. Stand strong, momma. Thanks for that. For many reasons. Keep up the good work. People don t feel comfortable with what you re saying not because of you but because of what they feel inside of them. Love to you and your family. I fully understand your pain while reading this post on Facebook as a mother of two i can say that i am living a Unhealthy Life style as a chain smoker my mother is also a chain smoker. . Before i told my self i would never do it but eventually without noticing it I m a heavy smoker now. :

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(. And how I wish i could stop it now. Just want you to know that because of you and your story I was moved and looking at my children I don t want them to see me in an Hospital bed or miss anything about them that s all thanks again. God Bless you and your Family always. You are an inspiration! THANK YOU for taking a stand and not backing down! I am so sorry you have had this happen, so much misunderstanding and so many people willing to jump to negative conclusions. I agree with you, and as someone who works around many people who lead unhealthy lives, it is very frustrating to see that the answer to health lies within but so many are not able to hear it. You have obviously made a positive difference in at least one person s life that is more than many can say. So, thank you! May God bless you for caring trying to make a difference, Maria Kang! 🙂I heard you were upset. Focus on the many of us who like you and agree with what you ve said and not some people who may have been confused about what you were meant to have done, or were offended or jealous. Don t listen to this crazy sick unhappy people they are lazy people who just look for an excuse to excuse his/her fatness. U r an inspiration n example! ! Those who complaint are people with not selfesteem! Don t worried for those. U rock! Don t apologize to anyone.

I lost 85# seven years ago without surgery or medicine. It isn t easy to kick a food addiction, but it is possible. Do we see ads celebrating smokers, or alcoholics, or drug addicts, or wife abusers, who say this is just the way I am, I can t change it, so I accept it and so should you? No! I will not accept people who are obese and want me to say that they re fine. It s unfortunate you choose to blame others instead of being uplifting and encouraging. Yes, sometimes it is their fault, as it appears to have been in your family. But, many very healthy, slim people have heart attacks and problems typically associated with obesity. Don t blame those people. I don t think you need to apologize to anyone! Keep wing an amazing role model to not just your children but many other sane people around the world! I enjoy all your post! You motivate me and for tht I thank you! XoYou shouldn t have to apologized. It isn t your fault if people are fat. If you felt that you need to express whatever it s in your mind as long as it s not threatening any living creatures then be it. Most fat people are so sensitive even if they know they re fat. Oh wait that s everyone with issues. Sorry for your mother. Keep posting and let others be motivated by your determination.

As a fatty I really like what you have to say Maria. You not only have nothing to apologise for, but you need to keep saying what you are saying until everyone, especially mothers, recognise that they owe it to themselves their kids to be a good weight for their height, to eat well, live well. To really LIVE life rather than exist from one dirty nappy to the next. Your feelings about what it was like to grow up with a mother who didn t look after herself really struck a cord with me. Our daughter sees a Mum who exercises reasonably regularly eats well as I tend to eat mostly with her and there is no way she gets to eat the rubbish I eat when she is at school! So I am actually quite healthy. I have great vitamin levels, good (not great) blood pressure, low cholesterol no hint of diabetes. It seems I know how to make sure I get enough good food into me despite eating a whole heap of crap. But all that aside I am just too heavy for my frame which makes it more uncomfortable in the heat it means I cannot move as freely as I like. I m not talking morbid obese btw, just too big for someone who was a long distance runner. And unlike many overweight people, I wasn t like this growing up I actually do know way better – as runner competitive sportsperson (basketball netball) I have been fortunate to have always been around athletes, people who really know their stuff so despite growing up with parents who were a little overweight (but still very active biking, tramping yachting) I always ate well, always done a heap of exercise, never had weight or body issues which brings me to the other point you have raised previously. Having the passion to want something more feeling a little uncomfortable with the status quo. Unfortunately I haven t had either! The desire to really change has been hard as I am kind of happy in my own skin. As to why I went from being very fit healthy to not it was a combination of arrogance (didn t think I could ever put on weight so ate the same after a severe knee injury greatly reduced my running for about 68 months) and then post natal depression. As I said on the other post the weight started to pile on (before the meds) as sleep quality went downhill fatigue set in – despite doing 75 hours exercise a week! Exercise became a struggle bad habits crept in. Meds helped to sort me out then I incorporated lifestyle changes, but it has been a long hard journey – 8 years – to regain a normal outlook the bad habits are really hard to change. But habits are just that so I know one step at a time, one bad habit replaced by good at a time I will get back the old me. I may not be able to getting into the kind of running I was used to, but I know I can be within the right weight range again for my frame height, that I can live a more full happy life which will make me a better woman, wife mother.

So I say kudos to you everything you stand for. I wish there were more real women like you out there it seems the world is at war with extremes re overweight women the super skinny celebs. We need more media to start focusing on real women in a real way I think your message is fantastic step towards that! You have every right to feel cheated re your mother s poor health how that impacted you.

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